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  1. Sililos added a post in a topic Is everyone a Troll or am i just having bad luck?   

    Im serious and no i could not kill the boss, i get to the stage where he starts to glow and then i drop dead.
    No my gears not +15 either, i haven't had that kind of luck.
    *Edit* my characters 46
    Heres what im dealing with stat and level wise. Seem to die to quite a lot of stuff unfortunately.

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  2. Sililos added a post in a topic Is everyone a Troll or am i just having bad luck?   

    Well Im not the only one to suffer for what happened, there were two groups waiting behind me for their turn, These bastards held them up too waiting for the boss to de-spawn.
    Have you ever known Trolls to do anything except try to make others miserable MMOStein? Id say they found a good loophole to exploit to get their victims 'delicious tears'.
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  3. Sililos added a post in a topic Is everyone a Troll or am i just having bad luck?   

    Sorry went afk, im on Uno server.
    Thanks for the advice, yeah i just seem to keep running into the cheatss, the trolls and basically the scummy people all round lol. Thought i was playing Blade and Soul or EVE online  for a moment lol
    I do need to find a good guild, preferably in my timezone (Oceanic) but every guild i have joined has gone inactive and i dont want to join the servers only large guild i know of....TRUMP.
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  4. Sililos added a topic in General   

    Is everyone a Troll or am i just having bad luck?
    Got my first Imp Captain 45+ Scroll, formed a group with it.
    Moment i summoned my party members stood back out of the way, One commented "Wow he was really gullible enough to summon it!? What a moron." and all proceeded to log off. Seriously what did i do wrong this time?
    Im now left with a boss up i cant fight alone, i cannot invite others to help me, and nobody else can damage it. FML.
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  5. Sililos added a post in a topic Forced into PvP because "45", I only Fish & Craft ?   

    Just got killed by a level 54 (im 45) and there was not a thing i could do about it, he killed me, my horse, the horses and other players around me as well.
    This is not fun, I do not want to be forced into PvP and think its pretty scummy that i dont get a choice.
    Duam, Pearl, haven't you guys realized yet that these Pkrers are driving away your paying customers?
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  6. Sililos added a post in a topic hawk chills in my house from now on? ...forever?   

    I love when my hawk lands on my characters shoulder
    I just found out today my cat does the same.....
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  7. Sililos added a post in a topic Make fishing decrease your stamina level   

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  8. Sililos added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Horse HP bugged now Horse is dead
    Today when i took my horse out i noticed its HP bar was black like i noticed world bosses HP bars are.
    I tried to heal it at a stable master but the option wasn't there and it showed as having full HP on the character sheet.
    While out traveling it took a hit from a green mob and died in a single hit for 1HP.
    So now my leveling T4 horse has a death count and still all my other horses are showing the same thing, bugged HP bars.
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  9. Sililos added a post in a topic The Patch is live - 2 Gb -   

    Nice costumes. Anything good for Sorc? Not that i need anything to spent on, i just stupidly spend $42nz on a second costume.
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  10. Sililos added a post in a topic @Dastard Bheg as melee   

    As a melee player i believe this extends to far more than just world bosses.
    Theres a Rare test subject in Marnis Lab that when you reach a certain HP point, he explodes without warning. Using defensive's doesn't work against it, nor does any skills i have for getting away, the range is very long and its a one shot kill even at white difficulty.
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  11. Sililos added a post in a topic Dumped 100 Energy Into Cast   

    I did the same at apprentice 10 and got a bent fishing hook.
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  12. Sililos added a post in a topic Money Making?   

    I wouldn't call this a better way really as it feels slow to me.

    I fish while working, sell the relics i get then i use the keys on every chest i find. I then sell the black stones.
    Thats pretty much the only way i know how to make Silver in game but it feels slow and my demand for Silver is outstripping my supply.
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  13. Sililos added a post in a topic Do you think the cash shop is expensive?   

    Heres hoping, It appears these forums are actually moderated, Anyone know if the community managers also pass up constructive player ideas/comments to the devs?
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  14. Sililos added a post in a topic Do you think the cash shop is expensive?   

    It is true that part of the problem is people need to stop using the shop.
    In the case of Duam, it may work to bring prices down, But in the case of any NCSoft game, the game is simply labeled unproffitable and scrapped, then they do exactly the same thing with the next game etc.
    Also, you will never stop people form using the cash shop, even for a day, so many have more money than brains and just dont care about changing things for the better.
    Would be far more ideal for things to be more affordable and i really do hope someone from Duam reads this, but i doubt a Korean company will ever realize affordability means more profits.
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  15. Sililos added a post in a topic Mediah 2 hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4/5/16   

    Oh i see. 
    Well still not gonna be easy lol, especially for those with horrible RNG like myself.
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