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  1. Fenula added a post in a topic Clarification requested: Possible Bitcoin Miner in Black Desert Online or XIGNCODE3   

    Just because you may live with your head in the sand, does not mean the rest of us have to.
    But yeah, remain foolish and toxic like the majority of this comunity!
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  2. Fenula added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    Not one thing about the lag. I quit. If you are half as smart as you think you are you will too. Or waste all your time on this junk publishers catastrophe, it is comming.!
    Its 2016, no excuse for shitty hosting!
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  3. Fenula added a post in a topic Ban Waves   

    Just for completeness. Feel free to not reply.
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  4. Fenula added a post in a topic Ban Waves   

    wait, what? im attacking that person and everyone like them because they have 0 grasp on what is actually a viable process into geting rid of the botters, i also dont like the way they are bulling people, and doxing others because they are "botting"
    You too seem to need to get a grip, condoning physical violence on people using software to cheat in a game that harms no one especially not physically.. or emotionally. It most certainly is not invading peoples privacy and or condoning it. Casting blame on me with no basis.
    Good job missing the entire bloody point of my post tho! Just going to tar everyone with the same brush today because you cannot read and understand 4-5 paragraphs.
    If you don't understand why protecting ones privacy is important to the world then thats fine but don't act like the rest of the world shouldn't care about it.
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  5. Fenula added a post in a topic Best Individual PvPers on Uno and why?   

    KingPitViper=sorc had beat him in the arena event someone hosted awhile back. You may not have seen it but it happened.
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  6. Fenula added a post in a topic If you want join BDO Mod team, read this.   

    Like this one you just made!?
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  7. Fenula added a post in a topic How to 1v1 a War/Valk?   

    Even if they are level 45 and you are level 60 fully geared, don't risk it. Run, run as fast as you can. Don't bother using chase it will slow you down, just press v and get out of there... Hit esc and use the escape button. Press V and pull the ethernet cable. Press v and throw your laptop into some water. You have no chance, so do what you need to do to get back to the lower level mob areas so you can safely grind. Forget pvp.
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  8. Fenula added a post in a topic Infuriated adult customer's constructive comments.   

    @Volencia How many years have you been playing a sandbox mmo?
    Sandbox MMOs offer the freedom of choice. Characters explore the game on their own terms, and for the most part enjoy open-ended goals that allow them to explore all the sandbox MMO has to offer at their own pace
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  9. Fenula added a post in a topic Server lag effecting gameplay experience: A Solution Range proposal   

    I'm quiting the game too. I've seen companies underestimate the damage they can do to a game community by not investing in decent hosting.
    I'm not going to waste another minute of my time in a game that cannot fix its issues within a week. this lag has been here from day one. Goodbye all, see you on a real game with a real company managing it.
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  10. Fenula added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    errrm... A company will, if its wise, be where the market is at, serving it... Your "The industry does not care about your individual requests." is completely and utterly ridiculous. I see it as "The industry cannot possibly cater to hundreds of thousands of peoples needs from all over the globe and give ever one of them exactly what they require"
    I'm afraid to say you wasted all that time typing. They will be, if they are successful, exactly where the majority is or they will flop. So your You preferences as an individual player or a minority/divided community won't result in changes. is equally ridiculous in that, without said vehicle of information being fed to them, they have no clue what the market requires and thus do not know what to serve the majority. All this ending in a flop. Individuals make up a majority, im sure you will realise that when you think about it. They are a company, that is company 101. This is why 90% of startups fail, they don't cater to demanding market.
    You work, AT, you do not OWN, a AAA. There is a massive difference and it shows. You clearly don't work in HR, at least i hope you don't.
    I think you will be able to agree though. We have not seen a mmo umbrella company or the entire industry, perfect keeping thousands of different cultural types of people happy. Governments cannot even keep their own countries happy and they have thousands of people working on the issues!
    I believe there are plenty of other things to worry about then your concerns. How about you try solve them.
    Because posting here, clearly stating, that posting here is useless is actually quite amusing if you look at it from where i'm sitting.
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  11. Fenula added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


    Walter White?
    Good luck everyone.
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  12. Fenula added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


    Walter white!?
    Good luck everyone
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