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  1. Seca added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    We already have melee classes and magic user classes.  So maybe a Alchemist type class that uses concoctions / grenades, a science class if you will.  Have elixirs that are class specific which can buff the whole party (not drink but throw it on the ground and covers a large area).  The lore can be based off Marnis Lab or something
    Or just make the chicken robot guys there a class.
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  2. Seca added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Thanks!  Was a little buys this weekend so I apologize for not following up.  I'll log in tonight to get the recruitment process going. 
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  3. Seca added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

      1.)  Been playing games since the NES.  First MMO I ever played was Shadowbane, never experienced anything like it and instantly hooked. Played SB for 3 years and moved onto WoW for 4-5 years.  I dabbled in different MMOs since then, GW2, Wildstar, SWTOR, Tera Online and now Black Desert.  Not including the countless console games; few favorites being Final Fantasy 8 and Devil May Cry 4.  Iv'e always dabbled in PvP and PvE in any game I play but never RP so this will be a first in game.  I'm a DM for a local D&D group so i'm used to the RP.
    2.)  Definitely will want to play the Mercenary role.  I love the sorceress fighting style, being mobile and lethal at close range.  I enjoy the high risk, high reward aspect that the class gives.
     3.)                  Zell Grew up in the outskirts of Bradie fortress just SW of Delphe Knight castle.  Lived a peaceful childhood until the age of 7 when a band of red orcs came and ravaged her village, killing everyone; men, woman and child alike and burning down the rest.  Zell was able to escape to Delphe castle but she lost everyone close to her, including her parents.  Every night Zell was visited with horrid images and nightmares of the red skinned orcs, the blood of her loved ones covering their clubs, the red flames burning down her home and blood soaked ravens picking at the remains.  Zell wanted revenge but the castle knights wound not train her nor let her leave.  Desperate, she snuck out under the cover of night to seek out a shrine her parents once told her about, a shrine where dark rituals were once held to grant warriors the power of the black spirit.  After hours of searching and almost being caught by the orcs, Zell found the shrine.  With a dull blade, she cut her hand and spilled her blood over the alter....moments passed until she was overcome by a black shadow - she started convulsing, collapsing to the floor and could hear nothing but the screams of her towns people and then darkness took her.  She woke up feeling a strange and violent energy coursing through her body, black smoke escaping her fingertips.  
                        Ten years have passed since that day and after training in secrecy, Zell was ready to exact her revenge.  She left the castle and headed towards her old village.  With the power of the black spirit, she massacred the red orcs,  leaving  no one alive...blood and fire drenched the once fertile ground of her old village.  after hours of bloodshed, the fighting came to an end. It became deathly quiet as Zell stood there with countless orc bodies at her feet until she heard a familiar yet disturbing sound, the sound of ravens feeding on the corpses of the orcs.  As she gazed upon the ravens, one stood out from the rest, a blood soaked raven, a Red Raven.  its gaze found Zell and in that moment, she knew her destiny.  Feed on the wicked and guide their souls to the afterlife.  Hearing rumors of a band of mercenaries know as the Ravens of War, she left the safety of the castle and began her search hoping to find them..
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  4. Seca added a post in a topic Black Spirit Crystal   

    The black spirit crystal is one of the most important crystals if your trying to min/max your character.  Even if your not stacking AP, the hp bonus alone is really good especially for an off-hand crystal.  And it's free the 1st time.
    I guess iv'e been extremely lucky because I have died twice since putting mine in and I still have it.  
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  5. Seca added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    I'm a Sorc and I get shit on by other Sorcs with better gear then me, Plz nerf.
    All these comments about how sorcs go into groups, kill 2-3 people and tele out - how do you know the people they killed didn't have 100dp while the sorc had 150+ap?
    If I dark flame someone who has low dp while I have high ap, I'm going to tear right through them..simple logic.  
    Pro tip - stack KD resist and fart all over sorcs all day.  I practice with my warrior friend who has 60% KD resist and it's a fkn nightmare
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  6. Seca added a post in a topic Scythe abilities?   

  7. Seca added a post in a topic Abyssal Flame coming out instead Dark Flame 2nd hit   

    Your probably right.  I always post when I'm not able to play so I can never test these things out, just going off memory 
    But yeah, I don't like how similar some of the key combinations are.  I'm getting better but dear lord, I used to cancel out of shadow eruption with midnight stinger ALL the time.
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  8. Seca added a post in a topic Abyssal Flame coming out instead Dark Flame 2nd hit   

    Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe the second hit of dark flame has an internal cool down.  So if your holding LMB + RMB after the second attempt of ulti dark flame, Abyssal flame will come out instead since its the same key combination.
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  9. Seca added a post in a topic Sorceress who just don't know what they are doing.   

    Anyone ever use Abyssal Flame?  I'm sitting at 21 skill points going for the last tier of Midnight Stinger (Eruption of Guilt) but iv'e also been eye balling Abyssal Flame.  From what I remember, you can instant cast after night crow with full charges.  I could be wrong.
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  10. Seca added a post in a topic Sorceress to strong!!!!!!   

    100% agree.  One of my friends play warrior and at first I used to beat him often with a few close games.  But recently, after practicing in the arena, the games have gotten closer and closer with me losing more then I used to.  Which is good for me as well because it forces me to change up my play style when fighting a warrior.  He still complains about desync but not much can be done to help that.
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  11. Seca added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  12. Seca added a post in a topic Sorceress Blink is so broken!   

    It's hard to say.  Iv'e been caught just before I blink thinking I was safe.  I did a small test with a warrior friend of mine, we basically timed his grab with my night crow at the exact same time (at least tried to) and it was about 50/50.  There was one indecent where he grabbed me and threw me down while my sorc was still in crow animation.  He was basically throwing down a morphing black cloud.  Can't remember if i took damage or not, brain was still computing what just happened.
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  13. Seca added a post in a topic Sorceress to strong!!!!!!   

    Most of the complaints I'm seeing is grapple not working because sorc teleport is too strong..  Why are y'all even trying to grab a sorc when teleporting in the first place?????
    That's like a wizard shooting their freeze ray at a tamer while jumping everywhere.. yolo!
    Instead of complaining about sorc being too overpowered, try and build counters like most pvpers do.  For one (which has already been mentioned) try grabbing a sorc during dark flame.  Dark Flame is our most damaging attack and were locked in animation while casting it.  We also have to be in melee range for it to hit.  And this shield breaking skill everyone keeps talking about is Dark Flame..  Wait until they cast it then grab.  I guarantee if war/valk just sits there with their shield up, a sorc will teleport into dark flame attempting to break it.  
    Don't risk your grab and then complain when it fails.  
    And yeah, you can say deysnc is a factor to but that's not the classes fault.  That's ping latency lag w/e you want to call it.  Can't count how many times iv'e KD someone and unload a full combo for them to just stand back up behind me taking no damage.  KD recovery too stong!!
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  14. Seca added a post in a topic Black wave WOrth keeping 50+?   

    It's a more economical skill.  Using it wont make you burn through mana pots since you will hit 30 shards with each use while not using too much mana.  But the damage is mediocre.  I plan on dropping it eventually.
    Can't wait until we get our scythe  .  Feel like a sheep dog trying to get mobs to stay clustered 
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  15. Seca added a post in a topic 1v1 vs Ranger AAR   

    DoD won most of my duels.. range KD is too good.  I'm not sure if most rangers fight like this but I noticed the they move in a circular pattern.  May be due to their skills forcing them to move left or right, not sure but it got easier to predict the movements. Staying to their side seemed to make them adjust their angle which gives us a opening.  I'll have to find that balance of putting on pressure and playing defensively.
    I think they were a couple of rounds where we killed each other at the same time.  Headshots flying everywhere lol
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