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  1. Khel added a post in a topic Issue With Pet After Patch   

    Can we have the Summon as a toggle.. e.g. NOT having to resummon in the middle of a fight, just because duration is up? 
    Or at least a better cue, like, say an audio cue when Heilang desummons? 
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  2. Khel added a post in a topic You Can Now Claim Pay2Win and Be Right   

    So and.. you cannot get this better gear without?
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  3. Khel added a post in a topic Kunoichi - God Empress   

    Shes amazingly fun to play, i agree. After the fail that was Musa (where i at least can say i learned to dodge), a good start.
    Have to see how she performs at bosses...
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  4. Khel added a post in a topic STOP trying to change the game i like and i bought!!because it doesn't suit your style!!   

    Lineage 2 ... old School MMO... muhaha.. really?
    Where were you, when people played Ultima Online or Everquest?
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  5. Khel added a post in a topic I keep getting "Unfairly Killed" what should I do?   

    Sounds quite empty.
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  6. Khel added a post in a topic Ninja awakening trailer (23.06 release)   

    The sheath weapon animations are nice..  otherwise looks like a Dualwielding Blader.
    And the GIANT CHAKRAM of the Konoichi.. ugh.
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  7. Khel added a post in a topic Not the same anymore   

    I burned out long ago after Raiding in WoW.  Nowadays its more "casual" play... wich i hoped BDO had. Sadly even there are tons of things to do in the game, the only occupation bringing you forward is grind. Trade? Yes cool, but brings no money compared to Grinding. Fishing? Only AFK useful.  Training .. More AFK....Crafting.. stil no match for grinding, in XP/Money/Time. 
    Sadly, BDO is a lot of pretty illusions til you see the only thing behind those pretty illusions... the grind. I allready deinstalled. 
    Its called sandbox, bit its a grindbox.... for me the last true sandbox game was Star Wars Galaxies.
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  8. Khel added a post in a topic Not the same anymore   

    If something you are supposed to do for fun becomes a job.. its time to stop.
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  9. Khel added a post in a topic PvP is killing the game !   

    You can easily handle active Nodwars like a "must PvP" zone. e.g. a X second couldown in big red letters.. then switch to PvP flagged.
    No need to be flagged everywhere, or be attackable everywhere. Consensual PvP > Gank
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  10. Khel added a post in a topic PvP is killing the game !   

    Thats kinda childish.
    WoW (you might heard of it, biggest MMO ever) has voluntary declaration of PvP.. as well as auto-flagging in PvP-declared areas, arenas, battleground, etc...even on PvE-servers.
    It merely eliminates ganking opportunities. Playing on a PvE-Server disnt mean "no PvP" at all, but PvP when you mutually agree on it.. and not when the opponent is lowlevel or afk fishing... or contesting "your" Mobs.
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  11. Khel added a post in a topic PvP is killing the game !   

    Yep, of course,also in the PvE-Server,  PvP activities like node warrant PvP to be enabled, automatically.
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  12. Khel added a post in a topic PvP is killing the game !   

    Separate PvP Servers with the normal ruleset... and PvE Servers where both have to desclare.. and problem solved.
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  13. Khel added a post in a topic Die erschreckende Zukunft von BDO   

    Bereits deinstalliert. Schade eigentlich. Die Welt ist wunderschön. Leider ist alles ausser Grinden vertane Zeit, sowohl in Geld wie auch in XP - Erwerb. 
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  14. Khel added a post in a topic Die erschreckende Zukunft von BDO   

    Süss.. ich hör nur das Mimimi der PvPler.
    Aber jo, das Spiel ist am untergehen.
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  15. Khel added a post in a topic the continual downhill road of black desert   

    Oh yes give us KR penalties. neg Karma after the 2nd PK.. god they crying would be epic then.
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