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  1. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic NA <Kingdom> PVX | Relaxed | Noob Friendly | Sieges | Any Level   

    Great recruitment post. I'm interested in joining. I played at launch but quit because I just couldn't sink the time into the game to remain competitive, but I just returned with the intention of taking things slow and not trying to compete. Created a new character that I'm focusing on crafting and doing all the quests with, so leveling is slow as molasses. Family name is Dawnpharaoh.
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  2. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Something needs to be done about ENERGY   

    Oh ----- off, asshole. First off, we're blocked from the KR servers now. Second, I'm allowed to voice my opinion on a design aspect that I don't like, especially when the original developers didn't design it that way to begin with. You should stay off public forums if you want to be left alone by those who have differing opinions. No rude response will change that.
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  3. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic <PETITION> Make processing energy free !   

    You know what? I'd be down with that. Arguments of P2W aside, I'd totally be willing to pay a subscription or something for faster energy regen.
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  4. Malachi_Draven added a topic in General   

    Life Skill Transfer in Cash Shop?
    So I know an item exists that will let you transfer your life skills from one character to another. But it's not currently in our cash shop. I'm wondering, and really hoping Daum could tell us beforehand, if they plan on adding this item back into the cash shop when Blader releases. I'd like it to be my main, and I want to know if I'm wasting my time leveling my life skills now or if I will in fact be able to transfer them to my Blader. 
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  5. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Blader/plum ninja/kunoichi   

    Could be. Hopefully it'll be more like the RU release schedule, where they released Blader/Plum like 6 weeks after launch, outside of the rest of the update.
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  6. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Something needs to be done about ENERGY   

    What does that have to do with crafting? It does not require energy to craft in KR. At all. So those energy pots have nothing to do with crafting. So what the heck is your point?
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  7. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic <PETITION> Make processing energy free !   

    Oh, well no those are not more efficient than sleeping in a bed. The bed restores 3 energy every 3 minutes, so essentially 1 per minute. The most energy I've gotten from a quest was 5, so you'd have to do that quest (including running to and from the npc) in under 5 minutes. There might be a few that like, but not enough to matter. As it is, if you want to be a dedicated crafter in the game, you're forced to AFK 90% of your time.
    Hell, I'm not even allowed to browse the Pearl Shop and potentially give some money to Daum while lying in this stupid bed....
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  8. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Something needs to be done about ENERGY   

    I'm gonna stop you right there. That very first thing you listed, crafting, was NOT intended to be one of the things you have to choose between. It's a playstyle. This is a sandbox game, you're supposed to be able to play however you want. You can be a grinder, a fisher, a trader, a gatherer, a horse trainer, a hunter, or a crafter. The original KR version, the devs vision, did not include an energy cost that severely limited an entire playstyle. Those other things you listed like knowledge, nodes, workers, etc, yes those are the decisions you're supposed to make with your energy. But crafting should NOT be one of those things you need to choose between. 
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  9. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic <PETITION> Make processing energy free !   

    Please tell me of these ways to regen energy faster than laying in a bed.
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  10. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Should Daum Ditch Energy Cost of Processing??   

    My character is currently laying in bed, like ALWAYS, trying to regen energy as quickly as possible becaues this stupid damn game seems to want me to always be AFK and never -----ing play it.
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  11. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Energy on processing   

    My character is currently laying in bed, like ALWAYS, trying to regen energy as quickly as possible because this stupid damn game seems to want me to always be AFK and never -----ing play it.
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  12. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic <PETITION> Make processing energy free !   

    My character is currently laying in bed, like ALWAYS, trying to regen energy as quickly as possible becaues this stupid damn game seems to want me to always be AFK and never -----ing play it.
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  13. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Crafting is bloody OP   

    OP what's your routine that got your skill so high? I'm only like Skilled 9 and currently spending every minute I have in the game either processing or regenning energy in that damn bed. How the hell did you go so fast?
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  14. Malachi_Draven added a topic in General   

    Something needs to be done about ENERGY
    For those of you who don't know, our NA/EU version  and the RU version of Black Desert are the only versions that have energy costs for gathering and processing materials.  Both the JP and KR versions do not require energy for these tasks. I feel that this needs to change. I'm getting really sick of feeling forced to just leave my character in a CASH SHOP bed in order to continue crafting. The grinders don't have to worry about energy, so why do the crafters?
    There's a handful of things that I feel are wrong about the energy system, and changing even just one of them would make a huge difference. 
    - Give more energy regen while offline. I don't like leaving my PC on all night, but this game tremendously encourages that by design. I should be able to log on in the morning with full energy, rather than the 16 energy we currently regen while offline for 8 hours.
    - Give more energy regen to alts that are offline. Alts are already encouraged by the game design, and while you're thinking this may be too big of a change, think again. There's still a cap on the amount of alts you can get without spending real cash. This would simply increase your overall energy regen by 3x, which is very nice, but this extra energy also can't be used for anything on your main such as increasing life skills. So this change, while nice and impactful, would not cause an imbalance.
    - Change the beds to give a buff that increases energy regen, rather than requiring you to lay in them and not be able to do anything while twiddling your thumbs. The current way that beds work is absolutely horrid game design. Why the bloody hell would a game developer ever want to FORCE a player to AFK?! I've got about 140 energy, so even with the bed it takes over 2 whole hours to refill it all. That's over 2 hours of my character not being able to do anything else in the game. That's astoundingly stupid design. A guildie needs help with a quest? Too bad, I can't leave the bed if I want to keep crafting. Ooh a guild war? Oh well. Can't participate in it without suffering a 66% reduction in energy regeneration. The beds should give a 60 or 90 minute buff that increases my energy regen while allowing me to go out and actually PLAY the game. Currently I regen energy for 2 hours, process for 5 minutes, then rinse and repeat. Might as well call the game Sleep Simulator 2016...
    - Get rid of the atrocious energy cost for processing and gathering!!!! Seriously, oh my -----ing gawd, this is absurd. Want to make one thing of plywood? Gotta gather 50 timber, that's 50 energy. Process into 10 planks, 10 more energy. Finally process the plywood, one last energy. That's 61 energy to make one plywood. Yes, I know you end up making extras at higher skill levels, but the principle of it remains - it's absurd to require all that energy to do simple crafting, especially while the players who choose to just farm mobs don't have to worry about energy AT ALL. Want to get into Alchemy? Don't even get me started on the nightmare that is Purified Water...
    I get that the devs are afraid to make any changes to energy because they feel that it would disrupt the economy. Well, they should have balanced the economy around not having energy costs in the first place, because that's how it is in JP and KR! Besides, none of these things would truly disrupt the economy. In fact, they'd have the opposite effect - they'd bring even more life into the economy. Have you seen the marketplace? Ever tried searching for Melted Shards, Planks, or Thread? If you had, you'd notice that there's barely any on there. Usually they're entirely sold out, or only have less than 10 listed. There's two reasons for this. The first is that the majority of players aren't participating in the crafting/gathering game due to not having the energy for it. The second is that those of us who do want to be dedicated crafters know that it's a waste of energy to process the base material, as you get more XP per energy by processing these 2nd tier materials, so we buy them all up instantly. Making even just one of these suggested changes to the energy system would lead to many more players participating in the economy, and would lead to a rich and bountiful marketplace rather than the empty joke of one we have now. 
    So come on, Daum. Get off your daum asses and do something about this energy system. Or are you too busy lying in bed trying to regen your own energy?
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  15. Malachi_Draven added a post in a topic Question about worker efficiency   

    I wouldn't consider goblins to be lucky. The humans have like 3x the luck that goblins do. 
    Humans should be used for nearly everything - crafting most items such as tools, enhancing gear, and harvesting any node that has a rare secondary harvest.
    Goblins should be used for harvesting nodes that do not have a chance at a rare secondary material, such as wheat or barley. As long as you can keep up with replenishing their low stamina often enough, then they give the highest ratio of materials per hour.
    Lastly, Giants should only be used if you simply can't keep up with replenishing stamina fast enough, or if you're lazy. 
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