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  1. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic If a Pker Guild Captures a City Node.....   

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  2. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic This Will Be A Lot Of Us Tonight/Today   

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  3. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic CB2 update to LIVE   

    just uninstalled and redownloading new client available on account page
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  4. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Client Patch?   

    lol the trolls are real
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  5. .Dystopia. added a topic in General   

    Client Patch?
    Anyone been able to patch their CBT2 client yet?
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  6. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Is anyone as serious as this guy?   

    That was hilarious
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  7. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic How do you feel about PVP as Sorceress?   

    Agreed with you t0ny - managed to beat a tamer 6 lvls higher than me. Sorceress skills look and feel awesome the combat with them feels really fluid too.
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  8. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Sorc or Berserker? PVP   

    Hi Oynoki, Both have great AOE & High Dmg -Beserker does pip wizard in the CC front but as you stated there are changes to CC - which could weaken them. Either way from the research I've done both classes are sought after in group PVP wizard has more utility though.
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  9. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Do I need a 980Ti to run 60FPS on max at 1080p?   

    CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K Skylake Quad Core, Eight Thread Processor, Watercooled and Overclocked 4.7GHz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170-Sniper MATX DDR4 Motherboard
    RAM: 16GB
    Graphics: 2 x Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti 6GB Graphics Cards in SLI & Watercooled
    run it in a steady 60fps in 4K
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  10. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    Hey LoneWolf I know your doors are semi closed but I thought I would give this (Double) pitch anyway.
    My name is Ollie I am 24 from the UK. Currently living in London. My friends name is Nick - same details as me. We are both avid gamers and huge MMO fans. We have played more mmos than you can shake a stick at - no point listing them all as I will be here till tomorrow. We are huge PVP advocates and have been looking for an MMO/Guild we can call home for a long time now, and we are hoping that Millennium and Black Desert can fulfil this role for us.
    I would describe us both as quite hardcore players - usually play between 8 - 10 hours a day... Neither of us sleep, I have just begun streaming in my spare time too (my girlfriend hates me) We both have leadership experience, in MMOS we have lead a few guilds from WOW to ESO. Our out of game leadership experience consists of the fact I am a store manager for a well known retailer and Nick is a personal trainer.
    We both have two weeks holiday booked from when the game goes live (28th for us as we both have conquerors packs ) and hope to hit the game running!
    We have both applied on your website already and hope you can consider our candidacy - look forward to hearing from you!
    Family Name: Bloodgate                                   Nicks Family Name: Stonecrow
    Character Name: Dystopia                                Nicks Character Name : Furyan
    If unsuccessful we wish you all the best and will see you in game... If successful we will sell you our souls...Incase that helps!
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  11. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Upgrading PC   

    Hey dude, upgrading the ram would definitely help and graphics card wise if you are on a budget you could always look at AMD although I am more of an NVidia fanboy myself. Check out overclockers.co.uk and ebuyer.com always have good offers on.
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  12. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Sorc or Berserker? PVP   

    Haha I'm glad you are having troubles too Rether! They have made all the classes so good! Ive got both sorceress and beserker to 20 I'm really enjoying both but I can see how Beserker could become quite dull combat wise in comparison to Sorceress... Think I've made my mind up
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  13. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Sorc or Berserker? PVP   

    argh! I'm still really struggling with this decision!
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  14. .Dystopia. added a post in a topic Sorc or Berserker? PVP   

    This post! Going through exactly the same man. I really don't know what class to pick
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