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  1. Kumary added a post in a topic A new way to acquire black crystal shards must be introduced.   

    I don't mind the shoveling, but I just hate that I have spent the last 3 days shoveling and I haven't gotten a shard...like whot? I'm @ Professional 4 and I find it so odd I can't get the damn shards after many tries in a day(s). All the other shards I did get prior and saved failed too LOL. Sooo no PRI no Shards....My luck sucks real bad

    So I do agree there should be another option like Hunter Seals...If it takes 2 Hunter Seals for Armor and 3 for Weapon, maybe for Shards it should be 10 Hunter Seals?
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  2. Kumary added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

  3. Kumary added a post in a topic Ban Waves   

    @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo
    I hope this includes the people who have been botting for the past months and stopped doing it.
    Things I would like to see:
    - How many were banned
    - Wall of Shame
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  4. Kumary added a post in a topic GvG Video since im leaving the game   

    Aww RDM, best wishes on your journey.
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  5. Kumary added a post in a topic So any GM's on that can handle the hacker destroying Edan right now?   

    Yup Jouska banned him very quick and even came to give us a visit during Kzarka...Managed to take a quick Pic
    Thanks @CM_Jouska


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  6. Kumary added a post in a topic Plz take off the guild restriction on the [Family Name Change Coupon]   

    I too wanted to change my family name and thankfully I read the restrictions before purchasing. I think having to be out of a guild is a dumb restriction. All the family names I tried/wanted when we got our reservation were taken so I put one in the meantime until a name change were available in game to try for another. But guess I will be stuck with it cause I dont want to leave my guild and then wait 24hrs. It may not seem like much but meh.
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  7. Kumary added a post in a topic Market Bots   

    I lost count how many times I've tried getting a Liverto. In some occasion the Liverto gets sold/poofs even when just entering the bidding system. On a normal sale, the Liverto pops up and it stays with the B on it for "bidding" and either tells you failed...bla bla and then stays there a bit more before poofing. But like I said MANY times I have seen it were it hits the 15-18min mark and it appears, to only see how it just poofs without even letting you enter captcha. Some have better ping, faster fingers, but does not take away that AH Bots are indeed happening. I've seen videos of a working bot/hack for AH where they can purchase an item without entering the captcha and even if on bidding.

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  8. Kumary added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

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  9. Kumary added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Yes Sorc flank, but doesn't matter if there is a group of 5 - 10 around, they block skill, iframe, knockdown, iframe, stun, iframe (just an example) LOL. They flank and usually choose a wiz/witch or ranger (which is wise) but if the CC doesnt land on a the sorc just how she iframed in and killed, she will iframe out even if other players at attacking. Some can be "potatos" but still may take a few to get the CC to land. And that's why some think they're OP and complain.
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  10. Kumary added a post in a topic Black Desert or maybe Black Dice Online?   

    I'm not blessed with RNGesus and it sucks LOL
    I can farm X amount of hours/days for an item (Witch Earring/Mark of Shadow) with the same luck and node level as my boyfriend and he can get 1-2 of those drops within an hour. I farmed for a freakin week to get the Witch Earring
    Not to mention sooo many times I've tried getting a Liverto from Field Bosses or Auction House and nope, still nothing.
    Lately I've seen people get drops right after the other within minutes, I go to test my luck and 3-4 hours later I leave empty handed.

    Regarding trying to get ULT on Armor / Weapon same...While some get it on 1st try or 3rd, some spend 70 tries and no success. RNG can be ok to only an extent, but gets frustrating when you can put same or more effort as any other player, but don't get anything positive in return.
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  11. Kumary added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    I've seem many Sorc iframe into a group of lets say 10 (in Battlefield) kill at least one or two, then just iframe away. They have high damage, lots of knockdowns/stuns and having the block skill & iframe makes them somewhat OP.

    Many say Wiz/Witch and Rangers are the OP, and although they can hit like a truck. They dont have so much mobility or escape, which once interrupted on their big skills they are pretty much dead. These classes are easily killed by CC, they cant just iframe away like Sorc or Tamer so it kinda balance them out I think.
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  12. Kumary added a post in a topic +5 AP Weapon Crystal Impossible To Buy   

    Latency / Bots or whatever, its annoying.

    I've tried MANY times to get a Liverto and I've seen them poof surpassing the Bid System. I've tried to buy the AP +5 or other on demand items and usually while camping the item I want, I notice the total number of the item has sold and I have seen many times how that total goes up without even having the item pop up (even if I hit refresh). Some have luck or faster fingers, but still sucks.
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  13. Kumary added a post in a topic [Poll] Remove or keep fieldbosses?   

    I vote no, although I am a Witch and unfortunately I haven't had any luck with Field Bosses, I like hunting Bosses. It is fun and you hope to see if you get a bundle. However I do think they need fixing because for the love of God have I been trying to get a Liverto from hunting Field Bosses and on Auction House and NADA. It gets frustrating and while I get the point that many think the strong and rich get stronger and richer, its pretty much another option I/many have to try and get the freaking Liverto. I haven't had any luck so far, but not giving up hope some day I will get it LOL.
    Very frustrating? Yes...but no need to remove them.
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  14. Kumary added a post in a topic Livertos from Marketplace - Your Experience   

    There need to be an option for 10+ times and still trying
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  15. Kumary added a post in a topic Field Bosses are ruining the game   

    Well there are some, like in my case that whenever I log on and I'm able to play is when the down time is and rarely am I able to attend a Field Boss. I would love to have an opportunity to get a Liverto or Belt and if not some Crystals, because in my case I haven't gotten a drop like this. I haven't even been able to win the bidding system to buy it off Marketplace. So for me and others I know, we would not like this feature to go.

    Just because that's all that some can do because they have the time doesn't mean the rest should be punished and never again have a Field Boss. Just my 2 cents.
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