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  1. trixsterjl added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse Stable Deletion
    There are stables all over the world but you can only release(delete) horses from a few specific stables. This really did not become an issue until Mediah where we have 1 place to breed and delete horses. We really need to be able to remove horses from any stable so that we are not forced to run them back to town or drown them in a river.
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  2. trixsterjl added a topic in Technical Issues   

    **Forum** email
    We need an easier delete. I reached full mailbox and there is no easy way to clear them out. You have to go in and leave the conversations 1 by 1.
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  3. trixsterjl added a post in a topic I don't get what you gain leveling auxiliary weapons?   

    Confirmed. If you want to test it place a plus 15 on your twink. They can kill much higher level mobs. Even stuff the Black Spirit swears will kill you.
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  4. trixsterjl added a topic in Off-Topic   

    The forum today....
    Is really making me miss the Off topic gang. It's like an atom bomb went off after that patch and you all are hiding in a bomb shelter.
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  5. trixsterjl added a post in a topic I still got killed fishing!   

    Clearly humor and seems like people want to enjoy it. Moved to off topic.
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  6. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Reason why daum should listen minority   

    You realize there are multi open posts on this including the feedback one they have indicated they will be watching? vice the dozen an hour they will only be watching to ban and warn because of how ugly they get. I applaude you though on being able to start a post without using language that closes it right away.
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  7. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Question   

    ^^^ This. Maybe you have to group now if you are not a ranger. Oh the agony of having to group in an MMO. The shear audacity that people will not let the 3 packs of Sausans stand there waiting for me to get to them while i'm killing the 3 groups in my rotation that re-spawn faster than I can kill them. 
    The 56/7 players are going to clear faster and generally do more damage. My groups have always moved into a spot and pushed out other groups if we cant find a spot you just fall into the rotation and out dps them. Eventually they leave for flag and get killed. 
    To be clear I hate this change. I think the orig. system was fine and just needed some tweeks.
    If you dont think gear is a big deal you have never been 50 with average gear fighting a 40 in the arena in all plus 15 yellow gear with duo jewelry.
    I for one totally dont want to have to stand in 1 spot and farm 10 Mobs for 24 hours.
    Please don't. The report button is not a toy to win arguments. Everyone try to avoid the middle school arguments and yo mama mentality. If you are smart at all you can make a point without them. If someone goes there try to save the reports for when it really needs it. The people looking at these thing are voluntary and i'd rather spend my time closing out gold spammers and penis pics than editing the word retard out of every 3rd post in a thread. FYI i grew up with retard being my favorite insult, but it is very offensive to a lot of people due to the growth of autism.
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  8. trixsterjl added a post in a topic another mangobay recruitment thread   

    Basically this is a reopen of the thread that was already closed. If you want to do a true recruiting feel free to make one that does not name call the guild you called out in 2 closed posts. 
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  9. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

  10. trixsterjl added a post in a topic We carebears finally have the last laugh.   

    Thus setting us up for the next favorite complaint topic of how much damage Wizard and Archer do compared to everyone else.
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  11. trixsterjl added a post in a topic BDO community filled with Human refuse   

    Nothing positive can come of this.
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  12. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Game freezes and crashes after patch   

    I'm old I would assume that everyone knows about the OG's.
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  13. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Game freezes and crashes after patch   

    Honestly the picture of the eyeball getting licked was more disturbing to me. Shrug.
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  14. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Game freezes and crashes after patch   

    I don't know if I could call a picure of Hitler offensive. It's history.
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  15. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    If I wasn't and O i'd drop my guild for a week to level out. War is about all they can do if you are in a smaller guild. Punish the whole guild W/E they go. It will be interesting to see but after tomorrow i'm off for a week. Headed to solo Pirates and make the 56 push.
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  16. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Mannn with the number of @ 's in this post i'm really kind of shocked it isn't locked.
    I'm not much of a fan of getting ganked PvP but I really feel for the PvP people with this patch. They were already giving up Karma for very kill. 75 percent of those high end kills were done because people wandered into an active grind and refused to leave. Most of the rest was just guild v guild hatred and a hand full of people killing afk'rs.  Now there is no reason to flag at all. If you kill people they will just come right back. You are going to see a huge influx of pve solo players griefing grind groups by following them messing up grind rotation. 
    I'm mainly PvE oriented in most games but I really think this patch is a hot mess for this game.
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  17. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Twitch Streamer looking for guild for leveling and learning the game   

    someone report you instead of replying to you text was:
    My name is Wrench from the Soul Slayers and we are actively looking for a good streamer.
    Contact me in game on Jordine ign Wrench
    Or join our TS:
    Kind regards,
    above is user wrench that ment to post to you.
    If you are a NA player we have room in <Spartan> on Uno MSG and we can chat about it. (gamevox)
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  18. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Griefing strategies   

    Fairly sure you'll loose about 24k a cast karma.
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  19. trixsterjl added a post in a topic @CM_JOUSKA show yourself   

    6.2. Posting Etiquette
    The user shall not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, flamboyant fonts etc. to draw attention to its posts.Using the words Daum, Daum Games, Pearl Abyss or any Daum Games Europe member’s name in a topic title is frowned on.
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  20. trixsterjl added a post in a topic GMs do not delete this, it is a poll.   

    WTH is this a fox news Pole. LOL.
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  21. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    I doubt it. Get really to get flagged on a lot more. 
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  22. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    What no ninja patch for ninja's.... JK.
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  23. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Stuck After Download.   

    havent heard this i get a white screen when the game locks up sometimes. Are you running the game as admin?
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  24. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Moderators Deserve Better   

  25. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Looking for Friends!   

    Ya internet going wonky.  
    Ya internet going wonky.  
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