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  1. Argeas added a post in a topic Guild name change (I don't care where you put it!)   


    That's weird because I got this as a response recently.  
    "Unfortunately, providing guild name changes is something we're not really able to do at the moment. But if the demand calls for it, we'll look into creating guild name change coupons."
    So let's make sure we make that demand:

    Guild name change coupons are something different, grant it, and they actually did add family name change coupons to the game too.  So if they won't fix a fall out from the Serendia Issue directly, but these name change coupons are a potential thing, they just need to see a demand and a liked post, then let's give it to them.  Make the demand, hit the link.
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  2. Argeas added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Name Change for (Serendia Survivors)
    Greetings BDO community and @CM_Jouska, @CM_Praballo and @CM_Tytyes,
    This inquiry is specifically directed for 'Serendia Survivors' and particularly guilds affected by the issue.  As many know, during head start many players chose Orwen-Serendia to start their BDO characters and guilds.  However, at some point this Orwen-Serendia became (or actually always was) Uno-Serendia.  Eventually, players were told to re-roll characters and guilds back on Orwen if that is where they chose to be and there would be a rework coming to fix the naming issue, since the names remained unique, even though technically this Serendia was on another server (The Serendia Issue/Incident).  
    Although at the time unhappy with that results, many complied and re-rolled.  Further, at that time since information was not readily forthcoming, many were unsure of whether to delete these characters or guilds, but ultimately the result was not to delete them.  As such, thankfully many also received their character names not too long ago through the character swap procedure provide by DAUM, which would not have been applicable had one deleted their previously made character.  However, the issue with guild names still persists.
    Thus, the purpose of this post is to petition a similar rework that was done for character names but for guilds.  In the alternative, could DAUM implement a name change service, either in the pearl store or else where, to allow guilds to change their names?
    Thanks for the read,
    Team Night Watch
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  3. Argeas added a post in a topic <Night Watch> NA Guild Open Recruitment! (PvP | PvE | Trading | Character Advancement)   

    Evening folks,
    Just an update to our roster.  We are currently recruiting active members for our squad.  We do boss scrolls regularly, scroll groups, quest and grind groups, guild missions, and pvp skirmishes and arena matches within our network.  NA market players seeking a gaming community of light-hearted folks just out to have fun, gives a look.  As always you can message Sam or myself in game, but for the quickest response hit up our communities discord and look for one of the officers online.  Currently seeking, more valks and zerkers, but all are free to apply!
    Team Night Watch
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  4. Argeas added a post in a topic <Night Watch> NA Guild Recruiting on Orwen (PvP | PvE | Trading | Character Advancement)   

    Updating the information here.  We are currently seeking more valks and giants to join our ranks.  Of course all interested are welcome to apply as well. 
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  5. Argeas added a post in a topic Please Change Cyclops Subjugation   

    I had heard from someone that Runescape or something has a preferred system, e.g. you make a selection of what missions you prefer, it doesn't necessarily take you out from getting that mission, but lessens the chance of getting something you don't prefer.  I have never played the game, but I did hear someone mention that.  With so much Random Number Generator (RNG) in the game, elements like this should at least be addressed for impact purposes.
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  6. Argeas added a topic in Suggestions   

    Please Change Cyclops Subjugation
    Good evening Black Desert Online(BDO) Community and @CM_Jouska
    The guild missions appear to be increasingly random and daunting at times.  Not due to difficulty, but rather due to the the nature spawn rate of some of the mobs.  I am of course talking about such subjugations like cyclops.  Having to kill 150 or 100 of this creatures or even 60 is a huge time synch  that really seems unnecessary.  This is primarily due to the fact that so few of these mobs spawn, the ones that due spawn have long spawn times, and some will occasionally bug out and spawn in trees rendering them inaccessible.  Please either increase the spawn rate and/or spawn nodes of cyclops (the cyclops forest is huge), or decrease the chance of this subjugation to be in the randomly selected group of subjugation.
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  7. Argeas added a post in a topic Implement the PvP Restrictions Found In The KR, JP and RU Markets, or something very similar, for NA   

    On a purely mathematical pretense I would agree with you, yet I think you are forgetting the human factor, e.g. griefing and taking action simply because one can.  An example?  Being at a node manager, player walks by, flags and kills. Gathering a resource from a farm, player comes to node, flags kills, or random war declaration from an unknown guild then killed.  These are just some examples, and they don't involve grind spots.  They simply occur because they can and they will because the current system as it stand does not deter any reason for them not to.  I.e. this is a perfect example of the difference between legitimate PvP and what is actually happening in game (random PK).
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  8. Argeas added a post in a topic Implement the PvP Restrictions Found In The KR, JP and RU Markets, or something very similar, for NA   

    Exactly this.  Was surprised that there was no repercussion for a one sided war where the other party didn't declare.  The tool-tip says all these penalties exist if that is the case, but they don't.  Thus, another guild for no reason can just remain permanently declared against a guild not declared against them.  In fact I have heard of an incredible number of such incidents.  There is no cost for this and no penalty, at least in the NA market.
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  9. Argeas added a post in a topic Implement the PvP Restrictions Found In The KR, JP and RU Markets, or something very similar, for NA   

    Shadowbane had a similar problem.  Basically, players rushed to end and prevented any other players from even having a chance due to over powered gear etc.  It was not the players could not play, it was the fact that you zoned in to the newbie zone dead, lol.  There was no new group of players coming in.  The game subsequently lead to a slow end. 
    I never played EVE Online, but I had heard that a similar problem started to occur. A group of players locked down access to character advancement thus preventing any other players from having even a chance.  Again, if in a game a player can lock out another player from content put in place by developers and there is no way around that scenario then the same issue will always arise.  
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  10. Argeas added a topic in Suggestions   

    Implement the PvP Restrictions Found In The KR, JP and RU Markets, or something very similar, for NA
    Good evening fellow Black Desert Online (BOD) players and @CM_Jouska,
    Recently it has come to our attention that many of the implementations that are restrictions on PvP in the other markets for BDO do not exist for NA.  For example, no cost to maintain wars, no penalties for random player kills, and just in general no form of structure or form to any of the PvP elements.  Thus, there is no reason to not declare on numerous, guilds, persons or flag up constantly, e.g. no strategy behind it.  Further, a player appears to be able to instantly un-flag as soon as the tables have turned.  
    This wouldn't be a curiosity if there were not already restrictions of some form in other markets.  Why are there no restrictions for NA?  A free for all may be fine for player killers, again PK'ing not really being any form of legitimate PvP, but if a player can effectively be locked out of content through the actions of another player on a continuous basis without any repercussions, isn't that a bit problematic?  I am reminded of a game called Shadowbane that tried something very similar and suffered the same problem ultimately, players were just locked out of content at the hands of other players and not by elements of the gaming world itself.  I can barely find anyone that remembers Shadowbane.
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  11. Argeas added a post in a topic Quality of Life Changes   

    Looks like you can now access the cash shop from various activities including processing I think?  That's great!

    I heard they are going to add seagulls flying over hot spots too.  I wonder if that is really going to be a thing?  Still need to be able to open my map while fishing though.
    On continuing this topic, guildies also brought up another good point:
    16.  Auto Check Out for Pets:  We already have auto check in for pets, why check them all out at once as well?

    17.  Recover all for pets:  Hey it works for the player's  workers.
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  12. Argeas added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ghEw4eEqYiA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  13. Argeas added a post in a topic Quality of Life Changes   

    No worries. My understanding is that PST is used when we are not in daylight savings time or vice versa.  Recently we did spring forward so technically you are right it is called PDT currently.  I know that some states and not all countries no longer do the daylight savings routine (or ever did).
    As for point one (1) we are not directing our inquiry at the maintenance, which does occur as you pointed out at around 1am  PDT.  The matter at issue is the reset for guild missions, etc.  As it stands right now, the time when guild missions resets on the NA Orwen Server is at 5PM PDT (8PM EDT I believe).  So coast to coast, the reset of guild missions, quest etc, happens during NA prime time on Orwen which is an NA server. 
    Typically for most games in NA market, resets of this sort occur off prime time, e.g. 1 am or midnight, which would be around the same time maintenance has been occurring for us anyway.  This generally appears to be the case to give the player base for that content the day to do what must be done before a reset.  Again if anything this is just a suggestion for quality of life purposes.  Having the reset during what is the essentially the middle of the day for NA players versus when they are likely asleep or afk.
    Yes!  This is a thing we discovered it by accident entirely and word spread around the guild because we thought pets were broken except for the birds.  For some reason birds point out elites without having to have their special turned on.  To turn on a special you need to right click the pet paw icon, left click the pet, and left click the grayed out icon. Once that is done the special is on, but this toggles off by default whenever you log, switch characters, or channel change.
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  14. Argeas added a post in a topic Quality of Life Changes   

    Totally agree, I can see that good feedback.  I have had disconnection issues moderately since two patches ago but only near Calpheon (usually).  As for the guild names, I am speaking more to what happened to Serendia Survivors and perhaps having the ability to somehow compensate players should that happen in the future.  For Serendia Survivors a lot of us made guilds / clans on Serendia before the whole Orwen Uno disaster that relocated us from Orwen to Uno.  Many rerolled back on Orwen while we were told the issue was being worked out.  I think tomorrow for us Serendia Survivors we'll finally receive our names back, but our guild names... there has been no news on that.  Since the name is unique we were not allowed to just simply use the same name again back then.
    Just had some guildies remind me of a few more:
    10.  Cooking auto recipes:
    Players can select recipes already learned, but they still need to place each component of the recipe into the cooking tool manually.  If the recipe is already learned should there not be some way to auto fill out materials for that known recipe simply by clicking on the recipe from the cooking tool?
    11.  Dance Emotes:
    Probably minor, but some are wondering.  We wanna bust a move!
    12:  Relearning Knowledge:
    I dunno if this is possible to fix, but when you delete knowledge it closes the menu.  Is there a way to fix that?
    13.  Equipment while moving or on a mount:
    I can see on a mount might be a problem but if the player is auto pathing somewhere going from point A to B and not in combat, should they not be allowed to switch off  a fishing pole, gear and other items?
    14.  Pet Specials on by default:
    This one annoys a few that I know.  The Pet Specials are off by default.  If you channel change, switch characters or disconnect they return to being off again.  Would be possible to have the default of pet specials be on instead of off, or set the toggle to remember the player choices?
    15. Rearrange Order of Characters:
    The ability to rearrange character order on the selection screen.
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  15. Argeas added a topic in Suggestions   

    Quality of Life Changes
    Hello Black Desert Online (BDO) Community and @CM_Jouska, 
    Enjoying the NA launch, but talking with a few and not being able to find answers in particular to these questions, we are wondering if the following suggestions below would be considered for quality of life changes on the NA server.
    NA Time Zones for Resets:It is our understanding that currently resets occur based upon UTC time zones.  This means that reset occurs at 5PM PST, which is basically prime time for NA players.  This also means that between work and school trying to schedule guild missions and guild activities like scrolls etc can be quite cumbersome given that the reset happens in the middle, if not near the middle, of the day for most NA players.  Can the reset for NA players be changed to a more congenial time that better reflects the NA market's prime time activities, e.g. 1 am PST 12 am etc.Guild name change(s):We are Serendia Survivors.Open Map under all if not most conditions:There was a change made not too long ago to allow the usage of the Knowledge Database under all conditions.  However, the map still remains inaccessible unless the character is either completely idle or pathing to a location.  Can the same change for the Knowledge Database be implemented for the map? (instances where the map is inaccessible: fishing and most other mini games)Open Pearl Store under all if not most conditions:As discussed supra, you can already open the Knowledge Database pretty much anywhere which was barred before.  Why not allow the cash shop to follow suit?  It would be great to have access during long travels or while processing/crafting.This came with the Mediah drop!  Looks like you can open the pearl store even while mounted.  Yay!Disable Emotes while in combat:Often times not everyone wants to use voice comms.  When that happens, whispers or text will occur while in combat, it is inevitable.  So it seems odd that while in combat your character will suddenly choose to sheath their weapons and start talking with their hands while in combat.  Worse still is the character freezes in place and remains unresponsive to any commands for the duration.  Is there anyway to change this?  I love that my character can be so animated, but in combat it hardly seems appropriate for him to attempt a discourse with an enemy... unless he's secretly flashing gang signs with these emotes.Ability to give items to traders, or other NPCs when overweight:Often times NPCs and some transactions just will not go through because the character is overweight.  But the player is likely trying to lose weight by selling or trading.  Can this be changed?  It doesn't make much sense that the player is stopped from giving away items to lose weight because they are overweight.Ability to craft and process so long as there is a space: Too often processing and/or crafting cannot be done simply because the character is overweight or does not have two spaces free.  Why must the characters weight or two spaces matter?  At the very least it should only require the one free space in order to perform any crafting transaction.  This sometimes occurs even when the player is trying to exchange items with an NPC.  Even if its one item it requires two spaces.  Can this be changed?Less RNG on missions: Guild missions shouldn't be so random, at least not as random as they are currently.  There is an entire space for text on the selection screen for each mission, but it is hardly descriptive at all as to what is actually chosen.  Players should be able to at least have a more direct impact on the missions they select outside of just the size, or at the very least be poised with two options upon selecting a mission. Fishing Spot Schools of Fish:Is there a way to add a graphical indicator for this?  Some of these fishing nodes are either a) incredibly small or b) just oddly shaped, adding an incredible amount of guess work when fishing is already filled with RNG.Looks like they are addressing this one with seagulls flying overhead at some point!Thanks for the read and the consideration. 
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