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  1. Serenata added a post in a topic Cupcake Thunder! (Jordine) Sociality First! Semi-Hardcore | PVX / PVP | TS3 | Website | Events   

    Cute and costly. And wrecked after the node war
    Maybe next time
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  2. Serenata added a post in a topic Cupcake Thunder! (Jordine) Sociality First! Semi-Hardcore | PVX / PVP | TS3 | Website | Events   

    Practicing for my future position as CupcakeThunder torture master

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  3. Serenata added a post in a topic [DELAYED] Live Q&A with Daum Games | Wednesday 14:00 CEST   

    Okay for the sake of this sentence I will reply
    It is not exactly satisfying. But it all depends on one's perspective. For me somebody who does not want to share a spot is basically as toxic as someone who kill steals someone else. Oftentimes top tier players cannot even live up to their rotations (aka killing too slow), but they still demand all of it. So, I do not differentiate the two.
    I mean it is all fine and dandy as long as one can claim moral superiority just because like minded people say: What we do is good, we are the good guys. By that logic everyone is a good guy or an evil guy, depending on the perspective you look at it.
    The perceived harassment is sometimes, not being able to respond in a way that one sees necessary. But that is also something one needs to learn. As long as another user is not breaking the TOS I have to tolerate them, or leave the game. And now we come to the interesting point, how many people will leave the game, if the system stays as it was before? How many will stay? What do they want in BDO? Some want to grind, some want to PvP. And here is where it goes the way of the Dodo, you cannot PvP in a meaningful way without grinding. In order to grind you need to be able to defend your spot. See the problem? No catch up possible. And this will frustrate a lot of people (people who actually want to play meaningful PvP).
    The game does require exponential growth of Exp in order to stay at the top. After Awakenings, people will be strong enough to do those Sausan rotation solo. Even elite players need to disperse to less attractive spots then. That is what I was referring to when I said, everything will be spot taken (I mean every meaningful spot).

    A real world comparison is not very good, because in contrast to the real world, you can easily avoid the system in the game (quit playing BDO). Lets just say it is a lot harder to suicide in real life than quitting BDO.

    Gimping all parties more or less equally is exactly what needs to happen in this limited world (BDO). Higher gear players will still have advantages.

    Nothing is fair and nothing is equal, that is why we all live in total anarchy and everyone kills each other in order to teach them how to behave. It is never easy, to make real life vs. game comparisons for so many reasons.
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  4. Serenata added a post in a topic [DELAYED] Live Q&A with Daum Games | Wednesday 14:00 CEST   

    The same way you could solve it, when a high level player is bullying a low level player. You simply can't. 
    You did not get at all, what I said. Only a player of same or higher level is able to contest that spot. And somewhen only a very few elite players will play on the servers, because for everyone else it is: Spot is taken. And thus the game will be dead, you could as well play a single player game then. BDO has no instanced EXP sources, hence at some point they must be shared. Exponential requirements to level up do not scale with a linear world. So, the actual question is, how unfairly the distribution will be.
    But I rest my case here. We have so fundamentally different views on this issue, that one side will assume ignorance on the other, whenever we reply to each other. I guess that makes a discussion useless.
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  5. Serenata added a post in a topic [DELAYED] Live Q&A with Daum Games | Wednesday 14:00 CEST   

    I can. Toxic behavior, regardless if it comes from top tier players or other players is a community problem. It might also be - to a certain degree - be some game mechanics that are frustrating. But in general assholes are made in real life, outside the game.
    What I do not understand - is, that some people think they are entitled to own server resources that adequately represent the potential of their current level. There is a reason why it gets harder and harder to level above 55. PA wanted to end the resource hogging of the selected few in order to even out imbalances in the PvP mechanics of future content. If I had something to say, I had just reduced exponential level gap in PvP. But ah well, PA thought its easier to balance the game this way.

    Well, its not my favorite solution to the problem, but better than the status quo.
    I did.
    But I am far from egoistic, that is why I prefer a different system to this elite player centric approach that destroys a healthy growth of future competitive players (and maybe even guilds). I try to be open minded regarding the future of this game.
    BDO is full of work, not necessarily full of risk (never was). The more time you can throw at it the less risk. Its only a high risk game for those who cannot or do not want to spent 12+ hours of active life time a day, or use forbidden software (bots, cheats...).

    Also there is a difference between risk and game breaking game mechanics. Some people would argue that the RNG to enhance your gear is a game breaking, player-averse game mechanic. I know some people do love gambling, but that does not mean everyone can deal with the setbacks of the RNG-based enhancing (that is why we get a less risky version than KR or RU). The same applies for the EXP loss when PKed. Even more so, because the risk levels for top tier and bottom tier players is unfairly skewed, to a degree that it generates frustration for the majority at some point. I mean, at least RNG-based enhancing is more fair in that regard.
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  6. Serenata added a post in a topic [DELAYED] Live Q&A with Daum Games | Wednesday 14:00 CEST   

    Your reasoning and answering is quite inconsistent.

    You will never be able to do solo rotations quicker than 5 ppl, especially if they divide into two groups going opposite directions in a rotation. As you mentioned there is absolutely no reason to flag unless you like the thrill of the kill, for spot defense its almost useless, unless you can catch someone off guard and let mobs finish them. But that is not working well versus a whole group, because there will be so much AoE damage, that no mob will survive nearby. So all you bullying ideas are just that, ideas.

    There is actually no reason to not share a grind spot. Wait wait wait, I know, toxicity will always be a problem no matter what game mechanic is used. Only now its more equalized over the spectrum of player levels. Being toxic is not the exclusive right of high level/high gear/elion's tear spammer players anymore.
    Now tell me, what really changed for you, if what your last sentence implies is true?
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  7. Serenata added a post in a topic Simple Fix to re-introduce spot defending!   

    What I think: Someone did not read the statement of the developers. As far as I understood them, they want to break the resource hogging (EXP is a resource too) in this game, unless it is an explicit PvP mechanic, as in sieges for example. I also assume, that the developers regard the former utilization of PK as a means to stop the progression of the majority by a minority. Hence, they redefined the purpose of PK. But not because PK itself is bad. It just did not fit in the ever changing concept of PvP, competition and progression of the game. Hence, if you propose a solution, you need to find one, that is not essentially reestablishing the old status quo.
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  8. Serenata added a post in a topic How to deal with PKers   

    In logic your results depend very much on the validity of your axioms. That guy may simply be no native English speaker. That implies, that the deficiencies in spelling might not be intentional, and thus not a sign of parody. You cannot proof he is a pseudo-intellectual moron, because you do not even have a clear definition of when a person becomes a pseudo-intellectual moron, there is currently no scientific consensus on that. 

    And now for the serious part. You may have won the logical argument, but you lost on the social side for being unnecessarily smug about it. Just saying, because up to this post, I liked you.
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  9. Serenata added a post in a topic Exp Loss change hurts "PVPers" ..   

    Why can't you accept that your concept of open world PvP is not in line with future PvP content? You would rather see a game be dominated by an EXP elite and subsequently make it far less interesting for the majority of veteran players and even more so for new players. This matter directly affects the game's long term success. And you only have to congratulate yourself, for having abused the system so much, that PA did intervene the way they did.
    PA has access to in game statistics data that nobody here in the forums has. Based on that data, they decided, that your type of player is a minority. A minority that hinders progression of the majority. And no crying whatsoever is going to change their decision making process.
    Be constructive instead. Come up with a better solution. But forget about those changes being rolled back to the old status quo.
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  10. Serenata added a post in a topic Karma 2.0 - Where is it?   

    Please stop the name calling, makes your childlike behavior only appear more ridiculous. And now step back a bit and think about it: What type of answer if any, will they give you? I give you a hint: The game will be adjusted.
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  11. Serenata added a post in a topic Karma 2.0 - Where is it?   

    You need to understand, that development cannot always realize everything the product management or the customer wants. I am not even sure, if the product management actually decided on these changes yet. And even if that was the case, the developers clearly stated once, that they prefer changes that can be rolled out in all versions. Which means KR gets it first if it comes. Now, you can start to estimate when it will hit the west.
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  12. Serenata added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    You do realize, that you cannot have a representative sample when you make such a vote public and for everyone to access in the forums? Also you are not an unbiased party in this poll, so what credibility do your claims of a representative sample size have? None.

    A real representative sample is taken by randomly choosing players that are allowed to participate in this poll. If some of the chosen players do not participate in the poll, it will directly affect the validity of the poll, because the more people are not answering the higher the margin of error in that sample (because people who feel the dire need to voice their opinion at all cost might also be more biased towards a certain poll result - Maybe another poll could verify this interesting correlation of participation in a poll that only serves the interest of one group in the sample and membership of that group).
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  13. Serenata added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    You are not winning PvP in general, you are winning PK, which is a part of open world PvP as is GvG and soon sieges. For future content EXP is a necessary resource to be competitive, for example in sieges. To cement this position by denying other people access to the good EXP resource spots is one way of winning later sieges easily right now.
    Maybe so easy, that the question of competition does not even arise. Just because you can round up someone, does not mean it is meaningful PvP. I do not know why someone would prefer a game, in which only the EXP elite does have a chance to succeed in future content. Thereby cementing their elite status.

    So, the punishment is for being hostile towards another player for no good reason other then denying a basic resource of the game. The developers clearly made a statement on this. You can still occasionally PK players to feel superior, because you rounded up someone who does not stand a chance anyway. The winning aspect here is just the act itself.

    Coming from a game that was basically destroyed by elitism (among other things), I can see why the devs pulled the plug for this game mechanic.
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  14. Serenata added a post in a topic Game is dying?   

    That is just too funny. Can you provide for example a citeseerx link to the paper?
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  15. Serenata added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    Even when "sharing" a spot, the one with the better gear makes more kills thus more EXP. Anyway it certainly is a more balanced concept for access to EXP resources compared to before. I mean, what competition did top tier guilds have before the change? Practically none. When they did so called PvP it was a very one sided rounding up of everyone else. And I would not exactly call this meaningful PvP.
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