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  1. Botan added a post in a topic Tamer advice   

    Personally I'd stick with your accessories for now and try one or more different offhands. I'd think your accuracy is at least in the good enough range as we aren't as heavily acc dependent as some, e.g. Rangers. 
    Many are building up Krea offhands as you get the DP, evasion, some AP, but also 2 crystal slots that you can put 2x black spirit crystals in. In PvP and GvG, sustain seems to be king, providing CC for your teammates, with an occasional kill. Having either a Blade or Krea will help a lot, the Krea being a bit more of the offensive of the two. 
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  2. Botan added a post in a topic Warfare Manual and Tutorial are now live!   

    Is the schedule for the trial node war period going to be the same as in the manual? So on Sunday, just those nodes will be available? And the rest of the schedule will follow?  
    How do we not wind up building our fort right on top of another guild? I notice as I travel I get "You entered/exited an area where a fort can be built" (as an officer) -- when a fort is begun in one of those areas, does that message disappear and the area not allow another to be built? 
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  3. Botan added a post in a topic looking for Tamer build pvp   

    What if you don't have a witch/wizard handy? What's your attack speed? Movement speed? I'd love to go back to more resist, but swapped some crystals in my shoes for movement as I always seem to need it. I also run two +5 evasion in helm, though they aren't cheap. Seems more useful to me than the HP, but it's also a recent change, so still sorting it out. But I also run the 2 grunil/2 heve set so have that HP as well. 
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  4. Botan added a post in a topic 195 DP and without DP (shocker!)   

    Playing 55 Tamer and recently swapped to using a +15 Blade with 2x +5 evasion in my helm. I've heard evasion is nerfed, but I know I survive much better overall, and I don't get stunlocked nearly as much. I figure a large part of it is the better DP, but particularly the stunlocks would seem to be evasion, yeah?  
    How do Krea and Blade compare? If you don't use Krea set, the acc doesn't come in, so just the 1-3 AP difference? At +15 do both have the same DP? 
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  5. Botan added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    Bugged accounts? I've felt that way, even put in a support ticket, but they deny anything's wrong. What rumors? 
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  6. Botan added a post in a topic Foo [NA l Orwen] [PvP][GvG] RECRUITING   

    Hello Foo! What channel do you frequent on Orwen so I can stalk meet you? 
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  7. Botan added a post in a topic Not enough materials for repetitive task   

    I get the same with a worker with +3 to costume production. I thought maybe he needed enough resources for 3 outfits, so put that in my warehouse, but he still wouldn't craft. And yes, the materials are in the same town as my worker as is the workshop. 
    On a related note, is it possible to proc anything on crafting costumes? Like a +1? 
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  8. Botan added a post in a topic Thank you to the CM's,GM's & PM's   

    Great thread, just another +1. As a software developer myself, with a cushy enterprise-type job, I can't imagine the stress of pushing out a new patch. Our QA does great, but bugs still happen, but we just have a few big-ass clients yelling at us, and we still put them off until the next release date. (And they really do pay millions.) 
    Thanks guys! It gets better.SM
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  9. Botan added a post in a topic Greetings people of BDO!   

    Thanks! And hey there! And yes, the combat is amazing! I've played almost all the classes and each time I think, damn, this class is fun! 
    Speaking of GW2, I saw a player this morning named... Dulfy! Wonder if she's just checking things out or may jump ship. I love GW2, but can't even think of playing it at this point. 
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  10. Botan added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    So hard to tell what is going on. It seems like those who claimed early won't get items until launch, yeah? So now we'll be sitting atop our donkeys watching the Explorer pack folks ride by on their horses, with their pets? Really? I can't imagine you would think this is in any way acceptable. 
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  11. Botan added a post in a topic CBT2 Cash Shop Test   

    I've been trying to claim that since just before launch of CB2, but I get "Internal Server Error" on the page that comes up after I click those boxes. Any suggestions? Would love to grab a pet or two.  
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  12. Botan added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Greetings people of BDO!
    Hi lads and lassies! New here, coming from GW2 and loving it so far! Looking forward to the GvG scene once I figure out how to, you know, do anything whatsoever....  Which is half the fun! 
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