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  1. Punch added a topic in General   

    Concerned player who just wants a refund-
    I've went through the proper channels.
    I've asked support 2x.
    Here's my third time..Awhile ago we were asking if this game would go p2w in any aspect. Regardless of others opinions it is p2w. The pack offers major benefits and money controls the game. More money, more items.. etc etc.. you get it..
    So I'd like a full refund.
    You know my credit card info you know the proper channels to refund. So do it :l Instead of delying ticket responses and then giving me a ToS "no"...Please.... any company worth its salt would refund you for this....So be a company I don't have to remember so poorly for its bad decisions AND customer support Instead of one or the other..
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  2. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    Game has been out for years.
    edit: grammar hard man.
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  3. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    Well on KR you could transfer wep between them.
    So the translation doesn't matter.
    It worked on the other server is what matters.
    BUT. I suppose its fair so everyone starts at zero when playing the new classes.
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  4. Punch added a post in a topic noob question from a non noob, What is CC?   

    cc has been nerfed awhile.
    They removed the ability to chain CC someone awhile ago. There is a delay now...
    So classes like valk and warrior that rely on burst then CC then burst are pretty hurt by it. But it doesn't stop good players from ruining someones day.
    Its a shame they nerfed the classes that are supposed to be able to CC the squishy classes but hey.
    Squishy players always complain when they die thye want to do millions of damage and never die ya know.
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  5. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    thanks, coolio saw that.
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  6. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    I like to give people the benefit of my doubts.
    And then reem them only when they mess up hard.
    I am a stern but fair man after all.
    I mean you could be an asshole and make a post, or you could... Just not ya know?
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  7. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    Yeah overwatch will be pretty sick.
    Im going on vacation up north on the 26th I took the 25-31st off of work so I'll have a little bit to play but mostly I'll be up north in michigan doing kyaking and stuff like that just enjoying myself.
    Plus they aren't releasing ranked competitive mode in overwatch until end of june so I'm like.. "meh I'm already a top tier tracer/genji player I don't really need to improve on anything really other than learning exact team comps which is mostly just asking someone that knows"
    I was pulling mid 70's (75-78%) winrates on my genji/tracer both with 10-30 hours in the weekly access..
    Considering it was my first time playing the game with basically zero prior knowledge outside of pax from years ago.. or whatever its called.. blizzcon.. i don't remember.... I'd say I did pretty good.
    Plus doom came out and yeah it's just been busy these past couple of months and mmorpgs just aren't in the limelight for me.
    And I've got mirrors edge next month? Lots of good stuff to play this year ya know and just not enough time when you work 45-60 hours a week + you're looking at a second job to fill in some morning hours you just dont got time to grind the boring mobs.. Mostly just eat sleep and play a quick couple FPS game/Moba game matches and then you're back off to work.
    Sunday only day off and honestly grinding isn't the way I want to spend it ya know?
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  8. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    thats idiotic..
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  9. Punch added a post in a topic noob question from a non noob, What is CC?   

    Crowd control.
    Old term used by rts/moba/rpg players.
    Basically any skill thats a stun.. silence... anything that controls your movement.
    There are hard and soft CC's.
    hard is something that prevents entire actions from happening.. A silence prevents spells and abilities.. 
    Then theres snares.. which is basically unable to move or use movement spells.
    A stun prevents any and all movements and actions...
    A soft cc is like a movement disabler/slower..
    Like move 20% slower.. soft cc... 
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  10. Punch added a post in a topic Gear Scaling - Skepticism about popular belief   

    yeah the fact he thinks even 5% isn't huge in a game where you can lose 1/3 of your bar from just a couple skills.. What?
    Downplaying huge stat gaps is absurd to me.
    Not to mention 55-60 100 hp mastery.
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  11. Punch added a post in a topic Server Lag and Desync   

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  12. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    Narrows eyes*
    We'll see how they handle 19-20 I suppose.
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  13. Punch added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

    No but you just have no idea what you're asking.
    Google "black desert 1-20 enchantment spreadsheet" and then look at the AP gain for 16-20 versus the success rate.
    Your ignorance is exactly the reason a lot of players that have played before are against it because it's very imbalanced.
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  14. Punch added a post in a topic Ranger is not OVERPOWERED!!!   

    you can dodge around so fast a range that around 20% of the damage goes through the side of the/back of the valk doesn't matter if you play 100 look sens.
    Its how the engine registers hits and usually people with low ping are on rangers so.. 50 ping to 20 ping.. huge gap.. you get -----ed that way too.
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  15. Punch added a post in a topic Returning veteran says Hi   

    Butts...... Well How long is that double blackstone event happening?
    I can finish and get blackstones and then level the shortsword up I suppose right?
    Oh so the +20 enchants I said would ruin the balance I made a thread about months ago are just being released without proper scaling to fix the 1-20 difference? or are they modifying it to spread the stat gain out a bit better?
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