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  1. Nelirya added a post in a topic Your T7 lvl 30 stats   

    Here is my t7 A, the first of my t7's that I have leveled to 30, very proud of him!
    The skills he learned were: Hind Kick, Drift, Sprint, Start Accel, High Jump, Quick stop, Instant Accel, Caution, Streak Jump, Roar and Quick ride. I did however change out Caution with Sideways Move with 3 coupons.

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  2. Nelirya added a post in a topic Why are embroidered clothes so cheap?   

    Thank you both very much for replying, I'm currently at 21 failstacks to will need to build up more.. I'm currently building the stack up with +8 Steel Battle Horseshoes, are there any other, perhaps better ways of doing this? Thanks once again!
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  3. Nelirya added a post in a topic Why are embroidered clothes so cheap?   

    Have any of you guys made one of those embroidered clothes to +3? In that case, how much of a failstack did you succeed with? I am currently trying to make my training one to +3, not sure what I should build the failstack up to before trying. Thanks
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  4. Nelirya added a post in a topic Moving forward toward stronger communication between Daum and Players   

    Very much agree with this. If the communication was better (like they did state they would try to achieve), there would be less negativity towards Daum and PA. At least the community would be able to have a sense of what is being done to the game and where the game is going.
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  5. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Racing Content   

    Really hoping it will come with Valencia part 2, but like Naberios said, they don't exactly prioritize horse stuff, so most likely it will come with Val part 3.. Can't wait for it though! As a horse breeder, the horse racing is like one of the only things still keeping me here
    As for being ready, yea.. Got at least 1 t6 racer ready by now, would love to test her out in the races!
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  6. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Talking about the Valencia 1 patch coming out, nothing was really mentioned in regards to horse racing.. do you guys think this will come out later as well?
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  7. Nelirya added a post in a topic Share your race horses!   

    So after months of trying for a good racing horse I think I have finally built my awesome sports car (horsie). I'm very proud of her and personally cannot wait for the horse racing to finally come out! One of the only things I'm still in the game for, as a matter of fact
    She learned 13 skills in total and all the good skills apart from Sideways Move. The skill that didn't make it into the screenshot was Quick Back. The skills she didn't learn ended up being Caution (thank god), Hind Kick and Sideways Move.
    Server: Alustin
    I am very bad at editing, so forgive the horrible paint editing job!

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  8. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hello fellow breeders
    So I've been away from breeding for the last week as I was away on my holiday trip, I missed my pixel horses! That's a bit sad haha..
    However, I got back the other day and have just been able to level up my first pair of horsies for another breed, and that is when my dream horse since before the t7 patch finally came true..... the purebreed red t7! I lost count of how many tries it took me to get this beautiful baby.
    Just thought I'd share my happiness with the lovely horse community.
    Parents: Level 24 male + level 20 female  = Male  Named Valakas and born with Roar.
    I was so happy I almost jumped off my bed, got a few strange looks from my partner, until he realized what I was squealing about
    And here is a photo of my new beauty.
    And congratz to everyone else on their results!

    Edit: Apparently some RNG god has decided to pour t7's over me today Bought 2 horses of the market with 0 breeds, clashed them together and baam, another t7 lol..
    These were: Male level 22 + female level 30 = male
    I'm half expecting getting hit by a lightning bolt tomorrow or something >.>
    Edit 2: So I decided to reset mt t6 P for another breeding... And this happened:
    Male level 22 + female level 20 = male
    That's 3 t7's in one day
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  9. Nelirya added a post in a topic 6/17/16 Patch Compiled List of Bugs [For Daum to send Pearl Abyss]   

    Not sure whether or not this is a bug or working as intended, but thought I would add this here:
    When clicking on "Sell Mount" after taming a horse, the silver always seems to go into the player's inventory instead of the warehouse. When the horse is worth more than the player can hold in their inventory they can't actually sell the horse at all.
    I among other players can't seem to find the option for directing the profit straight to the warehouse.
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  10. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hello fellow breeders
    So after another week of leveling and breeding I thought I would share my results. Below are the results from the last time I got my first t7 up until tonight.
    Interestingly, after I got my girst t7 I had my stables full of t6, so I decided to level those to the maximum threshold, which is 750, meaning levels 28/27 to have the largest chance at getting another t7. Funny enough I got none from those tries. So I read a while back that people prefer to level their t6's to the 700 threshold instead to save time. I was having second thoughts about this, but eventually decided to try. 
    Funny enough, the first time I tried the 700 treshold I get 2 t7's in a row, the same day, one male and one female
    Decided to attach a screenshot of one of my beauties.
    Congratulations to everyone getting their t7's as well as the new t6 skins (Love the t6 R!) Happy breeding everyone!
    PS: I am playing on Alustin and would love to have some fellow breeding friends to talk to, not many guildies interested in my horse talking Family name: IcyStorm

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  11. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    That horses speed is actually 118% and not 128%, it was corrected not long ago
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  12. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hello fellow breeders
    I haven't posted for a while as I was so occupied trying to get the new skins and all, but now I've had some time to log my results and I thought I'd share them here in case someone is still gathering data.
    So here are some results from before the patch, I tried hard, but failed at gaining any of the purebreed t7's. Towards the end I was getting rather fed up over the whole breeding aspect so I decided to level up some t5/t6's and wait for the new update with the other t7's released.
    This data is from before the patch that came on June the 1st:
    I was starting to feel rather fed up by the time I did that last exchange and thought I'd move on. So I had a bit of time to level some t5's before the June 1st patch came out. These are the breedings I've done after the patch:
    MaleTierLevelR-W-BFemaleTierLevelR-W-BTypeFoalTierSexR-W-BNotes              E5290-3-3I5292-2-2BreedO5Female2-2-2               E5290-3-3I5292-2-2Reset (Female)E6Female2-2-3               O5292-2-2I5292-2-2Breeding (New Female)H7Male3-3-3Yay first t7! Name is Antharas              O5292-2-2I5292-2-2ExchangeK6Female3-2-2  
    And I thought I would just attach a small photo of my newborn happiness as well
    Congratulations to everyone else getting their t7's and new t6 skins!

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  13. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi guys,
    I am currently still trying to breed for t7, currently with over 15 failed attempts, will post my failed attempts soon for data.
    A thing I am kind of curious about though, Valencia 1 is coming out on June 1st, something about new mounts was mentioned and such. But when do you guys think that the horse racing might actually be released? Of course this is guess work, but what do you think? And do people know when this was released in Korea?
    Thanks for any input, and best of luck to fellow breeders!
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  14. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Thank you very much for your answer! Then I will indeed proceed breeding those two and see what I get.
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  15. Nelirya added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi guys,
    I am currently trying to breed up to a tier 7 foal and have the following parents: tier 6 male L (Oreo cow)  and tier 6 female N (cow) Both are level 28. Their colours add up to Red: 3 White: 7 Black: 3. From the info I have gathered from this forum thread and from breeding evidence, having 7 in one colour does give me a chance at a tier 7 pure-breed, is that correct?
    I was quite certain about this until earlier today when I checked this German calculator http://www.blackd.de/horse/ which has now added the colour theory as well. When I add my horses and their levels, the result says that I cannot get the white tier 7 foal. What do you think?
    After messing with that calculator I see that when the parents have 8 in one colour, it gives the possibility for a pure-breed, but certainly that is not the case?
    Thanks in advance for any input
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