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  1. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    From what I've heard ranger is horrid though.
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  2. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Idea for pearl items on marketplace   

    Moved to suggestions. 
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  3. trixsterjl added a post in a topic OMG games are dying   

    Golf clap. Lots of words to tell people something they already know. If they don't know this they don't have the intellect to understand your post. Shrug.
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  4. trixsterjl added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    not sure how anyone can be tired of something they are not a part of. One post every 4 months and your sick of the naysayers and doomsday bs?
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  5. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    WHyyyy WHHHHHY. The guy hasn't played BDO in months. He said it in the video.
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  6. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Catchup Mechanic: -200% droprate of X item for geared / high level players.   

    Grind money and camp the night vendor. Problem solved.
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  7. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Returning player - feeling nihilistic.   

    you have a couple of bonues. 
    1. You dont really need to fail stack to level your gear. At least not much. They did something to enchanting a month or so back so stuff levels very easily. (RNG you could get unluck like I did last night and got 17 stacks trying to get to 12).
    2. You can get to 55 without much difficulty.
    3. World bosses dont 1 shot near as often so you have a real shot at getting Liverto/zarka drops if you show up.
    4. Night vendor to buy stones cheap and get boss armor. (Save up 200mil silver asap no small feat i Know).
    You can get up to speed i work a full time job and I never grind hard and i 'm 57 with Pri accessories duo gear  and try liverto.
    Join a good guild and enjoy the game. You own it, you dont have to pay another dime.
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  8. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Do the cash shop costumes take up storage / inventory space?   

    There would be little point as there are a limited number of skins atm. Maybe 12 per class. Each class has it's own pearl storage. Unless maybe you are speculating the value will spike and want to horde them. Possible.
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  9. trixsterjl added a post in a topic A Sad day for those hoping for a toxic player purge   

    I have to agree look at the numbers on the top 10 guilds on your server they will be filling the slots fast but most lost about 20 percent. Personally I am stil watching to see if the cost of pearl items rises. At the moment the people selling stuff on the market, which is somehow a lot, are mental.
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  10. trixsterjl added a post in a topic A Sad day for those hoping for a toxic player purge   

    I'm just not sure how me they knew when he put the announcement out. I put it like this in VM chat. "It feels like the tossed a room full of teenagers loaded .45s  and said we'll be back after the weekend".
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  11. trixsterjl added a post in a topic A Sad day for those hoping for a toxic player purge   

    Honestly the mass drama could have been avoided with a few word from out sponsor.
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  12. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Possibly new player,few questions...   

    it is not going to run well. My laptop has more power that that and loading it is rough.
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  13. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Missing items   

    Try doing a full relog after 8pm EST server reset. Just a theory. Like close and reopen. also it comes in the mail.
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  14. trixsterjl added a post in a topic This is the first thing that shows up in Youtube when you search "Black Desert Online".   

    LoL like my phone. I say cheese burger and it says "Did you lay naked women". 
    Anyway, the P2W protest is on the first page but's not the first thing to come up.
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  15. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Maybe there is hope? Maybe.   

    I actually dont have a merge feature.
    Agree that isn't even good smoke and mirrors they could just sell the item with an optional silver amount directly bypassing players. If access was the issue and not milking us.
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  16. trixsterjl added a topic in General   

    Maybe there is hope? Maybe.
    Has anyone considered that that thread was made just to create the storm that it did before put that into the game. I mean how many of the **** storms that we went through since beta were we warned about in advance?
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  17. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Its already going downhill ?   

    @Kramer please desist in baiting and then reporting the replies you get.
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  18. trixsterjl added a post in a topic I just dont understand.   

    The analogy is flawed. I have 3 buffet style restaurants in my town. 1 servers quality food every time and offer an upsale 2 days a week of stake and Crab legs. The parking lot has been full for 10 years. The only time they closed was for a hurricane. The other 2 serve crap for cheep and you get sick randomly when you eat there. They have changed hands at least once a year. 
    Moral: treat people with respect and give them a quality product to eat and they will come to your tables and stay. Give them crap no mater how fast you dish it out they will eventually get sick and you will have to fold.
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  19. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Open Letter to PW2 Haters   

    LOL why do i recognize the quote. And I mostly agree. The use of Play to Win was killing me.
    alright I got it. I only post this is answer the question it is not directed by me at anyone:
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  20. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Open Letter to PW2 Haters   

    Sadly the P2W micro transactions have made game companies lazy. Only a few like Blizzard hare smart enough to created regular real content and sell only cosmetic and convince items. The best at it atm seems to be SWTOR who'd i'd still be playing if it wasn't a single player game since the last patch.
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  21. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Open Letter to PW2 Haters   

    RIght you played for free in a free environment. We payed for the game the rest is as free as we want it. I do not support the idea of cash shop sails though. I played on an overgrown field myself or we mowed it to make a play field. I'm old like the OP so I can appreciate a lot of what they say but todays children didnt invent P2W.
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  22. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Open Letter to PW2 Haters   

    Not correct Baby boomers are mainly dead they were born after WWII a flood of babies born after johnny came marking home again.
    Gen x.
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  23. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Open Letter to PW2 Haters   

    That's is because your mom and dad bought you sneekers, a Soccer ball(football), paid taxes to have the field mowed and paid a fee to have referees moderate the game. You prove his point. Your mom and dad pay for it so to you it is free so you assume there is not cost for your entertainment. That said the post made my brain hurt. P2W is PAY to Win not Play to Win. Play to win is what most early sub games were as the only, only way to get gear and money was to play the game. Then later buy it from gold sellers (pay to win). Our generation started that long before most of these people were born.
    The real rise of pay to win though was app games. Once companies saw that people would pay large amounts of money for little work on their end the age for the Sub MMO was at an end. Sad.
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  24. trixsterjl added a post in a topic Rip BDO   

    Is it just me or the same 10 people discussing the same issue in 5 or 6 different posts?
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