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  1. trixsterjl added a post in a topic With new pearl shop patch.....   

    Never gonna happen. A decent amount of my pearls were spent on Weight, Storage.... I'm going to have to guess the amount of effort it would take to reverse all pearl purchase is prohibitive.
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  2. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    There is a whole guild crafting event that requires a guild house to make your elephants and upgrade them. Once they are done though it appears you will no longer require a guild house. Also the wild elephants as far as I know are just stuff you can kill.
    Right but if you pay x pearls you can make the costume a costume.
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  3. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Good thing finally Daum think about people like me   

    unfortunately the only way to make the boycott work would be for the top guilds to require in-game consumes only and remove anyone they see doing otherwise until the content is removed. Your members are not going to be able to resist the costumes if they are cheep enough. And people are still going to sell/buy them I think the best we can hope for is that they make them ridiculously cheep for the money spent.
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  4. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Will we be able to sell our costumes that we have equipped, on the market?   

    Anyone want some used underwear? Seems unlikely I think the boxes will be sellable and anything you can move to a bank tab. Hard to say though.
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  5. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Some JP Pictures Of Cash Shop Items on Market   

    That is the crux of the issue. I honestly will keep playing and enjoy the game more if i can buy pets off the Market for 15 million 1 million a dollar spent. LOL if someone want to do that I so go on with your bad self. I'd rather it be 1 item a week than 5 though.
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  6. trixsterjl added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    That link doesn't load anything. I figure it was gonna make me laugh.
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  7. trixsterjl added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Right legion in 23 days. I read something on wowhead that made me thing it was tommorow. Either way it like the are driving people away on purpose.
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  8. trixsterjl added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    More like 20 million without value pack. Still though you spend a week and do 5 scroll groups somehow and get 100 million silver. WOOOHOO. I bought a fish suit for 22 USD and sold it 10 minutes later for 85 million with value pack. 70 without. And I didnt have to sell my memory fragments.
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  9. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Will you Boycott the market place ?   

    And no as well because i'm quitting unless the system is restricted to a very few items that have nominal like millions of silver not 100's of millions a week. If i'm not playing i'm not using the market.
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  10. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Horse completely missing from world and all stables after death.   

    Dead horse goes to the bottom of list of horses.
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  11. trixsterjl added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Definitely not with this idea. There is no way you can implement this and have it not have a seriously negative impact on the game. If you really just want people to have access to pearl shot items with in game currency put the 100million for a costume on the pearl shop as an alternate buy method. The truth is this is a money grab pure and simple people will exploit to make silver and buy items that are tons of silver that are bought on stolen credit cards. Thus allowing the transfer of items bought on stolen credit card to an account this not going to get banned.
    Even if every transaction is honest though the players that pay the most will be able to buy the best gear. Entirely P2W.
    I'm with all the people that are talking refund as stupid as that will be. There were firm promises of no P2W and we are just over 5 month is with what I assume is a solid profit margin at this point. Why flush the game now.
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  12. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Bags   

    Yes and no. You get 8 slots in the 50 dollar pack and 4 in the 30. Those are permanent. There is also now a value pack buff x2 in the 50 dollar pack. 
    These are consumable 30 day buffs that include:
    16 bank slot and 16 slots on each character
    100 weight on every character
    Unlimited character redesign (beauty shop)
    Unlimited Merv's pallet (Dyes)
    10 percent exp boost (Combat/Life/horse)
    Market tax reduction you get 84.5 percent of sale prices instead of 70
    So you 8 slots are always there. But the ones granted from the value pack go away when the buff expires and if you want to maintain the above benifits 15 dollars. Its a sneaky way to get a sub fee though you dont have to have any of the above. I'm not sure what it would cost to unlocked all of those spaces. Figure 7 dollars a character and 35 dollars for all of the region banks. So about 100 dollar for me to unlock the storage/inventory I'll get form the value pack. the Weight is above all of the weight upgrades you can buy but it would be another 60 dollars to unlock 100 on every char on my account.... Over answered that one.
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  13. trixsterjl added a post in a topic 7 day combat book   

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  14. trixsterjl added a topic in New Adventurers   

    7 day combat book
    has anyone used this. Does it account buff?
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  15. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Can we lower the cost to force enchant?   

    The OP is actually 100 percent correct IMO. They secretly changed the fail chance to be much lower NA/EU. The force enchant needs to reflect that. It was how I decided how high to attempt an item if I was building stacks. Now it says 34 stones to force and goes up at 10. The only reason I can see them not changing it is that boss drops share the same force levels and I dont think they made them much easier to level.
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  16. trixsterjl added a post in a topic PSA : Venecil dress (maid outfit)   

    If i an put that on my Berzerker i'm sold.
    And I agree with the cost perspective. If they were family bound and usable for all classes i'd have a fish and maid by now. As it stand I bought the horse for leveling horses and i'm done for life with that.
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  17. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Spamming Health and Mana potions is annoying   

    BZZZT. They'd have to let you set up a system to set how low to set them off. As a zerker I self heal a lot Pve. I lose health but never use Pots. I guess if there was a toggle on off it would be ok but it is really not needed.
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  18. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Conditions to get a horse ??   

    you need 5 training and a rope.
    Beginner 5 ride around a bit on a bought horse. 15k or so.
    I was so mad I ran out and the first thing I did was this and I chased a horse for 30 minutes so confused. Look at the rope description though.
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  19. trixsterjl added a post in a topic <BlackRose> Uno Server (Open Recruitment)   

    Great guild come for the cupcakes stay for the community.
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  20. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Questions   

    The packs changed:
    Added 2 months Value pack 60 days of *16 inventory/bank slots, 10 percent exp, unlimited character appearance change, unlimited dyes, 85 percent from sales on market vs 70. If you get the lower pack you get 1 month and the next if you want it will be 15 dollars. You also get 1 pet (get the bird) 11 dollars, the flute 8 dollars (1 character), Other stuff that is marginally valuable (horse, 10 hours of item drop, 20 bleaches, 5 dyes) 4 more inventory (few bucks). 
    It is up to you you can get going for the 30 but You'll end up getting most of the stuff in the 50 dollar pack at a slightly higher cost in the long run IMO.
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  21. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Questions about BDO   

    1. Yes. Gear is kind of odd in this game but by Legendary you'd be talking about Boss armor. It will still be compatative. Also gear does not bind so you can sell it if you change to help with leveling new gear.
    2. Generally no. Gear is about personal stratagem for your character (other than the boss armor) The new sets might have small adantages but even if you swapped... see above.
    3. A lot. Gear is a bigger deal though. The level or 2 makes a lower level stack accuracy and they lose attack power. Good gear trumps levels however the top geared are normally the top leveled atm.
    4. Yes
    5. You wont end up doing this. The reasons for alts / All toons share bank/energy pool(not energy)/and Contribution points(for connecting nodes)
          a. Life skills(crafting/fishing/hunting/trading/Horse training) if below 45 you are immune to pvp
          b. You want to enjoy x classes combat
    You can aslo share 1 gear set as gear does not bind.
    6. Not sure what sever EU. Or pops there.
    7. Shared. 
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  22. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Subscription pricing~   

    Need to add zero as an option for the pole to work. As this game is a no subscription game.
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  23. trixsterjl added a post in a topic PSA: Failstacks being consumed and gear not upgrading is intended   

    Are we sure of this reply. I've seen people using a single stone going tri to tet get the response lose all stacks and stay tri. I was under the impression they are just voiding the downgrade. This happens also with blue upgrade stones or did when using them before the change. you would get a success msg when the item was blue and it would stay blue instead of downgrading.
    I dont really see that the pictures provide any evidence, however, I am familiar with the "bug you are talking about" though I have not experienced it. The best way to test this atm and prove it would be a lot of weapon stone and a hunting rifle. A CM could test that out in an hour if they can repair or produce repair material. However, I do not think in the end if they talk to the developer they will find that this is a "bug" I think it is working by design and is just a further issue with the poor rng upgrading in this game. 
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  24. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Which mobs dropped constant golden Daggers?   

    Complete RNG like everything else. However kill faster get more chances.
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  25. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Solo Grindspots valencia patch   

    LOL. you could kill bandits and naga most likely but it would be slow compared to stuff in mediah.
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