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  1. EpiX0R added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    This will be some grind to do in the weekend, bump btw
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  2. EpiX0R added a post in a topic Petition to have more classes available at launch day.   

    I want to have all classes available at launch. However I still find great reasoning for keeping them off the game for some time. I would like to level one of these available classes and learn some about the game. Then I would most likely level up another character after having the other classes released.

    One thing I would wish however, is to have ALL classes available for CBT2, or atleast the ones not available in CBT1. This is because if the classes which will not be available for EU/NA launch and not tested and bug checked properly there won't be any time to either check or change it. It will be in the live game and servers and unfixable. So atleast add them for CBT2 is my opinion.
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  3. EpiX0R added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    Really happy to get some support from the PvP base out there. Although I didn't write anything in my post about PvP content I still support the PvP base to the maximum. I really hope this can be a nice game for all types of players.
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  4. EpiX0R added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    Holy shit, I would love it.
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  5. EpiX0R added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    I read through the thread and I see some very interesting features, I will see if I can add up the most into a single post. (Take in mind that I'm a PVE player with a low amount of PVE experience since I've only really gotten in to WoW and GW2 before)
    The first thing I think would take care of the "grinding" aspect of the game is if there were different difficulties on the quest through the story. For example if you were talking to someone and you would need his trust, maybe you would need to do 3-4 easy quests but you could choose to take some medium difficulty quests instead to shorten the time and increasing the difficulty.  The second thing I imagine to help all of us PVE'rs out there is basing most content on Open World (Yes I know, the most of the content in BDO is already Open World). Thirdly comes player interaction. What is the core essence that makes multiplayer games more entertaining than singleplayer games? Well the players of course. Multiplayer games are more entertaining to play because there are actual humans with unpredictable actions you are interacting with. This can be improved in many ways, for example, if you're close to other people you might get a "party bonus" even though you're not in a party.On fourth place (IMO) comes exploration. Now I love exploring, getting some CO-OP exploration content would be amazing, for example different areas you couldn't reach without other people. Quests you couldn't complete alone and such.World Bosses/World Events. Now this is the only reason I quit WoW and started playing GW2, there were actual events taking place in the world without my need of interaction. I had a choice if I wanted to join or not, if there was any such open world content (Not necessarily only fighting mobs and bosses) I would be in heaven. That's some of the features I'd love to see as a PVE player, don't be afraid to put some difficulty in the game. Don't be afraid to put CO-OP restriction on certain events or things. Communicating and making friends is how MMO's are supposed to be played. Or am I totally wrong on that one? 
    EDIT #1 (18/11-2015)
    Just adding onto the list...
    A special mob spawn system like the NM mobs in FFXI, under certain conditions, in certain areas, certain mobs will spawn which then in return would give special loot.
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  6. EpiX0R added a post in a topic What other game's PvE did you like, and would be better with BDO combat?   

    Just posted in the "Hopes & Dreams" thread, seems like I will have to edit my entry after reading this, this is a very interesting feature to have in the game.
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  7. EpiX0R added a post in a topic Changes in EU   

    Well that's what alphas for, right?

    For changes and such I would say that the beta will contain most of them. Alphas are usually just technical checks, to see if there are any game-breaking bugs or certain crash scenarios.

    I'm so hyped for this game, been waiting since the beta came in Korea. Can't wait for our beta, will definitely pre-order it to get into the beta! c:
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