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  1. Mana Montana added a post in a topic can't understand this class   

    the also have short cooldown heal skill that full heals them while we have to spend 2 minutes of potting to get to full health.
    my personal favorite thing wizards can do is it is actually possible for them to kill you by accident. thats how op the class is. they can teleport in try to kill their target and by accident they kill 4 more people without knowing.
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  2. Mana Montana added a post in a topic can't understand this class   

    would becool if there was a game where you could balance your class yourself !. what I mean is you can build your own skills. if you try to increase the area of effect you would have to add on negative effects to it. like reduced damage increased resource costs increased initial cast time or animation time or both. longer cooldown. 
    so maybe you can have a crazy insane skill that can 1 shot a whole raid as far as you can see. but it uses so much mana it puts you 100,000 mana into the negative taking 40 minutes of pot spamming to get back up. and has a 2 minute cast time with the effect of if you are hit while in the cast animation a random piece of gear will be deleveled. but if you manage to get it off anyone who is it by it have that character locked out for a week and must play an alt.
    duno would be cool. I would like to know what kind of an algorithm they use to determine what actual damage stats each skill gets. it seems strange massive aoe skills can have huge bonus accuracy while having massive raw damage with fast cast times while on the other hand you can have skills that seem less like using a weapon and more like someone ganked you on your way home from school and you equip a sharpened pencil to defend yourself from an attack of unwavering humming birds
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  3. Mana Montana added a post in a topic can't understand this class   

    if you need drastically more skill and drastically more gear than the average class to get half the results. that is the definition of a weak class.
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  4. Mana Montana added a post in a topic can't understand this class   

    I meant to say 219. i keep messing that up alot. also again. you failed to understand the point. does not matter if I have 50ap if I am comparing myself to a similar gear player. does not matter if you have 500million ap. 
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  5. Mana Montana added a post in a topic can't understand this class   

    119 ap 263 dp. but this is irrelevant because the question I am bringing up is the performance of the class IN COMPARISON to other classes. not sure why people keep missing this very important concept.
    I could say I am a extremely tall at 4 foot 5. but extremely tall compared to what? not Michael Jordan. so you can say the weakest class in the game is actually really good. so long as you compare it to a level 2 weasel instead of the other classes in the game. not say we are at that level. just saying it is RELATIVE.
    so saying that we have great burst but only if you have 30 more ap than other classes is a completely contradictory statement.
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  6. Mana Montana added a post in a topic can't understand this class   

    I don't think that is true that we have good burst. first there is not a single class in game with the right amount of gear that can not 1 combo you very fast.
    typically when you say something is "good" or "bad" it to compare it to something else. the first motion picture ever created would have probably scored a 10/10 on IMDB if that website existed back then simply because how how incredibly mindblowing it was to witness something like that back then. by todays standards probably would not even be a 0.01/10
    so when you say a class has good burst that would mean it does very high damage in comparison to other classes with the same AP or in other words to have an equal level of burst you would need significantly LESS ap. but this is not true we actually need significantly higher ap to even be somewhat viable. and even when you hit that mark where you can finally do something even ultra geared and maybe not Esports skilled but well practiced in pvp will still struggle greatly in any form of Mass pvp.
    so while you trying to flank the enemy team from the outside peeling your eye for a possible lone target who strayed to far from the group possibly taking several minutes to find a single suitable target to be even worth to attempt a possible suicide on pretty much every other class(tames/ninja/kuno might have same issues as us the assassin archetype) will simply just run into the death ball willy nilly and be infinitely more useful.
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  7. Mana Montana added a post in a topic Maehwa vs Warrior   

    im getting tired of being bullied out of any grind spots simply because of my class. unless if you are a Esports pro while other classes with the other person being a someones grandmother being the first time they ever used a computer and unless you have 80 more ap and 150 more dp you basically get absolutely butt smashed by nearly every other class.
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  8. Mana Montana added a topic in Maehwa   

    can't understand this class
    I just don't see how the melee class that has skills with the length and width of a blade of grass does less damage than a class where each skill is almost a full screen nuclear explosion with the same AP. fighting this wizard over a grind spot 100% of my deaths is from just 1 single skill. he never has to combo he does not even have to CC. I can have perm super armor go up from behind and there is a good chance he could just kill me by accident using aoe on mobs without needing to CC me or even knowing I was there. Then I go in like a ninja with perfectly timed CC with pin point accuracy I then combo a variety of different skills together and nearly perfectly get off my combo. he survives with 3% hp double blinks a football field away heals to full life in the time it takes a humming bird to flap its wings once. then uses a single skill that fills the entire area to 1 shot me. not even his ult.
    but they are the aoe class. common sense would dictate that AOE abilities inherently should do less damage than single target classes. Imagine in wow if a frost mages highest single target skill was Blizzard. how stupid would that be? but its not just this. its the fact that we also need BILLIONS more silver invested into our gear while at the same time taking much longer to gain the same silver. so you need double the amount of silver to be useful while earning silver at half the speed. but even if you put in 10 times the effort your max potential is severely limited.
    maybe I am just stupid. but it makes no sense that a mid range class with skills that cover a significant area do SIGNIFICANTLY more damage to a single target with the same gear level than a set of skills that has the range of a pencil grinded down to the stub.
    also our ult is a steaming pile of shit in pvp. the only way it will ever land is if it is a complete idiot that has never once seen the animation or is simply just not paying attention. but still even then even if the ultimate skill lands it seems to do even less damage than a wizards basic abilities.
    I would just like to know. what are our ACTUAL strengths because it seems like the only thing we are good at is running away. or perhaps this class was specifically designed to be the best sap gathering class in the game. while the other classes were actually built for combat.
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  9. Mana Montana added a post in a topic Maehwa vs Warrior   

    how do u have that good ap with only 57
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  10. Mana Montana added a post in a topic Maewha (Lethal Skills PoV) Gravity defends VS 5 Guilds for Mediah @1440p   

    i like the video. but did you have some kind of invisibility hack or something. most of the video it seemed as if they did not even know you were there.
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  11. Mana Montana added a post in a topic no -----ing damage   

    its also not a problem of "just l2p" ether. i see very very well geared 240+ ap maehwa streamers who struggle like mad even getting over 50 points in rbf. and that is an absolute max of 30v30 most of the time its less players than that. imagine in node/sieges where its 100v100 or more if there is more than just 2 guilds contesting the point.
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  12. Mana Montana added a post in a topic no -----ing damage   

    "Yes, with 200-220 AP we can do a lot of damage against 300 DP targets. So can most of the other classes, faster and more reliably without having huge gaps in their super armor during combos. People keep claiming Maehwa is king of 1v1. I don't really understand why? Because we can run away really fast and heal up while doing it, then return and poke and run again until we FINALLY hit a stun and can do a combo?"
    this is point I was trying to make. conventional logic would dictate that a ranged and/or big aoe class sacrifices raw damage for the range and or area. and then at the same time a single target skill that is short range and is very limited to its damage application range would have a much higher base damage in exchange for the downsides of having very "poop" area. my problem is that the proclaimed "single target class" with the most downsides as far as damage application goes does not have the best damage not only do they not have the best damage but they need more more AP to do the same damage as classes with more aoe and/or range. when you need more ap that means you are doing less base damage than those classes. 
    when you say something like "X class has good/bad damage" that is relative to the power of other classes.  so you would have to compare a 200 ap X to a 200 ap Y. not a 240 ap maehwa to a 180 ap sorc. yea a 240 maehwa will do good damage compared to a 180 sorc. but equal level they are kinda meh. and I would be fine with that if it was not for how "single target" our whole kit is.
    it gets bad in terms of large scale pvp because huge lack of super armor on the actual skills we need to kill someone. it takes us several minutes of skirting around the outside of the battle to find a single possible target to go in for the kill first you need to land the most narrow and short skill in the game then you have to be completely defenceless doing SF combo if even 1 person on their entire 80man+ team even looks at you that entire time you spent just "waiting" out side of the battle providing no value to your team all of a sudden becomes worthless.
    meanwhile in the amount of time it took you to simply scout out to kill a single wounded enemy giants/sorcs/witch/wiz/wars/ranges are just jumping into the thick of it laying waste while you are AFK on the side lines waiting.
    don't get my wrong I like the class. why else would I have stuck with it through the several months DP did not even work when you could have full +15 gear and get 2shot at catfish. but it  just sucks in any team orriented pvp in this game your cold limp body is just being carried by your guild and you are just dead weight that can't really help benefit your team.
    surprisingly there is actually a good number of very geared maehwa's who stream and whenever I watch them in RBF they struggle very hard getting even 90 points. and its 4x worse in sieges.
    maybe if they changed node wars to be more about spread out objectives and more about strategy and a lot of small scale skirmishes and maybe a few large scale ones rather than the current single objective zerg balls then maehwa would be fine. But atm it just feels like you are a wasted guild slot and you would benefit your guild more just by doing /gquit and get replaced by a wizard with 60 less ap.
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  13. Mana Montana added a post in a topic off hand ap gems do not work   

    I could have probably done it twice each time instead of once. and in hind sight taking off all jewelry would have been a good idea. but i still don't think that level of testing is good for what I wanted witch was to simply test if it worked or not. however your style of testing would be needed if say you wanted to min/max your damage to find out what gem did the most damage the AP or special attack damage ones as that would require a much finer margin of error.
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  14. Mana Montana added a post in a topic off hand ap gems do not work   

    would support give out free extraction things to test them? because if they are borken then i kind of want a refund and not have to delete 50mill of gems.
    also i probably could have done same tests a couple more times. but it did take 98 hits. if it took even 1 hit more it would have been less than a 1% increase in damage. this is 10 ap we are talking about.
    would you design a test this elaborate if you were testing if +1000 ap worked or not? no you only would have to hit someone one time to figure that out. the bigger more elaborate the test the more fine tuning you get your data so if you wanted to know the literal exact % within a 0.01% margin then yes ultra nerd mode testing would be required. but I don't think that is required to get a binary answer. does it work yes or no. that answer requires less testing. not saying i did enough. but you do need less to get a simple answer.
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  15. Mana Montana added a post in a topic fishing rods   

    thats full focus fishing. i want semi afk fishing where I can just press space and some buttons every so oftenyou can still get alot of orange fish.
    question of my thread is how effective is this fishing rod.
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