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  1. LittleDemon added a post in a topic The Dark Knight Joins Black Desert Online March 1st   

    And once again I've missed yet another character slot coupon. Why aren't these sent via mail rather than loyalty, seriously...
    Missed out on 2-3 of them just because I've been busy around the updates.
    That sucks.
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  2. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Can't use dyes   

    Click pallet, then right click the dyes and accept, they will then be in your pallet available for use.
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  3. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   




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  4. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Concentrated Magic Missile is Broken   

    Just tested it out on pumpkin ghosts at lv15 and skill at level 1, still bugged.
    Does about same damage if not less as normal magic arrows, and misses once out of 3 times.
    Willing to post video proof if necessary..
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  5. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Happy St Patrick's Day !   

    Only one black-looking green dye out of 4 more boxes (1 loyalty bundle + daily box), rest are still AQUA (blue).
    I have yet to stand corrected. Not that I'm complaining since I wanted blue for one of my characters, but I feel bad for those who really wanted green.
    And no, a ''greenish'' blue that looks like turquoise or cyan isn't green to me.

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  6. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Day/Night   

    Would break immersion and a few other things amongst pvp, sneaking, monster night buffs, etc. so no. Day is long enough as it is
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  7. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Maintenance times are wrong   

    I live in EU and i think maintenance times are perfectly fine. Even if you worked and played in the morning you'd play around 6 to 8am so no big deal there since it starts at 9am.
    As for most americans it means that probably starts around midnight so it's a good way to not afk and finally turn that PC off for once
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  8. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Happy St Patrick's Day !   

    Hello rato.
    Still is a "greenish BLUE" so technically a blue though it should be categorized with the turquoise/mint/teal. Was expecting green
    Either way i got "Pure Brown" from red pearl-paid pack... and violet from blue pack..
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  9. LittleDemon added a topic in General   

    Happy St Patrick's Day !
    Best green dye ever. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Daum, pls fix.
    Green dye boxes give blue,  blue dye boxes gives violet/purple, red boxes sometimes give brown/yellow... 

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  10. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Do the 100k+ fishes exist in our version?   

    Not exactly a fish but I've caught a crystal shard (sold for about 200k on marketplace) while on a "Stripe Catfish" spot on the map. 
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  11. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Bug - Translation   

    1. Text issues are to be posted in Localization sub-forum.
    2. This is not a bug as far as i know. If you read the story a bit the child toad does indirectly say his father swears a lot, and i think these signs just mean he's overly vulgar. Then again I could be wrong.
    Not trying to be salty or rude just trying to help.
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  12. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Character Requests (closed)   

    Tried hard to make my friend but can't figure it out haha she doesn't play yet but I wanted to make her for when she starts.
    If you could make it that'd be pretty awesome <3
    Class : Any
    Reference : PM'd
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  13. LittleDemon added a topic in General   

    I'm starting to love this community.

    EU, Croxus, Serendia CH1
    Joel pls...
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  14. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Goods Delivery to the Eastern Gate. [SOLVED]   

    Same issue here no idea what to do, though it says "ride THE donkey" so maybe he's supposed to give us one? I don't know.
    I'll edit this post if I figure it out.
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  15. LittleDemon added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

    Alright here it is. I could've probably made something better but I still hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless !
    This is part RP for my character Heldegas.
    The Rise of a Legend [Part 1]
    Not too long ago, a man drifted ashore. Despite no knowledge of where he comes from, he starts traveling and joining in on the world of Black Desert. Little does he know the Black Spirit isn't what it pretends to be; he ends up betrayed and fighting evil, and becomes more than ever determined to become the strongest warrior in Croxus.
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