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  1. Lugh added a post in a topic New voices are great but...   

    Exactly the same thought I had. What's the point in these new customization options if you cannot share them with others. Its really disheartening to know that the new voices sound great on warrior, and yet you still hear his wimpy default voice. Same could be said about the 11 female options, with some of them costing extra REAL MONEY to use in the KR region.
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  2. Lugh added a topic in Suggestions   

    New voices are great but...
    Really enjoying the new voices, but what I noticed is that the voices are only heard on the person who chose them. That means that the voice pack you chose will only be heard by you and your friend will still hear the default voice pack. I sent in a ticket thinking this was not working correctly; however, I received a response stating that is not the case (screencap below).
    Therefore, I would like to suggest a change to make the new voice packs hearable by other players. You can already hear adjusted tones for the default voices that are player made changes, I personally feel that this would be similar to applying dyes and not being able to show them off to other players.
    TL; DR
    Other players cant hear your new voice pack, and this should be changed.

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  3. Lugh added a post in a topic Returning player to bdo   

    If we were to make an analogy of how the state of ninja is in BDO I would compare it to the Justice League. Similar to how Warrior being superman and Musa being the Flash, Ninja falls heavily into the Batman category. While a lot of classes, do exceedingly well even with low effort, Ninja requires a lot of timing to maximize his short frontal guards and super armors. Ninja excels at small scale PvP, especially when weeding out and isolating extended players in GvG battles. The larger the scale the less of an impact a Ninja will have since he does not do well in larger battles with tons of CC's and AoE's happening at once. His burst is high, but its on the lower end of the bursty-type classes IMO. His new rage skill on awakening is really good when used at the right moment and outright nukes a majority of the classes that are not stacking DP. If you want to try Ninja, I would say that he's a class that should be 59+ to be competitive; since, a lot of his skills and utility unlock at 59 and hes a skillpoint heavy class (Still uses the utility on his base class). I do feel like some changes need to be made to skills like Mach Explosion, and SuraChaoSpree to make them more viable to use, but that's a story for another time.             
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  4. Lugh added a post in a topic No damage buffs for ninja and kuno why?   

    This patch is probably a part of a larger set of patches to bring the base class closer to awakening level. As the developers were not happy with how the current player-base mainly focused on awakening as it was significantly stronger. Ninja base class is for the most part fine so not many changes needed to be made. Still some of the memes being posted on KR forums are a good laugh

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  5. Lugh added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Gib Gib gavi regan pack to all male classes
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  6. Lugh added a post in a topic State of Ninja is KR   

    If they QQ enough maybe a buff will happen kek.

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  7. Lugh added a post in a topic 100% BSR   

    Yeah its annoying. And there's no way to lock the BSR so you can continue using BSB. All you can do is either use BSR buff or use the BSR on Drastic Measure. All you can is pot or V out of it. Maybe check your emails and get some coffee while you wait for it to finish.
    There has been a recent change in the KR version that speeds up the BSB when used in BSR. But we don't have that here yet.
    ● PvP damage and attack scope of Ninjutsu: Spin Blade with Black Spirit’s Rage has been increased a little bit.
    ● Camera effect after using Ninjutsu: Spin Blade with Black Spirit’s Rage has been improved to become a bit faster.
    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5sydtp/kr_patch_note_for_9th_february_by_chopper85/
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  8. Lugh added a post in a topic Ninja or Musa?   

    If you like high mobility classes, I think Musa will be more of a fit for you. Ninja can be fast too but your not gonna beat a Musa in a race. Also the mobility difference from Ninja base class to awakening turns off a lot of players.
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  9. Lugh added a post in a topic Class fantasy of the ninja, Why do we have 6 swords?   

    oh wow are you serious? my mistake. ok then add a skill for the lonely bottom right katana T.T
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  10. Lugh added a post in a topic I know I'm not the only one that wishes for this   

    It would be nice to have the ability to just have the main sword show up and the others only materialize when you cast the designated skills for them. Kinda like in warframe when you want to hide your weapons when put away. 
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  11. Lugh added a post in a topic Class fantasy of the ninja, Why do we have 6 swords?   

    Man I've played ninja for so long but never made the connection to Asura with each of the six swords representing the multiple limbs he has. It's definitely a nice touch that is further appreciated for how long it took to notice. If they do add to ninja's toolkit down the road I would love to see some skills that visually incorporate the extra arms in an aura like Kliessan mentions.
    Or at the least have a couple more skills the utilize the katanas that are on the Ninja's right side. It's a shame to have all these skills and a majority of them are utilized through the main left and the back 2 swords. If I am correct the only way to use that one katana on the right by itself is when you do the sideways slash to the left (not including SuraChaoSpree). 
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  12. Lugh added a post in a topic What if...   

    Gavi Regan was originally debut on warrior. Months later they released a gavi regan set for all male classes (Musa, Ninja, Wizard and Giant).  
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  13. Lugh added a post in a topic Awakening Attack speed Vs non awakening   

    Its actually funny since alot of non-ninjas rerolled to it just for the 6 katanas. Although alot of them stopped playing once the novelty of the sheathing animations wore off. 
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  14. Lugh added a post in a topic [Ninja with Awakening] Losing the Double Jump & Shadow Slash does not make sense. Less agility...   

    Seamless is a full combo that can be continued by either tapping spacebar or holding it. Not only that but it cancels out of all attacks as well as when using auto attacks, sideways slash, Ninja's Guard, Block Jump, and side dodge. The only scenario I can see ninja using double jump is when he Ninja Steps or front/back ghost steps, or when hes doing nothing. Halo looks like its a really quick short cancel in comparison and I'm unsure of how accessible its cancel is (like if there are some skills where you cant use it and automatically goes to double jump). I just dont see it working unless they lock some skills from initializing seamless, so ninja has a more reliable way to double jump and maybe give him some skills that can be cast from double jump in awakened form. But hey power to you if it does work, I'm always open for more options as-long as I dont feel like a musa using chase/rising storm half the time.    
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  15. Lugh added a post in a topic Nouver   

    I second this.
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  16. Lugh added a post in a topic Class buff suggestions   

    I agree with most of these points. And believe they can be easily implemented. Double jump seems to be a lost cause; since, it conflicts with seamless in that it is cast after every available attack in awakened form and severely limits the double jumps uses (also we don't necessarily have the utility it does in base class form). Personally out of the points you selected I would choose:
    Frontal Guard for the entire duration of Sura ChaoSpree. [Who doesn't want a safe HP regen skill]
    Slightly increase the animation speed of Mach Explosion. [I feel most players escape it after the first slash after drastic measure]
    Slightly lower the cooldown on Flash Bondage. [Maybe to 15 seconds like suicide fall and perhaps and make the bound area a little bigger]
    I want to say add shadow slash on awakened form, but really I just want something that's not the hideous sideways slash we currently have at least make it transition smoothly.
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  17. Lugh added a post in a topic Ninja or musa ?   

    I don't play on EU.
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  18. Lugh added a post in a topic Ninja or musa ?   

    Yeah nice bait post, where were you at the beginning of this argument? 2 posts and an account that was made less than an hour ago? Yeah your credibility went down when you came in to tag team on one person. I gave a fairly legitimate argument against how ninja can't rely heavily on SA or FG on compared to other classes. Yeah sure you can mix skills to get block on multiple skills and give yourself super armor, but that is also more work to attain the same amount of safety other classes offer and it limits how you can potentially land pokes.
    No one ever gave an AP amount for what is considered geared or not. 180 AP (176) is fairly substantial not only that it is coming onto the 200 AP threshold. And the only person name calling and trash talking is you. Never in my argument did I insult SinisterSaints other than mentioning that he wasn't backing up his information. No one gets a free pass on claims when they anecdote friends. If he has a Ninja he should own up to it and just say that information, He shouldn't need a second person backing him up just to prove a point.
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  19. Lugh added a post in a topic Ninja or musa ?   

    They are especially vulnerably when attacking. Other classes can rely on their super armor to get into fights and avoid CC. Ninja's are either defensive or offensive, and they cannot be both. When your launching your main combo to kill players your liable to getting CCd and countered. You're not going to animation cancel blocks while doing your Burst rotation of skills, and when all classes have skills that multihit in an AoE your block on unsheathe or first slash is meaningless. Verse that against classes that have frontal guard on the entire duration of their skills and superarmor on their bred and butter skills (sometimes on both charge and cast) and you have something that is more appropriate.
    And for your argument on the 3 superarmors, one is the E Buff which you wouldn't use for the intention your implying, and the skill on preawakened form [Black Moonlight] that has super armor is laughable at best. Also I was mainly speaking on behalf of the awakened form when speaking on the super armor   
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  20. Lugh added a post in a topic Ninja or musa ?   

    Your just saying "he knows his shit", "he's extremely high skill cap", and "he taught ninja's stuff they don't even know" without even backing up your content with any information. I've given a point for almost every argument you've presented. You didn't even read my post. I clearly say that he's not weak, hes High skill floor, and ceiling. If your not going to add any value to this post we're done here.
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  21. Lugh added a post in a topic Ninja or musa ?   

    He has super armor on 2 skills which are Katana Shower and Drastic Measure (only charging), your likely not going to utilize either that much as they leave you standing in place. His frontal guard is only on 3 skill (not including his block vengeful barrier); one of these blocks only happens on the first slash [Seamless]; The other on the unsheathe and re sheathe animation [Sura ChaoSpree]; Lastly, one on his stance swap which will probably get the most benefit since its easier to control since its not tied to a CD. I would not say useful, but I would rather say mandatory to play effectively on.  
    I agree that his burst is very good, and for most avg geared players, the ability to drop players down to a quarter or less is very easy. But unless your gearcap is high enough or your opponent is squishy I doubt you will be able to kill players with only the awakened stance alone. What is likely to happen is your going to use your main damage skills and be stuck on awakening with a bunch of 10 second cooldowns (depends on your level but most are around that number), and be forced to utilize your base class skills unless your previous combo was able to kill the player. I apologize if it came off as implying that ninja's awakening was weak, rather its as you say higher skill floor and ceiling to see his benefits.
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  22. Lugh added a post in a topic Ninja or musa ?   

    The big issue with ninja is that his awakening conflicts with his base class mechanics. You might like his base class playstyle but not his awakened form or vice versa. Youll find that his base class is very quick and highly mobile, whereas his awakened form is overall much slower in both attacks and mobility, but with more damage to compensate. All classes use their base class too an extent even with awakening, but Ninja still relies heavily on his base class when awakening is used; since, you still need much of its utility and mobility. The big issue with ninja is that you do have SuperArmor or FrontalGuard skills, but you cant heavily rely on them like other classes.
    In GvG youll likely be infiltrating back-lines and killing stragglers or last hitting vulnerable players; since Ninja cant really head into frontlines without being obnoxiously over-geared compared to the opposition. Arguably, minus the cloak ninja has, other classes can do this job just as well, which really bhegs the question of what his role is in a GvG... Small scale PvP is where he shines the best, and it is probably one of the most satisfying classes to play when done right, double grab combos and combo mixups really make you feel like your playing a fighting game and not an MMO at times.
    For who's the more well rounded class for both PvE and PvP, Musa is definitely the better choice, Ninja being more specialized and catered to a specific playstyle. In terms of which class is more of a samurai, your better off choosing Ninja, since he is based heavily on Japanese culture both with his awakened and pre-awakened form. If you like more of a vagabond esk look the Musa is more likely your style. 
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  23. Lugh added a post in a topic All awakenings released we need....   

    Which class do you play? That you would want to reroll after all that investment?
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  24. Lugh added a post in a topic Musa Costumes   

    it was actually one of the costume contest winners in korea.
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  25. Lugh added a post in a topic Musa Costumes   

    Yeah it looks rad, its called the chungho costume and its on Musa and Ninja
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