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  1. scau added a post in a topic Marine costumes - a very bad signal to Daum   

    There were silly costumes in the game before it ever released in our region. They're not concerned with the immersion factor. They're concerned with providing a variety of cosmetic options in order to sell to a wide variety of tastes.
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  2. scau added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    If I was after PvP I'd honestly look to most other MMO's before I'd looking to BDO. I could name one, two, five or ten MMO's I'd rather PvP in, but I don't want to promote other MMO's on this board, and I don't want to get into the inevitable debates that come about whenever you name any other MMO.
    The combat system in BDO is one of the best out there, but between desync, level gaps, gear gap, class imbalances, and soon balancing thrown off even more due to awakenings, it's not a good choice for competitive PvP. No MMO has perfect PvP, but there are many out there where the PvP is in better shape. I've never viewed BDO as a PvP game because of this, focusing instead on the lifeskill and lore side of the game.
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  3. scau added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    I would argue that if you're into PvP at all this game is not for you, no matter if you're a casual, regular, or hardcore player.
    The PvP is unbalanced making it a bad choice for competitive PvP. There are no warring factions, so if you don't declare a guild war you'll be punished for PvPing. But you aren't going to be PvP'ing very much anyway. You'll be spending the vast majority of your time doing PvE so that when you actually do participate in the odd burst of PvP you won't be hopelessly outgeared.
    In short, if you're looking for PvP this really isn't the game for you. There are better titles if that's what you want out of the game.
    What makes BDO stand out is it's more sandbox-y approach where your character(s) actually have a place in the game world. It's not a generic themepark MMO where you only ever feel like a tourist. Your characters feel like a part of the world, and there are tons of ways for them to interact with that world. It's just a shame that they haven't built upon that foundation to expand that standout content, instead pursuing more grind+RNG "content".
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  4. scau added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    I agree.
    They had the chance for a fresh start when bringing the game to NA/EU, but just repeated the same mistakes. It would require a major overhaul for them to change their course now, but as the upcoming content shows, they're determined to keep plowing forward ignoring issues. XL Games did the same thing with ArcheAge and I wish I'd learned my lesson that first time around.
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  5. scau added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    Back in July there was a thread asking what people thought the game could do to make a comeback. A lot of people made suggestions, including myself. The gear gap was one of the things that I posted about in my suggestion...
    Junk the current RNG gear treadmill, junk the sale of high gear, and instead make players earn their gear rather than just get lucky. Add a damage threshold to bosses to improve the distribution of loot.
    Bosses receive a damage threshold that varies from class to class. In order to get loot of a certain type from the boss, you must do enough damage to it to reach the threshold required by your class. There are multiple ranks to the threshold, with better rewards the higher the rank.Rather than RNG weapons and gear dropping from difficult bosses, these bosses will instead drop ingredients that get used by crafters to create the desired gear. In order to get these ingredients you have to reach the required damage threshold to acquire the ingredient(s) that threshold grants.This creates a smoother method of acquiring gear where players will work towards improving their gear so that they can reach the next threshold necessary to get the ingredients for the next rank of gear. It's gradual progression where you always have a way of telling how far or close you are, and it rewards your effort - rather than your luck.Because gear now needs to be acquired through effort it can no longer be sold (nor can the ingredients you acquire - though there is a way for other crafters to utilize your own). However, what can be sold are upgrades. Crafters are able to use obsolete ingredients to upgrade your gear for you. This does not use RNG, but instead has a set amount required. This way even if you don't reach the next threshold for the next tier of gear, you can still use what you can earn to improve your equipment. 
    Basically if you've ever played the Monster Hunter games, that's more along the lines of how you'd gear up. Work your way up through the tiers, improving your damage/defense along the way so you can reach the better tiers.
    Full version:
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  6. scau added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    As others have said, the longer they can keep a player playing, the more chances they have of getting money from that player. Maybe with nothing to do they'll roll an alt while they wait and wind up buying a costume, or maybe they'll buy a 'Value Pack' and tweak their characters' appearances.
    One other thing that I've not seen anyone else mention is that it also sounds good when you can report high daily active player numbers, or high concurrent user figures. Back during their early press release those were two numbers they specifically mentioned as an indicator of the game's success and health. The daily active player numbers are just players logging in at some point during the day - even if it's just to grab daily bonuses then immediately log out. Meanwhile the concurrent user figure is inflated by all their AFK features, making it seem as though tons of players are active and online when the reality is tons of them are just standing around AFK fishing or on AFK autoloop.
    The longer they can string players along with promises of upcoming content, the better the numbers they have on hand to show investors.
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  7. scau added a post in a topic "At the moment"   

    The people upset over P2W aren't upset about it because they hate BDO. They're upset about it because they don't hate BDO, and don't want to see the game get ruined by it.
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  8. scau added a post in a topic Why bother?   

    I don't think it's a matter of "they don't listen to us". Rather I think it's more "they can't listen to us".
    Pearl Abyss appears to hold all the cards here, and that leaves us without any direct line of communication with those who can actually change the game. Our opinions basically fall upon deaf ears. All Daum/Kakao can do is make recommendations, but since Pearl Abyss doesn't have to deal with the community fallout they seem more than happy to ignore those recommendations and blindly plow forward.
    It was the same problem that hit ArcheAge. Poor communication and servers from the publisher (Trion) who themselves are often in the dark about the game. South Korean developer (XL Games) who was insulated from backlash and so ignored community reactions and shoved bad patches and P2W models at players. Then, also like here, the publisher is the one who take all the heat for 100% of the decisions - despite that not being the role they hold in running the game.
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  9. scau added a post in a topic IGN interview 19/8   

    Poor guys seem exhausted, and there's still days to go until the end of Gamescom. They're going to get home and drop asleep for a week.
    Regardless of my position on certain recent decisions, I have to give them credit for handling themselves well in the interview despite that tiredness.
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  10. scau added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    How does explaining why people are up in arms equate to me "whining like a lil -----?" I personally don't give a crap because I've not even been playing lately - not to mention that I have a warrior. Take a ritalin and calm your e-peen, because you're coming across like a 12 year old.
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  11. scau added a post in a topic People need to chill the ----- out!   

    It's more that the awakenings have been held back under the reasoning that it would create imbalances to release them at different times, which apparently doesn't matter anymore because <?>
    Why is that no longer an issue? What's changed?
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  12. scau added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    Not everyone was united against P2W. There was a smaller crowd of selfish players who wanted it because they either wanted to leverage real world funds to make up for lack of time/effort, as well as a small crowd of other selfish players who don't want to have to pay for cash shop goods so were more than happy to be able to buy them off the auction house. Neither group cared that they were subjecting the rest of the community to something that has been overwhelmingly opposed since before release.
    Not everyone was united against value pack either. There were players who argued it didn't have any P2W, players who just wanted the dyes and didn't care if the rest happened, and players who wanted all of the bonuses and didn't care if it creates imbalance. Again, players not caring about the effects of something beyond how it personally affects them.
    Given that trend, you shouldn't be surprised that there are now players who are arguing that the awakenings are fine because they are the ones on the receiving end of the positives. BDO is a game that seems to attract an abnormally high number of self-centered short-sighted players.
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  13. scau added a post in a topic Black Desert vs Guild wars 2   

    It was also when an expansion dropped.
    But I would wager if BDO were to go F2P, we wouldn't see 2million new accounts in the span over 3 months. GW2 has always enjoyed more popularity than BDO (in the West at least).
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  14. scau added a post in a topic Black Desert vs Guild wars 2   

    Better depends on what you're looking for. I had picked up Guild Wars 2 back when it launched, but I spent less time in it than I have in Black Desert.
    As for more players, I'm pretty sure Guild Wars 2 would win that one. For example, last year between August-October they picked up 2 million more accounts. That's more than BDO has sold in NA/EU when it was brand new.
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  15. scau added a post in a topic Umm P2W uproar doesn't make sense...   

    It's A).
    Gamers tend to dislike P2W, especially in the Western market.
    In the other regions, Black Desert has always had P2W elements. Daum wanted to do something different for the Western market, so very early on they sought to soothe concerns over P2W. Our cash shop would be different, with the worst offending P2W items removed, and there would be no ability to convert real money into ingame silver (at least at launch).
    This was why we all had to drop a minimum of $30 on the game. We were told this was because they felt the game was good enough to charge for upfront - despite it having no such buy-in requirement in the other regions - and by using the B2P model they also said they could get away from P2W or F2P antics for money.
    The game released and it did far better than their expectations for our regions. They had record online gaming profits by a couple multiples the previous earnings, thanks to the success of the NA/EU version. They even held a press conference saying that despite our B2P model and expensive cash shop players were still buying and having a high rate of participation in the cash shop. They said they were maintaining high revenue that they expected to keep going until the end of 2016.
    All sounds great, right? By all indications they had given us what we all hoped for and what they said they wanted to provide - a version of Black Desert without the P2W. Not only was that great for us as players, but that business model was also being a big financial success for them. Win-win.
    Back at the start of July the first P2W concerns were voiced in the way of the Valk's Cry possibly coming to our version. Jouska moved swiftly to soothe concerns over this, creating a post in the News section specifically to assure players that (in his words) "it was removed due to the advantage it provided and has no place in our build." That's a pretty clear statement, and went a long way in reaffirming to the playerbase that Daum was still committed to that goal of providing us with a different version of Black Desert - one without P2W imbalances like you see in other regions.
    Two weeks after that we see the first big instance of P2W with the "Value Pack". This is a premium subscription, but virtually nobody cared about that fact. The overwhelming majority of posts criticizing the Value Pack were over a single component of the pack: a fairly large silver bonus for marketplace sales that amounts to keeping 20% more of the sale price.
    Thus caused rumblings and grumblings, and it became apparent if you were wanting to do crafting this was a pretty important thing to have. If they were to remove that unbalancing component than the pack would still be worth the price they were asking. If they felt that it needed something more, they could have provided something like a 10-15% pearl discount instead. This would encourage more sales in the cash shop and avoid P2W. They didn't do it though, despite the complains about that part of the pack. Once people were given a free pack most shut up about it.
    Then another 2 weeks go by and another big instance of P2W is announced, but this one even worse. Now you would be able to directly sell cash shop items on the marketplace. This is essentially officially sanctioned RMT, and it was something that people were very opposed to from the beginning (the old threads still exist about it).
    This was basically Pearl Abyss and Daum taking a 180 from just a month earlier and announcing their departure from the goal of providing us with a Black Desert without P2W.
    Now, a lot of wrong information has floated around over this. Many people have claimed that they lied or pulled a bait and switch. They did not. They were quite careful in their wording to leave the door open to introducing this to the game.
    However, the problem was not so much that they did it - because many of us fully expected they would. Rather, the problem was how they went about introducing it.
    First of all, there was zero discussion on the matter. They never said anything to us like "The NA/EU version needs this to remain profitable." By everything that has been said publicly to the press and in their financial reports, our version wasn't doing poorly by any means. We were giving them record profits, so why destroy the game we wanted by introducing the P2W we didn't want? That created a feeling of betrayal. If it had been because they weren't turning a profit than of course they should do what they need to, but this was just sheer greed.
    Second, the line they did give us was lousy. They claimed it was so that players who couldn't easily access the cash shop would be able to now enjoy that content. As one other forum poster put it, that's like peeing on someone and trying to convince them it's raining. Everybody knew that wasn't the reason, and the way it was implemented proved that. Rather than the items going to those players who needed access, everybody was free to buy the items. Rather than there being buying limits, players were allowed to hoard items. And rather than the actual useful outfits being available, the ones those players would have actually wanted weren't available - just the mainly cosmetic ones. So that further contributed to the sense of betrayal, since now they're not being told the truth.
    Lastly - and this was the biggest contributor to the uproar - Daum neglected to specify any kind of silver ranges for the items, and went into fullblown zipped lip lockdown mode as the community exploded. Poor communication has been a constant problem since before launch, but this time took the cake. They could have avoided so much bad press and forum noise if they had said from the very start: "We will likely limit it to somewhere around 20 million silver". But they didn't. Instead, they allowed players to look at the other regions and see prices of upwards of 80million silver costumes, feeding into the concerns that we were on the verge of the game going over the P2W cliff.
    That's what you were missing.
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  16. scau added a post in a topic So, How long till we shift to Free to Play?   

    It may be worth Daum investigating having a B2P megaserver, along with a F2P megaserver with lower capacity.
    This gives the B2P players a better environment to play in without the problems of F2P, whereas the F2P servers would have to deal with login caps, as well as a different monetization model that makes them have to pay for everything the B2P model got us. So having to pay for hairstyles, tattoos, makeup etc like Korean players have to.
    They can keep the $30 box price, but use it as a way to buy access to the B2P server. Call it a "Premium server".
    This would let players get a taste for the game, and allows them to play for free on a smaller server that gouges them more, but without completely giving up the revenue from that B2P model. The players who will actually stick with the game will pay for access to the better server.
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  17. scau added a post in a topic The NO-P2W Market   

    Or they changed them because it was a part of a protest to combat a decision that has since been made
    That's why I reverted mine at least.
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  18. scau added a post in a topic Getting bored of BDO   

    Here's what I said in my original post:
    "The only times you'll feel the punishing crushing despair there is if you constantly get put in battlegrounds with a bunch of random players vs geared pre-mades."
    Most people who have played a MMO with instanced PvP where you can queue up as a group are going to understand what pre-mades refers to - especially when you're discussing random players vs geared pre-mades.
    Now if you don't know that MMO lingo than there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody had to learn. But in those future cases when you don't understand something, try asking what the word means. It will get you further than embarrassing yourself by posting nonsense in an attempt to ridicule others over something you didn't understand.
    Additionally, when someone brushes off your hostile ignorance and politely explains what the words you misunderstood actually mean, the correct response is to say something like "Oh, I misunderstood", rather than replying with more hostility in a desperate attempt to avoid having to accept your mistake. That kind of forum etiquette helps make the place a more pleasant, constructive environment. You can carry this kind of etiquette over into the real world as well.
    As for the twink players, why I had mentioned them was to discuss something else I had encountered back in WoW, hence why it was a separate paragraph with the first sentence beginning with... "I don't know if it still happens, but back then I there was also a trend..."
    This was after my clarification on what the first post was about, moving on from that subject and onto another. I had actually included it at the end of the post as a way for you to have something to reply to so you could recover gracefully from your mistake, but you opted not to take that opportunity.
    If you think you've been rattling my cage than I'm sorry to disappoint you, but forum posts aren't enough to bother me. If I were a couple decades younger than you may very well had gotten a rise out of me, but I've had to look after children for enough years that I've built up a fairly high resistance of being annoyed at immature behaviour.
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  19. scau added a post in a topic Sniping, it has to be said.   

    Make cash shop items account bound once won from the marketplace = no more hoarding
    Let players pre-order with a lottery to determine winner, add a 12hour cooldown before you can win again = no sniping or camping AH, better distribution
    Also get rid of useless min/max pricing for cash shop items and use a single price since people are just going to bid max anyway.
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  20. scau added a post in a topic Getting bored of BDO   

    I didn't leave off pre-made, you just missed what I was talking about a second time.
    Pre-made = made beforehand.
    It is a group that is made beforehand and then queues up so that they can enter together. Hence why in my original post I mentioned geared pre-mades vs random players. And why in my second post I had explained what "groups of geared up players" meant since you had misunderstood the first time.
    I'm not sure if I should be more amazed that you don't know what a pre-made group is, or if my amazement should be over you having it explained yet still not getting it.
    Am glad for you, but I wasn't speaking for you. My post reflected my views of the game. Not once did I say every other player will feel the same way.
    I swear, people on this forum will try to argue over anything.
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  21. scau added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    I'd have big doubts over there being enough foreign players to make much of an impact on the KR version. Especially when you consider the already higher cash shop prices were made even higher by having to use a third party service to get pearls. That would surely limit foreign player purchases, and thus the potential revenue gleaned from them.
    BDO's revenues are going to grow even larger soon as they've been working on preparing a Chinese version. Launching there gives them an even larger market than North America and the European Union combined.
    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see Kakao try to bring Pearl Abyss in-house. It has been a pretty lucrative pairing so far, and Kakao has been trying to push more into gaming over the past year. With a former KakaoGames employee as Pearl Abyss' new CEO, they're even sharing from the same talent pool.
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  22. scau added a post in a topic -   

    Some are now hypocritically taking advantage of the change to buy the items for themselves, or to hoard the items to make silver later on. Others have moved on completely.
    Speaking for myself, I've not been playing, and am instead waiting to see what they do with the hard caps. They could make a comment with this weeks' maintenance, but if not than someone will surely ask them about it at the upcoming GamesCon. If they say it will be months before those hard caps will be revisited than that will be good news. If they refuse to comment on, or say that they're raising them... well, I'll have my answer.
    I had spent over my initial purchase, but now even if the hard caps are never raised I won't be visiting the cash shop again.
    With the limit to 5 a week and the low silver maximum it does not present an insurmountable obstacle for non-whales to overcome. If they had been planning such a low figure from the very beginning than they could have avoided a lot of the backlash by communicating with the players - but communication has been an ongoing problem since launch.
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  23. scau added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    That is a very good point.
    South Korea has a population of just over 50million people.
    In comparison, North America and the European Union alone have over 1billion people combined.
    Even rounding down to 1billion people, for BDO to have sold 1million copies, that's the equivalent to 0.1% of the population buying the game.
    If we were to apply that percentage to South Korea's population, hypothetically treating the game's popularity in NA/EU and KR as being equal, than BDO would be played 50,000 players there.
    Since we have a minimum buy-in of $30, NA/EU immediately generated a minimum of $30,000,000 from box sales alone.
    Due to having a F2P model, to match that figure in South Korea, each of the (hypothetical) 50,000 players would have to spend $600 in the cash shop.
    That means even if the popularity of BDO in South Korea is 10x what is in NA/EU, so 500,000 players, each of those players would still have to pay $60 to match what the box sales generated. That's double our minimum buy-in.
    But keep in mind, the NA/EU figure is only from box sales. It does not include cash shop sales.
    Not only that, but the $30million minimum is working under the assumption that everybody bought the $30 version, which they did not. Plenty of $50 and $100 versions sold as well.
    It's not surprising at all that the revenue from the game would increase so dramatically when expanding to our region under the B2P model.
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  24. scau added a post in a topic -   

    I've seen this claim a lot.
    While it's true the hardcore grinders were pissed about it, claiming that only they are upset over it is not true.
    I'm opposed to the change, yet I haven't been playing like a hardcore grinder. None of my characters are over L55, I never had more than 50million silver, never been in a guild or involved in node wars, and I'm severely undergeared. I was mostly playing around with lifeskills, seeking out lore, exploring, and playing alts for a variety of combat styles.
    There are other players in similar circumstances to mine who oppose it. There are also players in similar circumstances who support it. That's because players who are opposed to P2W worming it's way into the game can from from any group - from casuals to hardcore PvPers, roleplayers to soloers, lifeskill players to strictly PvE. Claiming that only X group oppose it is an untrue statement.
    @Dorsai85: Absolutely agree. It's the casual and crafters who these kind of changes will most impact.
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