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  1. Kryru added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

    I havnt been able to read through ALL 17 pages but I read through a lot.

    As a side note not to be implemented into game just as a idea for us players unless we can get private group channels:
    I feel like with the chat restrictions as they are a discord/Team-speak for type/talking communication would be good to be set up between players."
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  2. Kryru added a post in a topic [EU RP] What Server should be our RP Server?   

    I dont mind, as long as there is an active group that dont mind taking in someone who lives a busy life AFK but will always put in 100% and more while online! Will grind hours when people are probably asleep and do not mind a general support character over all in guild life!
    I've currently been playing on Jordine, Calpheon and it's never "full" Or over crowded for long!
    As an EU Rper I feel as we're smaller in numbers and any hope to retain areas/fortress we should populate the quietest server possible in hope of a successful Guild life!
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  3. Kryru added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    My archer character I will probably try to push into a RP social sort of Community.

    My main I'm playing just now trying to get the hang of things on EU servers:

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  4. Kryru added a post in a topic Questions about fishing!   

    I know drying fish is a process, but I've been unable to dry my fish- Am I missing something here?
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  5. Kryru added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Already voted over there ^u^ Just wondering for right now.
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  6. Kryru added a post in a topic ╰╮♢╭╯ Syndicate (Calpheon Imperial Syndicate) ||RP/PVP/PVE|| ╰╮♢╭╯   

    I feel like i'm gonna have to leave my EU brethren for one of these guilds. Every one else across the pond seems so much more avid to jump in.

    The opening post, and your website is gorgeous btw!
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  7. Kryru added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    My highest level so far is 13 right now and im still in the PVE areas I think, if anyone is on Jordine, Calpheon maybe we can party and get to know each other till the launch and guilds/groups are founded.
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  8. Kryru added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Like Pinkpachirishu said also.
    I feel like a newbie to the scene, I only really RP'd continuously on forums and chats and on image websites. In game RP seemed to always eveade me and coming into this alone feels very daunting!
    I live in Scotland, and hope to be able to keep up with the other more established mmo rpers, even if at first I will lurk and learn.
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  9. Kryru added a post in a topic Interested in beginning to RP   

    Hey there! So many nice people here. I also feel a little nervous about RPing in game, but honestly it's something I would love to do.
    I was in a RP group in Wakfu that was a little too serious for me to follow along with everyone with their super deep character backgrounds etc. Same for back when WoW had clone servers hovering around for RP before they all got culled off, people just didn't seem interested to RP with someone who was singularly on their own and there was no open community of people posting and advertising RP groups on servers.

    I'd hate to say I'm a veteran Rper since I've fallen from the RP scene for a fair few years, although I've been rping since before I was in my double digits. feeling like a wee baby trying to step back into the scene I'd love to meet some new people who are alright to have a less fleshed out character joining them to start with while I get my feet into the world and style of Black Desert.
    I've made all my characters off of old OCs I've created previously so it's not like I'm stuck for character ideas, just some nice company Ic and ooc!
    ( Also to note I'm in UK so depending on the servers I'll be EU! )

    I'll be looking at the openRp threads that were linked above now.
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