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  1. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Does kunoichi max wp increase?   

    You raise this buy gear bonus's there are sever sets and accessories that will add 35/75/100 wp. I think i have around 400 on berserker with fairly health level from food maybe level 17.
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  2. trixsterjl added a post in a topic EXP Boost 50% in Progress   

    what they said in there:
    "and last but not least each weekend will boast a 50% Combat EXP boost."
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  3. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Are black spirit quests compulsory?   

    True, he'll do that anyway if you dont turn him off. I dont turn him off so i dont forget daily scrolls.
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  4. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Just getting started!   

    Welcome. Try not to be overwhelmed this game will be like nothing you have played to date. Come back here and ask stuff when you wonder if you dont find a guild in the know.
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  5. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Are black spirit quests compulsory?   

    No and yes. I would highly recommend following the BS on your adventure. You open a lot of inventory along the way.
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  6. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Anyone who doesn't use a horse much or don't plan to?   

    You will do a lot of
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  7. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Multiple Desert Fox   

    I've seen a guy with 4 i was wondering if they stacked making you immune as well. That would be expensive but useful.
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  8. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Any word what was in the emegency patch?   

    Hot was only running luke warm so they had to up the temp a bit.... Hot fixed. JK no clue I was looking for a patch note as well.
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  9. trixsterjl added a post in a topic plan to make everything free   

    Hemorrhoid cream.
    In what universe is a FPS an MMO? 
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  10. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What Daum does when their customers are angry.   

    That feature has been disabled for a long time.
    That feature has been disabled for a long time.
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  11. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Remove karma cost on pk or allow guilds to declare on any guild   

    Maybe town spawn only or you have to wait 5 minutes to node spawn. The later because someone could sneak up and pk you once at pirates and you'd be forced to epheria.
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  12. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Remove karma cost on pk or allow guilds to declare on any guild   

    I'm thinking the circle will be complete soon and the game will swing back to exp loss on death or something. Maybe drop random inventory items that are not account bound....1 death there went the 600k stack of trash loot..... Probably not thinking of it for just a minute i see issues. Anyway, Plus to topic we still need something here to help with PvE Griefers.
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  13. trixsterjl added a post in a topic World boss needs buff   

    Boss were nerfed the heck and back before gear increases. I agree bosses need a lot more hps. They are falling in under 3 minutes. Do not rebuff attacks. People still die. I was over the 20 percent exp loss per boss for melee before the nerf of bosses. 
    As it is:
    I sit on the boss for 6 hours it pops I get loot on it and a 2nd boss before they all die.
    I do other stuff and run when guild yells and don't get there in time for first but get a few hits on 2nd and get some loot. 
    I don't sit on boss and I dont have a guild that watches them. I get can't get boss loot. 
    Realistically the options to change the system would be to
    1. world announce all world bosses.
    2. give them a brief period when they cannot be engaged before everyone unloads.
    This will allow us to stop spending all our game time fishing and dueling at boss spawns.
    ***No mater what you do bosses need more hps***
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  14. trixsterjl added a post in a topic PSA: About Merv's Palette and previously dyed items   

    Request has also been passed on the upper management in hopes they can clear up the questions brought up in this post.
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  15. trixsterjl added a post in a topic They won't remove value pack.   

    ?? Do you even play this game? I know you played it till about may. I was just following the paper trail left and was curious. BTW you stated right out in the open that you realize this is a redundant topic.
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  16. trixsterjl added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Ninja (Sprint)
    When i have weapons away and hold down shift and W I get a stutter effect and Not enough energy spams a few times at the top of the screen.
    **not enough energy*** may not be the exact words i'm not at the PC atm. I leveled to 17 and this was very persistent when sprinting with weapons away.
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  17. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    I'm with the people that say lower the loyalty or raise the duration to a week. If you make it reasonable you do not even have to change the tax because anyone with high ticket items to sell an just sell them on the week they have loyalty and horde them when they do not.
    The dye system: still broken. I have to bleach my armor to use merv's. Am I really going to do that if i spent 100 dollars buying dyes to get some close colors. Really bleach those off to get blah color that match better. *** change bleach to dye reclaimer instead of eraser.****
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  18. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Make sure you are checking the account page here on the website. That is how you claim them. Mine was there are 4am when the server went down. Just claimed 1 hopping it is there when i get home so i can enjoy the 10 percent bonus with the 10 percent armor 5 percent scroll 15 percent gm blessing and 50 percent weekend and 8 percent food. 98 percent. Maybe I can get to 57 after all.
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  19. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Switching to BD (Maybe :D)   

    If 30 dollars is not a big investment to you i'd say try it. You might score a guest pass from someone that is newer, maybe. This game is not for feint of heart though. It will take a lot of work even with the easier leveling to get up to speed You could be to 53 in a day 56 in 2 to 3 days of hard work. Then you'd still have to work hard to get money or grind rare drops/weapons and the items to upgrade armor/weapons. On the other hand there is endless PvE content to mess with just no dungeons. This game easily has 100's of hours of play before you'd get bored or so mad at the RNG you rage quit well worth the 30 dollar invest.
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  20. trixsterjl added a post in a topic I am having a hard time convincing myself to continue playing   

    Just do what everyone else does. Make a ranger level it to 55 in a day. Get it a set of plus 15 ( fairly easy now that they broke fail stacking). Park it near world boss that is in window and play any way you enjoy. When it pops swap to ranger hit the boss a few times channel swap hit the 2nd. Get rewards and go back to enjoying the game. Just a thought.
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  21. trixsterjl added a post in a topic WARNING: 'new' griefing   

    I'd have to see it. This worked when game went live but they changed it so that you would see the guy on your boat but they were still on the shore. 
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  22. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Weapon/Armour Upgrading   

    Ya 5 is about what you'll want to find a good group. This is risky business because there are a lot of people out there that will try to get in groups and get as many summons's as they can before people ask them to summons and they have no scrolls. Guild groups are best, beyond that try to be the 5th man where 4 are in another guild. 
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  23. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Weapon/Armour Upgrading   

    1 thing i didnt see but it might be up there. Every time you repair there is a chance to gain 1 durability to your item. So eventually it will repair itself if you keep the damage low. I would not go with less than 70 percent weapons damage to fast in combat.
    I would recommend doing a daily farm session somewhere where you can make 1mil silver and buy 1/2 scroll fragments. up want to build up 25 of them and get a guild 5 scroll group. you should get 50 to 80 fragments when you do a group depending on your luck and a good quantity of seals to buy stones. (sell the stones) to start recouping the money from the scrolls and keep grinding. upgrade with daily weekly scrolls.
    Lastly I would not try the plus 15 agian with less when 25 stacks. Then pray for a ding I went 43. I got 14 with 15 stacks first hit. But I paid for 15. I got PRI which is 16 first hit at 25. 
    So if you get it repaired and are at 25 stacks and fail 6 times. Your at 70 percent and 31 stacks (keep at it if you can repair to 70) if not save the stacks and grind frags and upgrade other stuff on an alt.
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  24. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    Was there a point to this comment?
    Who let me in: Daum.
    Bias: everyone is bias unless they are to stupid to have an opinion.
    Sucking on Daum/PA's action: rarely do I agree with stuff they do.
    Now please return to our regularly schedule patch Lament as I am not the topic of this thread. Thanks.
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  25. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Sorcerer Ability Discussion Thread   

    All i got to say about that... "THANK GOD". At least if Sorc's can do damage again I can stop hearing them cry on an on about having to work 3x as hard now. I'd really rather be rolled by every sorc in the game than listen to the bugged class lament. Zerkers lived with it from launch to last patch. And our main abilities are still bugged to hell. Just let the Sorc have there buff.
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