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  1. Ereos added a post in a topic Age-Locked classes   

    I haven't played TERA in a while. Those changes sound horrible. It seems that Korean game makers are obsessed with limiting us!
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  2. Ereos added a post in a topic Age-Locked classes   

    But should people have that lore shoved down their throats? Most of these limitations are unheard of in successful games. I've played a couple games where they limited things like gender and they flopped pretty easy. I already know a few people who want play this game because of both the gender locks and now the age lock.

    It just feels like an excuse to not have to make it. Like I keep saying, if people want to get fully involved with the lore and RP, let them...but don't force us-disinterested people to live it. That might fly in the Asian market, but it really doesn't fly so well in the Western market.
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  3. Ereos added a post in a topic Hai, I Want To Play NAO!   

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  4. Ereos added a post in a topic Headstart   

    I too dislike this post. Don't hate on people just because they afford $100, most games do this now.
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  5. Ereos added a post in a topic Age-Locked classes   

    Thanks for the info Hayaku
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  6. Ereos added a post in a topic Age-Locked classes   

    But that's nonsense. What if the man is a genius, or has a natural affinity to magic? The individual character is supposed to be special no? So why can't they be young? Isn't the Sorceress the one that's born with abilities, not witch (since witch and wizard are supposed to be the same class)? Also, I think it's pretty sexist to allow females to be as attractive as they want, but to force us males to be ugly just because we want to play the magic class.

    Male players are already bared from some good classes, so why do we also have to endure being ugly? If people choose to do some in-depth role-playing, they can make their characters old. But, for those of us uninterested in that level of RP, we shouldn't have to suffer old, unattractive characters. I want to customize my character to my liking, and not be imposed by forced RP. I can sometimes spend up to an hour creating my perfect character, it's part of way I (and many others) enjoy MMOs, to basically remove our ability to make our perfect character is a slap in the face to people who actually care about their character creation.
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  7. Ereos added a post in a topic young wizard   

    We should be using the Suggestion forum to ask for changes, not facebook like someone else suggested. I've already started a thread on the suggestion forum. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/937-age-locked-classes/ voice your concerns so that they will take the request seriously.
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  8. Ereos added a post in a topic Greetings!   

    Hello and Welcome!
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  9. Ereos added a post in a topic Hey and Hello   

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  10. Ereos added a post in a topic I can almost taste it.   

    Hello from Canada, Scotland I feel for you, I too did not do the Alpha either. Hope we can all play very soon!
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  11. Ereos added a post in a topic Hey and Hello   

    Thank you both!
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  12. Ereos added a post in a topic [suggestion + poll] Would you like to use a Paysafecard to buy pearls?   

    I love Paysafe. I do have a credit card, and I am not under 16. I do not like to always use my bank information when paying for MMOs, you never know when your Credit Card information might be leaked. Also, sometimes I forget to cancel a sub before it charges and I end up paying for an extra month that I didn't plan on playing. I use PSC for Skyforge and it's a great payment method.
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  13. Ereos added a topic in Suggestions   

    Age-Locked classes
    So recently I have found out that the Wizard class (and possibly others) are Age-Locked. Please remove this lock, I feel people would be happier. Personally, I like Full-Customization, and I do not want to be limited by something like minimum age. When I make my character, I work very hard trying to make them look as perfect to my opinion of an attractive person. Wizard will be my very first class played and my main, and I do not want to have to go through this wonderful world as someone who looks no younger than 40. I'm 24, not 40, and I would greatly enjoy the game more if my character could look 24 as well.

    This seems to be the youngest anyone has been able to make their Wizard http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/413-john-the-young-wizard/ and I, as well as many others do not like this fact. Let us look however we want to look, whether we're a Warrior or a Wizard. If we want to look old, we'll make the choice to make our characters old.
    Thank you
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  14. Ereos added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Hey and Hello
    Hello from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area of Ontario Canada) ^_^. I am so super-duper excited for this game to come out!
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  15. Ereos added a post in a topic CANADA   

    Hello from Toronto b'ys!
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