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  1. Myrddraal added a post in a topic [BDO KOREA] new AH system. What do you think ?   

    For everyone having issues understanding this it works like this: if an item is currently sold out. You can place a order on it (only 1 quanitity and one item and a time). You then have to decide how much you want to pay for the item (minimum is the max price for item). If no one offers to pay more for that item you auto get it on posting. 

    So if you really want a liverto that has a max price of 10 mil. You can offer 15 mil for it. If no one else offers more than 15 mil you are guranteed to get the item when it pops ups.
    That 15 mil offer gets removed from bank straight away in prep for buying the item. If you offered highest amount and get it you recieve item via mail. If someone offers more money than you did you get your money back via mail (possibly with a slight deduction for AH service).
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  2. Myrddraal added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    There were mass claims that kzarka was bugged on its most recent spawn on EDAN and had 100% drop rate of wep. Veila1 got downed then the claims started then the maintenance announcement minutes later. Possibly something they're trying to sweep under the rug with this hot fix. Could of been dozens of trolls at once or could have been true. Who knows. 
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  3. Myrddraal added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA] [Edan] <Dark_Knights> | Community | PvX | GvG | Node Wars | Fishing/crafting | TS | Guild Site |
    <Dark_Knights> Is a close knit small highly active and experienced head start guild that is now looking to expand it's player-base. We are currently mainly PVE at this point and focusing on leveling/crafting/Fishing however we are extremely interested in Node Wars. The guild originated in the RU version until NA was released. We are an international guild with members from: Australia/Spain/America/New Zealand and Hawaii. We accept all English speaking players as we find it silly to restrict ourselves to one timezone when our members are online all around the clock.  
    We are looking for active players of all levels and experience. We are more than happy to help new players learn the ropes and help them enjoy the game to it's fullest. We hold fortnightly Pet raffles on our site to help members who cannot afford to purchase pets in-game (other items will be raffled later on). We have weekly scroll groups where our guild members can join together to do multiple boss scrolls together and we have multiple daily fishing boat trips. We generally aim for 2-3 guild missions a day however with increasing members we expect to be doing all 5 shortly.  
    Our only guild rules are to help with our daily missions and to help out guildies if they are getting PK'd. Home channel is calpheon1.
    For more information Check out our guild site: http://darkknightsbdo.enjin.com Or join us on our dedicated TS: DarkKnights.guildts.com:8080

    To talk to us ingame add: NeverBorn or Graendal for more information or an invite. 
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  4. Myrddraal added a post in a topic Will wizards be able to do mounted combat at launch   

    For wizard mounted combat your best waiting for a T6 or higher horse so you can have the side step ability. That is a wizards best friend. Kite all day.
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  5. Myrddraal added a post in a topic Pre-Order Costumes Copy/Paste?   

    Unique is a relative term. Each costume is different from each other even is only slightly so. This means they are technically 'unique' even if not to the standard we want. You can always disable the costume in your inventory and show your original gear/ Use the dye system to change it up or mix and match bits and pieces of original gear and cosmetic gear visibility to find a look you like. Anyone who played KR/RU knew this was going to happen. Since the costumes are the exact same as the cash shop ones from there. Granted the last few had not been released at time of EU/NA preorder announcement. But this was exactly what i expected Not overly upset since wizard one looks pretty good. Gives a battlemage feel HOWEVER i feel like the wizard armor would suit more of a lanky spearman than a wizard. Still a cool skin though and gonna pick it. 

    DOn't like the options? You get $25 to spend in cashshop with conquerors and you can buy one of the other cosmetic skins with that. 
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  6. Myrddraal added a post in a topic Pre-Order Costumes Copy/Paste?   

    I was always a bit disappointed that they were just copy and pasting the first lot of costumes over from previous versions and labelling them as EU/NA preorder exclusives... Though i do Quite enjoy the wizards one. After testing character creator i decided witch looked a crapton better than wizard... But now... Wizard costume is much better haha. Back to wizard i go. 

    The characters have a seperate gear slot for cosmetic items. So you still have your standard gear. And just equip the cosmetics into a cosmetic slot which just covers the original. Each piece is individual. So if you don't like a certain piece you can leave it off. Though if the game follows the cosmetic items from every other version you will get a 5-10% xp bonus for having the full set equipped. as well as other small bonuses such as extra jump height + bonus chance of gaining knowledge + extra 1 luck.
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  7. Myrddraal added a topic in US Guild   

    Forsaken -New US/TempRU Guild- Recruiting!
    Forsaken is a new guild currently made up of a close knit group of friends playing on Channel: Valencia-4/[Валенсия-4] . Who are now looking to expand the guild in preparation of the western release.
    We have experienced players who are willing to help new players settle into the game.
    We are currently focusing mainly on expanding and helping new players level at the moment. With heavy interest in owning a castle in the future and being a dominate guild on our channel for western version (and possibly RU while we are waiting).
    Accepting all regularly playing English speaking members from all time zones at this time (most of us gamers have bad sleep patterns so why discriminate against diff time zones? haha). Feel free to drop into our TS and have a chat with us to see if we are right for you
    Add Althorr to friends in RU to message me ingame Or join us on forsaken.guildts.com
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