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  1. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Moderators Deserve Better   

    good job ya'll broke the internet.
    good job ya'll broke the internet.
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  2. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Moderators Deserve Better   

    For some reason the system is double and triple posting. I cleaned the ones here up. 
    I'm particularly enjoying the very childish habit of pointing fingers instead of taking self responsibility. It tells you that they have whit and can figure out what they should and shouldn't do.
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  3. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Bye, Uno : Calpheon U1/U2 Server! I'm off to be a father! :D   

    Gratz Twins.
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  4. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Forum death incoming   

    Locked and hidden. They continue to attempt to troll the mods by making post in our direction.
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  5. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Can I run this game?   

    16 Gig is overkill but they can reassign extra to the GPU i'm fairly certain. I dont play on down GPU's. 8 gig is 34 and 16 is 52. so 50 percent more for double the ram... up to them.
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  6. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Roleplaying isn't an excuse to be hateful or to fat shame.   

    or they could reply to the email that they are serious and not trolling AKA abusing the report system. Fairly certain now they were trolling.
    Naming and shaming is not allowed. If you have an issue use the system you are already well aware of.
    "If at any point you need to dispute an action against your forum account or the actions of the moderation on the forums, please contact the CM Team via the following email. We will review your message and take action based on our policies as fits the situation.
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  7. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What level do I get a worker to before trying to level it?   

    correct 10/20/30. never higher below blue. I recommend having energy and trying to pull and yellow/orange from contracter.
    1. have 100k ready.(incase orange).
    2. have full energy.
    **upgraded worker will become level 1 again** you can try 3 times to upgrade each and it will fail a lot.
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  8. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Can I run this game?   

    It will help a lot. It should though. Worst case amazon has a good return policy. 
    1. make sure your system supports up to 16 gig ram. I looked up HP envy MP6(or w/e was in the capture)
    2. Try to call HP support and verify the product is correct before buying. the product is what I believe is right based on your capture. 
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  9. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Can I run this game?   

    16 gig pc 12800 ram from amazon. 53 dollars.
    especially for a laptop since video memory is shared from system memory.
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  10. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Can I run this game?   

    ram and a cheep video card. NM Laptop.
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  11. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Please remove non-Kzarka world bosses (another one of these threads)   

    You can still get 1 shotted by his basic attack at +15 all with 200 DP as a Serker but it is less likely.
    Honestly though just take exp loss and gem breakage out of world boss. Would be a partial fix. They still need to retool the loot. I know people that have gotten 6 Livertos on WB's. And have heard of people that are in 20's.
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  12. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What happend to the offtopic?   

    your mom is an adult would you have a dressed girl grind on you in front of her, if not why?
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  13. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What happend to the offtopic?   

    I didn't call it offensive, whoever reported it did. The one removed here had inappropriate language. You knew it you bleeped yourself in the above post. The girl grinding on the guy was removed by multi people form multi posts and reported by multi people. honestly as a still shot it wouldn't even be PG. As a moving giff....
    or they did.  **cooking in BDO so 115 energy left turning away from this see ya'll tomorrow form work** gl with CM/GM's.
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  14. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What happend to the offtopic?   

    "Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do"   Walt Disney.
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  15. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What happend to the offtopic?   

    1. Inappropriate or infringing content
    The User shall not use the Service(s) to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually offensive, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violating of any applicable law.And yes I know this could be followed by a lengthy discussion of each of those words. I am former Navy and work at a Jail. Almost nothing is taboo to me. Seen it heard it, done it. However, as an adult i can choose to say "you are wrong because x", instead of saying "your a big stupid head". I think you all are all old enough to moderate yourself if you chose to. Am I wrong? 
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  16. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What happend to the offtopic?   

    Oh ya that was me. Someone reported the language in the gif. Shrug.
    I know these things can be confusing. Think adult. If my child was looking at that would I be bothered. Generally i'm not going out looking to mess with you if it violates terms and someone reports it, i'll remove it. I use the forums a lot so if i happen on to it and it is truely offensive i'll hide the post and pass it up for your free warning or W/E. Like one in 2 days watching from work. Shrug. **clarity** nothing offends me "almost", but if it is just vial and meant to offend...
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  17. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What happend to the offtopic?   

    I think it was an anime girl grinding on an anime guy, the same one that got removed form the killed in bed thread.
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  18. trixsterjl added a post in a topic What skill for energy regen??   

    Honestly i just hit stuff with auto attack once or twice circling get buff from double ax strike(name) and then spin to win pve. Occationally i use juice to lava to next spawns if there is competition.
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  19. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Stone golems   

    NM the ones in the video are not what I was talking about. You can kill ones up in the helms spawn/mine and they drop the item as well.
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  20. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Taming Horse is not fair.   

    I'm with OP training higher rewards for the effort. Increase the tame chance and horse leveling speed and skill gain with every level. It is suppose to making training skills easier but i'm Pro 7 or 8 and I dont feel like horse learn any faster than beg5.
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  21. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Mangobae vs Manup/Gravity/Gatekeepers   

    The bottom lines is that it gets old running into the same zerg every time you try to grind. You pk them 20 minutes later you are 15 vs 40. I wish I had a good alliance TBH. When you declare on some guilds now you instantly get declared by several other guilds. 
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  22. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Feeling a bit Apprehensive Now   

    The main issue i see is that most people i see hacking, and i've seen a few are in G.Suits. Giving no way to report them. We need a way to flag them in a report or capture even if we cant see who they are so you can see who they are. I don't want to open old arguments about the suit, but it was never meant to give griefing and cheating free reign. I would own one though if i wasn't A. Honest and B. a Zerker. **lol still have no idea how to get/make flairs.
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  23. trixsterjl added a post in a topic @Flufaffel   

    Mods don't ban only CM/GM can do that. Pretty much all Mods can do is lock threads, hide, posts and edit stuff. Odds are someone came along and hit report on it. I'm sure that Jouska isn't stalking you.
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  24. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Impossible Scroll to get?   

    posting that if you could do it would be an epic troll. Just watch the kids go wild.
    More importantly 12321?
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  25. trixsterjl added a post in a topic (Horse Breeding) Does this seem fair to you?   

    That will change when all of the 7's are out. The percentages are diluted right now. expanding the chance of T5. It was an issue getting 6's when 7's weren't in until they adjusted the chances and everyone t4 plus started getting 6's. That's why I was saying I'd level 6's and wait.
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