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  1. Perls added a post in a topic Game feels alot empiter/deader   

    EQ also forced you to group to be effective.  Soloing was (as you said) kill a few mobs, and then chat with people on your heavy cooldown/regen, which yes improved as you got higher.  I played since Vanilla and had multiple to 50 (and later over 50, pretty sure I was one of the first assassins/60) which is a class that nearly always had to group.  So while the mobs were brainless to an extent, having to pull groups in a special way (feign pull for example) added some interest.
    This game however, the harder mobs (take the golems at helms), they just cheese you.  They aren't hard per say, but as a melee, they are difficult to dodge.  Might be due to desync, but it just feels lazy/sloppy.  So you just sit there and pop pots, while they hit you when you're on their back.
    Which is a shame, because I do like the active combat as opposed to the stand still or kite mechanics.
    Bottom line is, these games are lazy and the vast majority of them lack soul.
    Though one could say its just one of those things where you only remember the good things and not the bad since it was so long ago, so I may have my blinders on.  I've played just about every main mmorpg since UO, and while I still play this game, and maybe I can't pinpoint it exactly, it feels like something is greatly missing.  Even with all the different things you can do.
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  2. Perls added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    All of this is whatever, did you upgrade your servers?
    Did you switch out ISP's from dial up/your network technicians did their job?  I mean christ, do you hire geek squad to come in there and set this garbage up?   If we're truly waiting on Node Wars until your servers can "handle it", why don't you cough up a couple bucks and get some real servers, and better yet, move them out of whatever backwater town they are in.
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  3. Perls added a post in a topic Looking to roll a Tamer   

    What kind of idiot goes from nearly the most OP class in the game to tamer?
    Get off my class man.
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  4. Perls added a post in a topic Best of Edan 1v1 Ladder (May/June)   

    ^ this.  
    It's a nice idea though.  In Korea didn't they add group dueling as well?  I'd be more interested in a larger setting than the cramped arena.
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  5. Perls added a post in a topic Your opinion on the top NA Edan guilds pvp wise?   

    At least 520 of those are me killing afk players tho.
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  6. Perls added a post in a topic Daum's Tamer - FIXED!   

    I've rolled a few alts, end up coming back to tamer each time.  Of the classes I fight in pvp, Ranger and ANOTHER Tamer are the worst to fight lol.
    My gear is "ok" (130/170 viewable).  What I mean by viewable is not counting the ap I have from other things.  I do well in 1v1 and excellent in small scale pvp (battlefield isn't that fun, but I think i just don't care for it in general).
    While I can kill players, I tend to engage so that my group can.  Don't get me wrong I get plenty of kills, but I don't focus on that.  I focus on disruption, and once I put my ego aside to accept that's where our class shines, I'm having a lot more fun.  The class is versatile, its just not for everyone.  Personally, I'm happy with it (with the exception of the pet of course, for too many reasons to count).  My advice to anyone that's going to stay tamer, drop the PvE skills, you solo just fine without them, focus on your pvp skills. I can't even tell you how many skill resets I've used trying to find a happy medium of where I want to be though I'm finally there now.  
    We have 6 cc's (5 grab/stun's), 2 guards, and iframes nearly as annoying as sorc (nearly).  Our range on the majority of our skills always hits multiple players.  
    If you want to straight out murder people, Sorc/Ranger/Wiz.  Tamer can be geared a certain way to do it, but we gotta work harder for it.
    We are by far the least played class, and do need some work, but we're by no means weak.
    (ps, I don't need void to 1v1, though it is an extremely powerful skill, and I wouldn't be surprised if it got nerfed lol).
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  7. Perls added a post in a topic What is the best current NA PvE Farming class?   

    I have 0 problems farming as tamer.  We get the extra 8 mobs on pulls (makes Shrine and Sausan's nice).  I solo soldier's grave as well, no problem. 
    Pet doesn't die, my kill rate is fine, my gear is average/above average.  I never die in PvE (non-world boss).  Can solo Violent's np (the ones in soldier's can sometimes give me grief, especially at night).  Just expect to chug mana pots like its going out of style.  I think that's the same case with Ranger though.
    I look at ranger vs tamer like this, both eat mana pots.  Ranger kills faster, has less room for error.  Tamer can take a beating.  Just my opinion, but i've made a few alts and I always end up back at tamer for farming.  I do wish I had a ranged class for world bosses tho so I'll like get a ranger up for that (or wizard, the idea of not having to burn pots non-stop is tempting).
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  8. Perls added a post in a topic Flip distance (evasion)   

    Actual evasion skill.  I'm not exaggerating, it was nearly double the distance.
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  9. Perls added a topic in Tamer   

    Flip distance (evasion)
    First off I'd like to say, all the people saying we're so weak right now are not playing the same game I am lol.  Next to rangers, tamer is the next class I hate fighting so I can only imagine what its like to fight me.
    On that note, I came across a tamer yesterday that was flipping (evasion) at damn near twice the distance I do.  What changes the distance?  +jump height?
    Anyone run across this?
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  10. Perls added a post in a topic Fresh 50 Farming   

    Rhutum's.  Their drops are fair for money (can actually be really good depending on kill speed), they are good XP at that level since they are so bunched up, they are never really camped at all and plentiful.  Once you hit 51/52 you shouldn't have a problem with anywhere else assuming you've +'d your gear a bit more.
    They are super easy, even at 53 I was making more money there than anywhere else (pre-mediah).
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  11. Perls added a post in a topic Tamer Pet in Battleground   

    They only hot fix things like auto pathing.  =P
    Ya battlefield is not fun for me without pet, as someone already stated, it's a significant damage loss.  Crossing my fingers for this patch to address it.
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  12. Perls added a post in a topic Ranger hard counters tamer?   

    An equally skilled and geared ranger has every advantage on tamer.  Get used to it, it's not changing. 
    As someone mentioned, your DP is low.  Success against a ranger is patience.  When I first started fighting them, I was too aggressive, just trying to KO before they wrecked me.  Now I dance and look for an opening while trying to stay alive.  Also, if you can't kill them in a knockdown chain, they probably outgear you, or you're in a battlefield, which is all sorts of no fun.
    I pvp a lot, they are the biggest gd PITA class next to sorc to fight.
    Expect to lose the majority of the time you come across a good one.  They are ezmode for this game, only person that would say otherwise, is a ranger.  Though if you think ranger's are tough, wait till you come across a skilled sorc (there aren't many yet), you'll just be like w.t.f lol.
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  13. Perls added a post in a topic Does accuracy affect tamer a lot?   

    Sry that was a mistype, didn't have my coffee yet lol.  No I'm not having any accuracy issues, i farm like a boss, and win the majority of the pvp (minus ranger, and decent sorcs) I encounter.  So until that changes, I'm happy with needle.  I've switch nearly 4 times, which is why I'm keeping both now.
    In my experience, there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between yuria/needle and liverto/needle.  When I had yuria needle, it wasn't that great.  Incense did equal, if not higher damage.  With Liverto that is not the case.  50 dmg on one BJ is nothing to scoff at. That's against a 188 DP zerker.  It's harder on squishies.
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  14. Perls added a post in a topic Does accuracy affect tamer a lot?   

    I have +15 incense, +14 needle so I did some comparison in the arena against multiple players my level (i'm 54).  In the end, needle came out on top (~50 dmg on BJ).  I haven't noticed any accuracy issues at all.  I do have an additional like 5 from acc.
    I think with serendia food + liverto, you should be fine, in at least this patch.  It's important that we kill FAST, and we spend the majority of the time trying to down/back as Kagu said, so I don't agree with accuracy, I'm enjoying the extra AP against mobs/players.  Just my opinion of course, but there's some weird stuff with tamer.  I feel like we have extra evasion, weaker DP, higher accuracy, less overall damage.  Too many unknowns in this game.  I have absolutely 0 evidence to back this up lol.  Just my experience.
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  15. Perls added a post in a topic Worth Staying Tamer for Awakening or rerolling for Plum/Kuno   

    Just roll ranger and be OP.  
    On a serious note though, tamer seems fine in pvp.  I can wreck MOST classes.  I go into it looking at it like paper rock scissors.  If you go into a group fight without rock, scissors is gonna wreck you.  If you can accept that tamer isn't a sorc/ranger, you'll be happy, because we DO fair well.  At least for now.
    Don't be fooled though, a decent even geared ranger will put you down, sorc as well in most cases.  
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