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  1. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Graphics Card Recommendation?   

    Its cheaper.
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  2. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Low FPS on gaming laptop...HELP!   

    They will be underclocked, though, to prevent the laptop from overheating.
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  3. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Costumes dropping in price 2 mil   

    My point still stands. They are all locked because they already sold 5 items so now the price drops. It will get up almost immediately after the reset, though.
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  4. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Costumes dropping in price 2 mil   

    I think the lack of maintenance may have caused the 5 piece limit to not renew so people cant put more stuff on the marketplace thus the price is coming down. Im not sure if this is true. Can somebody who reached the limit last week confirm if youre able to put thing on there?
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  5. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic So it was a joke and now we can all be friends again   

    Max 50 mil for the most demanding costume I can live with but nothing more.
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  6. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic The latest response to this ''P2W'' patch proves this community is highly irrational and unstable   

    I mean, yes its RNG, the thing is that if you get 500mil/week it doesnt matter that much. You can afford stones, stuff for repair etc so you can just repeat until you succeed. People will lower income justr wouldnt be able to try that many times a week. 
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  7. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic How to contact Daum/Kakao PR-department for Gamescom?   

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  8. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Original Cash Shop post changed   

    Yeah, I think they made it more vague meaning that they are not sure about it now because many MANY people disagree withg them. I think Pearl Abyss is pushing them into implementing this and they dont want to do that themselves. If you listened to many interviews they had they said they are not fans of many questionably P2W features that Pearl Abbys is making them do.
    Hopefully they are reconsidering this.
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  9. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic the loot is messed up   

  10. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Shorten the Entry Screen   

    Im pretty sure this is done this way so it loads the main data while the Pearl Abyss logo is up so when you switch characters it would load much faster (which it does if you dont get disconnected).
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  11. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Shorten the Entry Screen   

    Well you said it. Its a loading screen. It most likely pre-loads some important data before the actual game load that takes just a few seconds. Its not set to just represent for 20 seconds. If you want it to go away sooner buy an ultra quick SSD like M.2 or something.
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  12. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Pot Durability?   

    Yeah, if you go to the pot and press R it should give you a buff and the durability will decrease (-1). Once it reaches 0, the item stays in your home as a decoration but will not give you the buff.
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  13. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic Back to BDO after 1 month. What's new?   

    Well, I dont know if youre interested in that but of course we got the 2 highly anticipated classes, Musa and Maehwa
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  14. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic What was your main MMO before Black Desert?   

    Ive come here from World of Warcraft. I think all WoW players understand why I (and others) left. I played WoW for about 5 years and with the latest expansion it really FORCED me out rather than me deciding to leave. I dont feel like I will ever play any MMO for this long and dedicate it so much time as I did with WoW. I pre-ordered BDO and Im pretty happy with its sandbox features but im playing it casually. Ill probably stick to it but only as a casual player. Same for WoW when Legion comes out. If that expension fails, WoW will actually be dead this time so BDO is and probably be my main, but i became much more interested in single-players RPGs with good story (such as The Witcher 3). 
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  15. OndikusMaximus added a post in a topic BDO is more popular in the west then in KR, according to Daum Games Europe CEO Min Kim. Also, 400k sold copies.   

    It just means that they can listen to us more than they would normally do. They wont really focus mainly on our market. They will focus on the home market (as they should?). We wont get any main content first, we might get it sooner or at the same time at best. If theres something that EU/NA players heavily suggest, they will do that for us in which case we will be the only ones getting it OR the first ones getting it and other regions will follow up.
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