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  1. Tsurata added a post in a topic Back in the game after 8 months, help me :D   

    Thanks a lot, around how much AP should I target? Also, should I enchant my yuria or just get a duo:rebar or idk.. ? I've seen primary weapons add some AP to awaken AP too.
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  2. Tsurata added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    I'm still waiting for that cancelled male Archer.
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  3. Tsurata added a topic in Warrior   

    Back in the game after 8 months, help me :D
    Hey guys, I've come back to bdo after a looooooong time and wanting to start again with my sweet warrior.
    Currently I'm 56, got my awakening and looking for farm spots and easy upgrades on my gear.
    My current gear is:
    - Ancient weapon core (base, non enchanted) + the amulet of it for the set effect
    - 2x +0 Witch Earrings
    - 1x +0 Mark of Shadow and a TRI: Ring of Good Deeds (same as a +0 Mark of Shadow)
    - +15 Blue Yuria Longsword with a PRI: Vangertz shield
    - +12 Ultimate Steel Greatsword (the quest one)
    - +15 Ultimate Grunil set
    I got 5AS, 5CS, 5MS, 5LUK, 2CHR(crithitrate), 111 AP / 103 Awakening AP / 204 DP
    Where should I start farming and what gear parts should I upgrade first? Please help me out here, Its been a really long time since I played.
    Thanks in advance, a fellow warrior player.
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  4. Tsurata added a post in a topic English Black Desert Database   

    if you search npcs or questgivers it already has that function.
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  5. Tsurata added a post in a topic Mediah Expansion [ Discussion ] [Feedback ]   

    If theres no +20 enchant, I'm happy with this.
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  6. Tsurata added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  7. Tsurata added a post in a topic The guild system is underwhelming at best   

    Guild Alliance system is highly needed too, along with an alliance chat.
    Also... more ranks or custom permission system please.
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  8. Tsurata added a post in a topic Guild Bosses?   

    It comes with Mediah patch, so we will have to wait.
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  9. Tsurata added a post in a topic Gave friend a guest pass, character creation blocked   

    They are probably disabling stuff to avoid bots, but yeah you are right, an announcement should've been made.
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  10. Tsurata added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  11. Tsurata added a post in a topic Liverto weapons question   

    We got Liverto weapons from Muskan, the monastery leader weekly boss.
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  12. Tsurata added a post in a topic Daum - My pockets are burning, my wallet is melting.   

    Well, they do have it already in the shop, just check out Bern sets. They are limited availability.
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  13. Tsurata added a post in a topic Daum - My pockets are burning, my wallet is melting.   

    We are getting more for sure, but they come in weekly/monthly rotations(who knows). So you have to wait it out.
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  14. Tsurata added a post in a topic How are guild icons scaled down?   

    No idea how it works specifcally, you kinda got the name tag icon right thats around 20x20 , guild panel is 30x30 and town/node flags are 60x60
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  15. Tsurata added a post in a topic [HUN] NoPara - Magyar HC guild, várjuk a jelentkezőket!   

    Köszönjük! Igyekszünk, de sajnos minden RNG Jesus kezében van.
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