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  1. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Invisible wall on the Hexe Sanctuary   

    First off, try to discover some area's, can't see shit on your map, also doesn't help that it's night time and you are taking dark pictures as reference.  Next, I'm pretty sure you are just running into the wall because we aren't meant to go any further south yet.  It's off limits until a patch enables that area for us.
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  2. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Value Pack not working   

    The tax is also what pays out to Node and Territory owners, so it's a flowing currency in a sense.
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  3. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    The definition you provided from Wikipedia assumes you know the griefer's intent, which you can not unless they verbally tell you.  Whether or not the griefer derives pleasure from the act is irrelevant.  The fact that they are causing grief by irritating, angering and annoying another makes them a griefer.  You can read below where this word comes from.  I'm not the one missing the point, but go ahead keep quoting this Wiki entry it if it makes you feel better, not going to change the facts though.
    No, I'm labeling those who pay no thought to someone else grinding there already and are grinding over the top of you or purposefully "irritating, angering or annoying" that first player, which is often the case and the reason to do so.  Someone who shows no modicum of etiquette or decorum as you said, or as I said, simple respect for someone else already there, in doing so causing them "grief".  The informal definition of grief is trouble or annoyance, and where the word "griefer" is derived from.
    As far as your situation you cited, yeah I would agree they sound immature and stupid, because you were clearly not doing what they accused you of.
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  4. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    I personally enjoy the fact that the forum itself has no SSL or security what so ever.  Nothing like typing a password in that the entire world can see.
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  5. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    If you left your rotation, the griefer won.  Perhaps the only pleasure he or she sought was to drive you away and there is no need to follow you around.
    Out grinding you to gain control of an area you were already at is no different that coming up and pk'ing someone to gain control of an area.  Both are forms of griefing.
    It's almost like you don't even play this game.  Griefing doesn't happen in the exact same way in every game you realize and your Wiki paste can cover exactly this type of griefing in this game.  Griefing in Minecraft is not the same as it is in Black Desert for example.  It's a shame you can't wrap your head around the concept.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
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  6. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Your logic says that no one can own a mob, so no one can "kill steal" even if I've already hit it, it doesn't belong to me.  Yet acknowledge the fact that it is griefing if someone kills mobs in your immediate presence.  Killing mobs immediately to my left or right (whichever direction I might be headed in) is just an extension of that same exact thing.  You seem to expect that someone already grinding/farming on a rotation should respect someone else who comes in and takes half the mobs they were farming away from them, effectively halving their progress in whatever it is they may be doing.  We should respect that person, but no respect is given towards the person already there doing the work?  Seems just a bit hypocritical if you ask me.
    This is not real life, your comparison is woefully ignorant.  Both sides should respect each other is real answer and I've been saying that in this thread all along.  You don't seem to GRASP respect.  You seem to believe that respect should only be given to one party in this situation.
    You quote that directly Black Desert Knowledge base yet you still can't GRASP how and why karmabombing works and is an ACTUAL thing in this game.
    Here I'll throw a hypothetical scenario since you seem to like them, however mine will take place in game and not where you carry a pistol to picking berries (where the ----- do you live?!)  There is a mob rotation at Pirates that is typically for 1 person as it's not very big.  There is a level 58 Valkyrie farming there and suddenly a level 56 Wizard shows up and killing the same mobs the Valk is killing.  The Wizard doesn't stop there as it can kill much faster than the Valk and proceeds to just kill everything in that rotation.  That Wizard is griefing this Valk already.  You see there are inconsistencies with the classes, some can kill mobs much faster while others can kill players much faster or have stronger defense.  The Wizards goal here is to grind in this area as well and wants the Valk to leave, or maybe he kills the mobs so fast he doesn't even care the Valk is still here.  Either way, this Wizard is already griefing and if the Valk leaves, the Wizard has won.  Now this Valk could get defensive over this and flag up and kill this Wizard, by all rights it's allowed.  The Valk gets a momentary win.  However the Wizard comes back and starts all over again.  What is the Valk to do now?  The choice is the same, leave or flag up in an attempt to drive this griefer away.  The Valk kills the Wizard 6 times and is now either 0 karma or already negative and needs to regain karma and is forced to leave.  Again, the Wizard wins.  That is how karmabombing works.  No one forced the Valk to flag up.  So now tell me why that Valk should have just sulked her head and walked away, just because the Wizard can grind faster?  While this particular scenario is hypothetical, this exact thing happens in game all the time.
    Going back to your last sentence in your first paragraph, "YOU don't get to make the rules", well...that's where you are wrong in an open world PvP game.  Players make all the rules.
    P.S. - You didn't quote "murder" from the knowledge base, you quoted "karma" they are not the same thing.
    I'm confused by what you highlighted since you advocated selfishness earlier.  Wouldn't that be the difference, that YOU wouldn't be the one killing the mobs and therefore need to be?
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  7. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Why would we need to rename something you say doesn't exist in the first place?  I think karma bombing works fine and I think the rest of the people who experience it would agree, since that seems to be the already agreed upon term being used.  You think it's only griefing if they jump on the mobs you are currently hitting?  How is it any less griefing to jump in front of where you are and keep killing the mobs in front of you as you are trying to level or farm?  I'm sure your reply would be to find another spot or change channels, lol.  That's how the griefer wins, by making you leave.  Do you even understand how any of this works, because you don't seem to grasp on the concept of whats being discussed.  Karma system needs adjustment.
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  8. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Launching BDO resets my monitor settings   

    It reset your in game display settings?  If you mean your actual physical monitor settings...I'm not sure how that's even possible.
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  9. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    RIP Void ;-;
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  10. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Imperial Delivery Fishing bugged   

    That's actually what bug reporting is for, instead of necro'ing a post.
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  11. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Aren't you feeling entitled to a spot if you come and take it from someone?  Aren't you saying, I should have this more than you, without the words?  If you think there is a possibility that you are acting selfishly, don't you think over people can read that as disrespectful?  And yes, this is an MMO, so by all means do what the game allows you to.  However, unlike what that other goon was saying, there are real people on the other end of the game, we aren't just pixels in a game.  If that's what you want, then pick up a single player game.  MMO's are built all around interactions with others, so of course there is going to be emotion involved on some level, it's intended.  The interactions in this game are just the same as in real life, some people aren't going to care about others and some are going to take them into consideration.
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  12. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    So along your thought process that all the other players in a MMO are just pixel and therefore do not matter, what does that make of forum conversations?  Are we not real here?  If not, who are you talking to? What do you think of texting lol?!  Are those people real?  Is there only one person in your world?!
    Karma bombing does exist for the reasons I said.  No you can't claim an area, but you can (or not) respect the area that someone is already farming/grinding.  If the area is large enough for more than 1 person the option to party is there.  To just grind over someone without saying anything IS an act of disrespect.  Now at that point no one is forcing you to flag up and kill them, but if you do not, the other person was griefing and won.  So the chose is yours, be pushed out of the area you were already at, or flag up and fight for your spot.  This is where the karma bombing comes in, because if the griefer see's this person is willing to flag up, they'll keep coming back and torment them.  That is why it should be diminishing karma loss when repeatedly killing the same person.  That way you can effectively fight off a griefer.  If the PK'er is the one griefing and trying to grind over you, you would still be able to bomb him, and you could make him go red if you brought a friend.  Or, you could try to fight him off, realize you are in a losing battle and it's time to move along or change channels.  At least that way everyone has a chance.
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  13. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic These are hands down, bar none, the worst kb controls ever. In any genre, not just MMOs   

    Try playing with a controller, like an Xbox One controller or a PS4.  I wasn't pleased with the keyboard/mouse setup so I used my Xbox One controller and haven't turned back since game launch.  Controller support is -----ing fantastic and keyboard/mouse has no benefits over the controller in this game.
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  14. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    I feel sorry for your kid already to have such an ignorant parent.
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  15. flukeSG2 added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Lol, like I said, something just wrong with someone who can't empathize with others.  Hope it never happens to your kid.
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