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  1. Raygan added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Bruh are you high or you playing a different game. I know you ppl are mad about dps classes actually doing damage but you don't have to lie out your ass lmao!
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  2. Raygan added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

  3. Raygan added a post in a topic Game Crash   

    To all those ppl contacting the GM you can simply rescue your character by turning off High end Mode and turning all your graphic setting to the lowest settings including your resolution which should buy you enough time to get your character to Pork Chop Sandwiches!!!
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  4. Raygan added a post in a topic Mage Nerf   

    Tyical troll response xD!
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  5. Raygan added a post in a topic Mage Nerf   

    I don't feel the awakening is going to be the saving grace for the class either but nobody bothers to even try to get love for the class meanwhile they continue to nerf mage into the ground but I guess everybody's mentality is like whatever GG!
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  6. Raygan added a post in a topic Mage Nerf   

    ain't that the truth lols!
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  7. Raygan added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Mage Nerf
    Sooo.... am I the only person thats a lil infuriated that in this recent patch they nerfed one of our main survival skill  then to add even more insult to injury they taunt us with ultimate teleport and then the ignorant cm replies that ohh hey thats awakening skill so we're not gonna add it... Like come on Wiz is already in a really tough spot with the current state of the game where as most classes with just decent gear can pretty much 1 combo you or 1 shot if your warrior even when having all tri boss armor. God forbid they nerf Darkflame there'd be an outpour of crys on the forums but they nerf our main survival tool by pretty much half which usually majority of the time makes the difference between you getting 1 shot or not and not a single peep from anyone but hey lets talk about the things that really matter like new fashion...
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  8. Raygan added a post in a topic not op   

    No other class can have 5 100%s out at the same time lols
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  9. Raygan added a post in a topic Black Spirit’s Adventure Game returns   

    Finally there's meaning to Life again!!!
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  10. Raygan added a post in a topic Block or grapple with video   

    I'd take that Grapple over the Block anyday because at this point in the game its too little too late to give witch block mechanics since most of these awakening classes will either Grab or Spin to Win and completely ignore/ laugh at witch for even using block but with that grapple Wizard will have the mechanics to get around warrior blocks and cc chain ppl for dayssss!!!!
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  11. Raygan added a post in a topic One month later, still no fix for Mana Absorption durability bug?   

    This game really shows no love for Wizard, if it was a sorc bug the team would be all over it....
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  12. Raygan added a post in a topic Well RIP?   

    Yea I love my Wizard and have an amazing time playing him but would be the first to admit that it definitely needs a few tweaks to viably compete with other classes!
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  13. Raygan added a post in a topic Stop complaining about the witch awakening   

    The problem with the awakening isn't the aoes but its the successfulness of actually getting them off in pvp. As you're well aware Witch/wizards suffer from being one of the only classes that's highly dependent upon long cast animation( and pls remove yourself from convo if you say sage lols) not to mention this is the only mmo i've played where half of the classes in game are assassins like wtf lols. With the current state of the game a person could very well have all pen gear and not do any damage whatsoever with iframes, superarmor and block mechanics. I frames can't be got around and pls dont say timing because I have videos of sorcs/tamers that can literally run through a guild of 30 ppl and not be hit once lols. Which leaves me with superarmor and block, Superarmor and block are totally fair mechanics in the game since they each have ways to work around them. The problem is the majority of classes have ways they work around these mechanics except for witch, which is where the whole awakening system is suppose to come into play. Awakening are supposed to make up for the classes weaknesses to make it more of a well rounded character. For example, sorcs get more aoes, serkers get more range and rocket jump, archers get a grab to work around blocks, tamers get another jump etc... If PA thinks that giving witch more aoes is going to make up for its weaknesses they are fairly mistaken because like I said with the state of the game all the aoes and damage isn't going to save us if we can't actually get them off, even with all pen everything a person can simply i frame through any ability cc you and your dead. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved the video and thought it looked cool asf but the video didn't address any of the concerns that I feel veteran wizards have about the class. Like after the video ppl were saying did u see that aoe freeze and im like sigh.. u know that wasnt even an awakening skill right. Anyways to sum it up there is 3 main concerns I have for witch/ wizard awakening 1. Mobility. 2. Super Armor(asking for i frames would probably be too much) and 3. Self Buff or Grab just a way to get around block and not get blown the F up when your suppose to be using these close range area aoes. I feel if the awakening doesn't meet these needs it will just be more flashy moves to add to the ol' bag of tricks!
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  14. Raygan added a post in a topic Well RIP?   

    Hate to break it to you but 199/265 is pretty above average at this point, yes its not pro but I'd say you're more geared then maybe half of the server so can't really say you getting 300 points in rbf is why witch isnt underpowered is a good leg to stand on =(
    My favorite lines people say about Witch/Wizard are:
    "Ohh That Wizard 1 Combo'd me clearly Overpowered" or "well at least your class is good in wars" like wtf the wars are like 1% of the time you spend playing this game,Just because we might get kills in wars (which is basically our job btw) doesn't justify the other 99% of the time wizard/witch have a hard time competing against ANY class(except ranger and other wizards) which is absolutely neccessary to effectively progress in this game. When People make valid arguments about all the thing that witch and wizard are lacking ppl be like "Get Gud Scrub" lols. Like can we go back a few months and remember the mass uproar of when all the sorcs were ragequitting when darkflame was broken but ofc Daum put a quick fix to that with all the complaints cause we all know half of the servers consist of sorcs
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  15. Raygan added a post in a topic Mage awakenings Announced!   

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