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  1. Diskordea added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Suggestions For a Group Notification App
    Hi all,
    I'm looking for something that could be used to send push notifications to a group of people. It would be used as a way for officers, (of the guild I am in), to communicate to members when we are going for a node, starting a war, someone needs help, etc... Ideally, it would be a phone app that functions on android, Windows, and ios. We already have a teamspeak and that is our primary method of communication, but not everyone is always able to be on. 
    Any way of broadening our margin of communication would be helpful. So if you have a suggestion of another method please share it as well!
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  2. Diskordea added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

    You're kinda nuts.
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  3. Diskordea added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

    I didn't have an issue with them doing the equivalent of checking my ID and verifying my purchase. I've had to forward receipts before when making online purchases. It's not dangerous.
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  4. Diskordea added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

    I have to agree. I have been blocked for a while now and had sent them what they originally asked for (picture of my ID, screenshot of the transaction, and forward them the receipt). Now they want a copy of my bank statement, a photocopy of my ID and card, and a link to my bank's website. It's honestly a bit fishy. I'm also pretty sure that it's illegal (in some states) to ask for a photocopy of someone's ID.
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  5. Diskordea added a post in a topic There needs to be SIGNIFICANT reform of guild power and abuse   

    God forbid there be competition. May I suggest taking the time used complaining to come up with a solution that can be achieved by the players on Orwen?
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  6. Diskordea added a post in a topic Heidel City IsExtremely Dangerous!!   

    You should write the city about this
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  7. Diskordea added a post in a topic Mediah is being released too soon.   

    Welcome to any MMO forum community. 
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  8. Diskordea added a post in a topic Swim animations for pets   

    First day of release I afked during autopathing and came back to a dead horse because of this.
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  9. Diskordea added a topic in Suggestions   

    Swim animations for pets
    It's a bit strange when your dog/cat sinks to the bottom of the water when both species are perfectly capable of swimming. Not necessary, but would be a neat addition.
    • 4 replies
  10. Diskordea added a post in a topic Overpopulation   

    I'm also curious to see how many people disagree and think that nothing should be done. I agree on not adding more channels, though it looks like the most popular opinion at this time.
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  11. Diskordea added a post in a topic Overpopulation   

    That'd be interesting to see... for like a day.
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  12. Diskordea added a topic in General   

    No matter which town you're in you feel like a sardine trapped amongst other players and their horses. Fishing spots are lined with people and horses crowding the docks to where you can't even see where you're going. Grind spots become a KS party with everyone trying to kill mobs on top of each other. 
    Maybe we need more servers? I wouldn't add more channels for the sake of PvP. Something needs to be done, however. It's just going to become worse as the game gains more players. 
    • 45 replies
  13. Diskordea added a topic in Suggestions   

    Server-specific Forum Subcategories
    This would really help with the organization of things. An absolute must for the guild category.
    • 2 replies
  14. Diskordea added a post in a topic HOSTILE Edan Scams Gifts   

    So does laughingcoffin
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  15. Diskordea added a post in a topic Grill cries every night, plz help :(   

    I may have missed it, but I don't see the name of the guild?
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