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  1. Silfay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Hmmm, do you think we could put together patch notes quicker than Kakao by crowdsourcing the info from the game? So far I found out these:
    - player crafted trade crates / pirate coins fixed price 100% (trading nerf for those who sell above 100%)
    - marketplace favorite search phrases can be bookmarked now
    - discos now need to be ordered into an x shape instead of + to complete the scroll
    - family fame rewards have been added in
    - mail box buttons are larger now
    - you can pick a main server now to log into your home channel easily
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  2. Silfay added a post in a topic Leveling Trading.   

    Step 1: get a vehicle with lots of slots (merch/noble wagon or elephant) and all available buffs (clothes, sute tea, time elixirs, GM blessings ect.)
    Step 2: pick a route which you can connect or have connected (some smaller node merchants won't sell you their items if the node isn't connected)
    Step 3: make sure all the stops along the way are 500m apart. The route doesn't have to be linear as you're gonna want to sell all the available trade items anyway, so expect a lot of going back and forth between nodes.
    Step 4: pick whether you prefer keeping your sanity points, or actually getting master 2 in a reasonable time (afk transport vs active if you have elephant with sprint/IA).
    Example of such rotation is below (this is my rotation that I'm currently doing at artisan 6 on my elephant, I get 10% per channel swap which is roughly around 17 to 20 minutes):
    Start in Behr, load up full cargo of trade items and head to Longleaf Tree Sentry Post, sell all there and buy all there
    Run back to Behr, where you sell all and load up what's left
    Stop by Crioville merchant, buy up the highest exp tier goods to fill up elephant/wagon and head to Trent
    Sell all in Trent, resupply and head to Abandoned Monastery, sell all/buy all
    Back to Trent, sell all/resupply
    Head to Tobare's Cabin, if you still don't have Magnate debuff (-25% or -50% trade goods sold by NPCs) head back to Trent once more, if you do proceed to Mansha forest.
    From mansha forest (if you have Trent items without magnate sell all buy all, if you have Tobare items fill up but don't sell) head to Phoniel's cabin
    At phoniel's cabin sell all/buy all, if you have magnate debuff head back to Rhutum sentry post to fill up, if you don't just take all and head back to Behr.
    Swap channels and restart rotation.
    Hope it helps. If anyone has a faster route please do share. 
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  3. Silfay added a post in a topic AP for main vs Awakening   

     According to what we know should be happening:
    - mainhand weapon crystals => awakened weapon crystals
    - mainhand weapon accuracy => awakened weapon accuracy
    - awakened damage = awakened AP + 1/2* base weapon AP (rough estimation)
    Also I'd question whether testing damage difference between TRI yuria and TRI liverto is even capable of providing any sort of reasonable insight into the question we're looking at, considering all the factors such as: negligible AP difference after factoring in damage reduced in PvP, damage reduction in conversion to awakened AP, accuracy ect.
    I simply find it hard to believe that a difference of about 4 AP after conversion would be noticeable at all, considering how many other factors we have to consider in the first place. For a valid test you'd need to use a 1 hit skill (to avoid accuracy doubts) with massive AP difference on mainhand (such as +0 vs TRI).
    Even if you missed the one hit skill 50 times, hitting even once would be good enough for a baseline comparison.
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  4. Silfay added a post in a topic Exodus from Maehwa?   

    In contrast to the ones who rerolled from maehwa, I rerolled to maehwa because of the awakening (from my 200 AP lvl 59 ranger). Some called me crazy (okay, everyone called me crazy), but ranger's awakening playstyle simply didn't click with me, and maehwa's did (I twinked the class at first, before deciding to reroll).
    And here's what happened: my game activity spiked, I got a TRI kzarka in a few days, leveled the class to 58 in a week, got TRI kutum and am actually having fun playing the game. And as a bonus? I can actually 1v1 people from my guild whom I couldn't touch before, even though my level and AP is lower, simply because I enjoy playing this class so much, I ended up PvPing a lot more than I used to on my ranger, learning the tricks and combos in the process while having lots of fun.
    Play what you enjoy :).
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  5. Silfay added a post in a topic Picture the Seasons Event Winners!   

    I'd like some clarification regarding this topic as well. I find it unacceptable to be treated as a second class citizen simply because no mistakes were made while handling my rewards. 
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  6. Silfay added a post in a topic sorc or maehwa   

    Sorc and Maehwa are VERY different classes that only share a few similarities. Maehwa has the best mobility (after blader) in the game, and all of her dashes provide either invincibility frame (off cooldown), or superarmor frame (CC immunity other than grapple skills and damage taken reduction). This defines her playstyle as an assassin that goes quickly in, attempts a CC and either bursts the enemy extremely fast, or simply falls back and waits for another opportunity/cooldowns.
    Sorc is very different in the aspect of mobility. Sorc can't easily engage/disengage (especially with awakenings out now that most classes have better mobility), but has good in-combat mobility with her spammable iframes. Sorc is more bruiser-like in terms of her playstyle, as her awakening kit offers strong AoE (both DPS and CC) capabilities for group PvP encounters.
    In general, a skilled maehwa playing carefully should never be caught by an enemy, and therefore is the "safer" option, while retaining the ability to one-combo people with the same gear quite easily. On the other hand, sorc has the potential to obliterate groups on her own, provided her gear is up there with the top, and the player is very skilled. Sorc will, however, suffer against players with better gear more than maehwa will.
    In regards to PvE, both classes are decent, but neither is the fastest grinder out there (sorc is genearally considered faster though).
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  7. Silfay added a post in a topic Picture the Seasons Event Winners!   

    @CM_Aethon So what will happen to the runner ups, who received the correct (runner-up) reward package?
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  8. Silfay added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    My maehwa. Went for the asian elf look (lol :D)

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  9. Silfay added a post in a topic Picture the Seasons Event Winners!   

    Congrats to all who made it into the runner-up list and of course to the winners.
    Question: how are the rewards going to be delivered? It would be nice if we could get them before the sales end.
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  10. Silfay added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

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  11. Silfay added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    I am really salty right now
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  12. Silfay added a post in a topic PvP for TAMER is STILL POOR! THANKS!   

    Would you mind sharing the combo mate? I'm literally noob tier so this sounds hella nice to me. Thanks in advance <3
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  13. Silfay added a post in a topic Any suggestion to fight against a Berserker   

    *an (ongoing) *an (english teacher)
    Sorry, couldn't resist :>
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  14. Silfay added a post in a topic New awakening System, what will you do ?   

    My jolt awakening says 7% ats increase as well. Either wrong tooltip on skill or awakening window...
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  15. Silfay added a post in a topic Bolt/Jolt/Whiplash/Trample Not in skill add-on list?   

    Same here, can't find any of the 3
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