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  1. Luciferia added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    fishing, training or processing
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  2. Luciferia added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    You already gave money directly to Cashcow, so they don't want you spending money on steam (where they have to give valve 30% of it).
    Basically they are using steam as a customer acquisition tool, and only want to pay valve for the new customers it brings.  With the way they have set this up, valve will never get any money from existing users.
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  3. Luciferia added a post in a topic No IP block for Steam version?   

    that has nothing to do with anything...
    The creator  Pearl  Abyss, decides where their partners can publish...has nothing to do with "lighten up the laws" or "decent country"
    In case you were not aware, the publisher listed on steam is Kakao Games Europe B.V..  Kakao states on their site they are licensed for Oceania, North America and part of Europe.
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  4. Luciferia added a post in a topic House ranking P2W based?   

    Yes its p2w based. that's why its designed the way it is. Its not intended to be "fair".
    Nothing you can do about it really. 
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  5. Luciferia added a post in a topic No IP block for Steam version?   

    They said on the  FAQ its the same servers we have now.
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  6. Luciferia added a post in a topic Thinking about returning to game   

    still  OK, but that's as much as  I will commit.
    Play to get your awakening, grind another level and then maybe retire. cause you'll have seen most of the game has to offer at that point.
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  7. Luciferia added a post in a topic No IP block for Steam version?   

    My guess is that it is an amateur mistake.  On Kashcow's part.  
    Recently TERA did the same thing.  After a while the publishers from other regions complained, and forced Enmasse to stop displaying the page to people outside of the US. Enmasse still lets overseas players join from their website, but not on steam anymore.
    Time will tell.
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  8. Luciferia added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    Yeah and make a new account too. Strange sauce.
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  9. Luciferia added a post in a topic Black Desert comes out on Steam!   

    I don't think it means different servers, just that if you don't pay for the client via steam, you can't download the client via steam.  (therefore, cant play via steam)
    But they also say you have to make a new account, which is extra puzzling. However, still may all be same server...either way oh wells  RIP.  Don't really have the support we need now, can't imagine it gets better.
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  10. Luciferia added a post in a topic Workers not "working"   

    ive had it happen once or twice and swapping channels or characters tends to fix it.  Its just a visual mistake, they are actually working most of the time.
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  11. Luciferia added a post in a topic Pre Ordering (Witch) Dande Aad Sphera?   

    Man that is cheap, compared to a certain other class anyway  T_T
    All the FOTM peeps need to exit stage left.
    And yeah, preorder is the wrong name.
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  12. Luciferia added a post in a topic people can stole from container??   

    no one can steal from your container. Other than Kakao  But I don't think they would.
    Hopefully you can find out what happened.Did you try swapping channels or relogging? Lag maybe? I've had my storage look empty before but really it was just short term lag.
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  13. Luciferia added a post in a topic A simple way to make Rough stone, Weeds & Logs a little more plentiful   

    prices are waay too low. and wont change. easy to get stuff, people wont sell it. thats the reality. other games ppl sell stuff, you don't have to get yourself.
    in bdo you get stuff yourself. just how it is.
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  14. Luciferia added a post in a topic Lets create petitions for kr publisher/devs.   

    There isn't anything interesting for news sites to pick up here.
    There was a little exposure over the fake p2w riot that happened, but the average reader(on those external sites) said everyone here was overreacting(cause other games do the same thing). And even that coverage was really isolated to MMO specific sites.
    Lots of games have bugs, lots of games have bad balance or crummy servers. The outside world doesn't care too much about  BDO. For  Honors bad servers got press since its a multiplatform game from Ubisoft, that gets peoples attention.  BDO, not so much.
    I think the vast majority of people know that.  However, as people have said time and time again since forever, they stay pretty quiet about everything. And devs don't need to make posts themselves ofc.  But that starts to move off-topic.
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  15. Luciferia added a post in a topic Lets create petitions for kr publisher/devs.   

    People make petitions all the time.  They largely don't do anything.  TBH PA is more than aware of the issues.  So is Kashkow. 
    Not sure there is any way to force them to act.
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