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  1. Ayruai added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  2. Ayruai added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1. A screenshot of yourself on your mount (horse or donkey)

    2. A screenshot of yourself on your boat

    3. A screenshot of yourself on your wagon

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  3. Ayruai added a post in a topic Give preorder items back please!   

    Subtle, but good.
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  4. Ayruai added a topic in General   

    Internal Server Error When Claiming Compensation Coupon B
    As the title says. Anyone able to successfully claim it?
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  5. Ayruai added a post in a topic How did you spend your headstart?   

    Speed levelling to 35, to not have to compete with the influx of players for mobs and exp when the launch hit.
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  6. Ayruai added a post in a topic Internal Error for headstart compensation   

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  7. Ayruai added a post in a topic How long did it take you to get Conqueror's pack items reclaimed?   

    Decided to claim after 6 hours on launch just to be safe. Will update if I receive them.
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  8. Ayruai added a post in a topic Expired name reservation???   

    Mine expired as well, but I think that's because I already created a character called that of the reserved name.
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  9. Ayruai added a post in a topic 6 hours maintenance on launch day?   

    As long as my preorder coupon problems are sorted out, I have no complaints.
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  10. Ayruai added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    @PM_Belsazar @CM_Jouska
    Server: Orwen
    Family: Foaran
    Character: Myucel
    Am I part of the reset? Just wanted to confirm.
    Thanks for the work you guys are doing!!!
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  11. Ayruai added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    ummm...no. I received the coupons on the 27th, the day everyone first received them. I payed for the game on the 18th of February. 
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  12. Ayruai added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    Still haven't received any.
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  13. Ayruai added a post in a topic GM's, CM's, PM's: 72 hours have passed - still no Conqueror pack items.   

    Note that the items i'm missing are preorder costume/weapon skins and pets - not actual armor/weapons. 
     Sill no word from daum.
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  14. Ayruai added a topic in General   

    GM's, CM's, PM's: 72 hours have passed - still no Conqueror pack items.
    Hi, I haven't received the letter (that PM Belsazar said we would) or items - i'm still missing costume, weapon, pet, and title. I have made multiple tickets, all with no response. 30182, 30178, 27093, 22167, 22154. I have also PMed many GMs, CMs and PMs on forums - all with no response. 
    These 4 coupons were not refreshed after maintenance. The ones that have, I have successfully claimed - General items and Housing Decor. The ones that I haven't received in-game are are below:
     Notice that the updated date for these differ from those i've already claimed:  Please. I'm just wanting to get the items i've paid for. I'm on NA, ORWEN, in-game name Myucel Foaran (First name, Last name).  I have, before the maintenance, received mail of "Item Delivery Failed", however when I went to check the statuses of my coupons, only GENERAL ITEMS and HOUSING DECOR were refreshed. PM Belsazar said that people like me would receive a mail like this below, but it has been a long time since the announcement and I still have yet to receive this. Has anyone received this mail? Dear Player,
    To secure that you receive all Pre-Order Items correctly, we have to delete all Pre-Order Package items from your account and refresh all claiming coupons under your ACCOUNT on our website. 
    Deleting and resetting the coupons will both be processed during our maintenance on 3rd March!
    Additionaly we will add compensation coupons which will give you special items to compensate for the issue. 

    Note: All character slots beyond 4 will be -blocked-. You will have to re-use the character slot coupons to re-open them!
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue, and we greatly thank you for your understanding.
    Kind regards
    In Short:
    - All Pre-Order items will be deleted and Coupons re-assigned to your account.
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  15. Ayruai added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    Hi, I haven't received the letter or items - im still missing costume, weapon, pet, and title. I have made multiple tickets, all with no response. 30182, 30178, 27093, 22167, 22154
    They are below:
    2266635202/27/16 16:00[Pre-order] Package - In-game titleUSED02/28/16 16:20- 2211224702/27/16 16:00Guest Pass (7 days)PENDING02/27/16 16:00- 2205053802/27/16 16:00[Pre-order] Package - Outfit SetUSED02/28/16 16:20- 2198882902/27/16 16:00[Pre-order] Package - Weapon SkinUSED02/28/16 16:21- 2192712002/27/16 16:00Package - PetUSED02/28/16 16:21- 
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