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  1. Alorn added a post in a topic Astalder: A social and casual PvX Guild   

    Alright well I'll be on for about the next 2 hours or so if you're online.
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  2. Alorn added a post in a topic Astalder: A social and casual PvX Guild   

    Just to clarify is that spelled POULI or POUII (with two capital i's) some people do that to get past naming restrictions.
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  3. Alorn added a topic in US Guild   

    Astalder: A social and casual PvX Guild
    <Astalder> We are the Valiant Ones
    We are a North American guild focused on creating a casual but fun environment for players of all types to enjoy the game and have fun together. We don't have any pesky requirements that force you to be online everyday at a certain time, and we don't force anyone to play when they don't want to. If you're looking for helpful hints on how to get started in BDO we have members that can help you figure out what it is you want to do, whether its Life-skilling, PvP, or something else entirely. If you're a veteran player like the leader and co-founder who's grown tired of all the politics of the major guilds, or who's tired of this game being your second job then you'll love it here. 
    Our founding principals are:
    Real life comes first. Black Desert Online after all is just a game, and as much as we enjoy having all our members be active we understand that jobs, family, friends, etc come first and will never fault/punish you for having something else to do.Black Desert Online is a GAME not a job. As such there are no leveling quotas and no gear requirements.Our guild name is elvish for "Valiant One(s)", and as such we expect our members to behave as such. We're not anti-pk, if someone is taking your spot and you've asked them to leave we have no problems with you flagging, but we are anti-griefing so our members are not to go around pking for no reason.Don't forget to have fun. 
    If you're interested in joining our guild, or have more questions feel free to leave your reply to this thread or PM Masyaf in game. (I do my best to respond to any PMs I get in a timely manner)
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  4. Alorn added a post in a topic ◆ ☠️ ◆ ◀Dʀᴜᴅᴇɴ▶ ◆ ☠️ ◆ PVX Gᴜɪʟᴅ- Fᴜɴ/Hᴇʟᴘꜰᴜʟ (Lᴠʟ 50+)   

    One of the Druden officers here. I can say with certainty that as an officer all of our members are encouraged to be responsible about their spots, to not invade and flag for spots and to instead just take the secondary/tertiary locations. If members ask if they can "flag up" they are expected to have a good reason to do so, and they're also expected to explain what happened when they were the ones "flagged" on. We're responsible for our actions, and even when faced with large guilds that had significantly higher numbers and better gear we have always chose to fight with our own might and not the might of other guilds. As the other leading members of the guild have stated our guild is not the same as Mongol's; we treat our members and other players with the same respect we would want to be shown, when a pull is taken we speak first and flag second, however when pked we will respond in kind. If they didn't/don't want the war then they need to accept responsibility and cease attacking our guild in its entirety (that means they never again flag on us, track us, or try to steal our spots). If their members are unhappy with the war then it's up to their guild to put an end to their behavior or for the members to leave. Players are welcome to seek refuge in our guild, or in any other guild they choose. If they don't like their options then they're choosing to remain at war until their willing to accept responsibility. 

    In reply to The Great Khan:

    It seems kind of ironic that an account with no history on the forums at any point prior would choose now to take a stance for a guild already flaming a forum thread and claim it is to "defend their integrity". More specifically it's rather interesting that someone who "only partied with them once" would know this much about a guilds integrity as if they were a member themselves, and yet at the same time is willing to speak up against a guilds integrity over one instance of it as well when in fact several players attested to the fact that they were pked by Mongol members at sausans, while afk fishing, or while just auto pathing. Your two testimonies don't match up, and nor does your story of "once" and "only ever" how would you possibly know both. Either you know one moment in time with a few members or you know their entire guild because you're clearly either their close friend or already a member. It's easy to pretend like you're innocent but there are too many flaws in your story.

    In summary our guild defends our members and the spots we laid claim to. We're not red players, and we gave mongol their space after the first guild war ended. It's their turn to end the war and stay away from our spots if they want peace. We don't flame their forums/guest books, but we do claim their character's lives so long as this war continues and it will only get worse for them from here if they insist on leaving the war up. Let them make peace if they want it, if they don't want it then they won't be safe on any channel outside of safe zones. 

    Also... you literally just made this account and "happened" to find a guild post that you want to get involved in drama with nearly instantly after making it? In which an "unknown" guild-less player is going to adamantly defend a guild that they "chose not to join"? While also remaining anonymous to the world so that they don't have to take any credibility for their words or actions?
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  5. Alorn added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I'm pretty certain this is one of the dumbest comments I've read. I have a job, and make plenty of money too, but in a gear based competitive game I really don't feel like spending close to $100 dollars per week to remain competitive with the fan serviced streamers and everyone else. Is it really such a bad thing to want to play a game and not have to spend thousands of dollars on it to even remain relevant in pvp? Like I'm sorry but I don't go to work just to be able to play this one game. I go to work to pay for a place to live, to pay for food and utilities, I go to work to pay for fun things to do when I have time off and can play games. I don't go to work so I can spend thousands of dollars just to have a chance at a game I've already paid for being "fun". Sure life is "pay to win" but you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on clothes in life to "win". It's not likely that the next person is going to be kill me during my morning jog because I didn't spend 100 dollars last week on a new ring. Though in hindsight the p2w aspect of this game was implemented nicely as prices on items to silver are rather low.
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  6. Alorn added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    How about this as a potential solution to cash shop availability for items? As compared to letting people sell the cash shop items on the market place, put in a system in the cash shop that allows players to convert mass amounts of silver to cash shop currency. It would reward the hard working players, and you could set the price ridiculously high so that it's not "ideal" to do so thus encouraging people to still spend money on your game. However if you insist that people must first purchase the item before they can sell it I'll reiterate what a lot of people have said before: The cost of these items needs to have an artificially low selling price so that they're make at most 5-20mil per week off p2w. If someone can make 100+mil it will make this game impossible to play for non p2w players who want to be any sort of competitive. 
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  7. Alorn added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

    (Capital letter i in Natali in place of the "L")

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