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  1. YumKaax added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

  2. YumKaax added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    Actually, the template is a pre made video. The motion, effects etc. are all pre made. It's pictures in movement aka. video, and since he did not make the template himself, he didn't make the video himself, he just added some random BDO clips.
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  3. YumKaax added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… Winners!   

    Isn't the second video pretty much breaking several of the event rules??
    "• The video must be created by yourself"
    That's really debatable at most, it's pretty much a copy paste job, using a project template that has absolutely nothing to do with BDO, and another rule stated "• Editing the footage is allowed (video as well as the music); must be recognizable as original content of BDO"... The battle of Hastings is BDO content?? okay.
    Now, this isn't a "I'm mad because I didn't win" post, I knew before submitting my video that I had absolutely no chance of winning, my video sucked (and wasn't worthy of winning for several reasons ), I just did it for the title, but, had I known that we were allowed to use project templates, I could've easily made an awesome video with random BDO clips in 10 min.
    Most people spent WAY longer time, making WAY better videos. Although it is subjective, I mean, c'mon now, several other winning videos are just seemingly random clips as well...
    So many good videos made by the community, and these are the winners? (though a couple of the winning videos do deserve it).
    Is every contest going to be like this and the "Beauty and the Beast" contest?? Seems like the winners are mostly just chosen randomly 
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  4. YumKaax added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

    Due to Xigncode3 blocking Dxtory (and that being the only capture software I own, capable of capturing decent fps), I couldn't record anything new for this contest...
    So all I had was this clip I recorded with an external capture device some weeks ago. Thanks Xigncode3 
    Anyway, this video is just a reminder to have fun, and enjoy yourself in the game
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  5. YumKaax added a post in a topic Cash shop is okay ? Keeps future content free   

    You obviously haven't seen the KR/JP/RUS character creator.
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  6. YumKaax added a post in a topic Can you buy a Wagon rather then crafting one?   

    You can, at the stable  
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  7. YumKaax added a post in a topic Prove to me that this game is P2W.   

    Oooh.... The irony in this comment.
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  8. YumKaax added a post in a topic Early Bird Title in two characters?   

    Titles are family bound, you can use them on every future character that you create  
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  9. YumKaax added a post in a topic Goldsellers rekt   

    It's like that with almost every single subject/complain on the forums, some people are just impossible to satisfy.
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  10. YumKaax added a post in a topic Stop saying this game is new.   

    wut?? Didn't the game just come out yesterday?? This is shocking news to me
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  11. YumKaax added a post in a topic where are the bdo community managers?   

    I think it's because a bunch of people here on the forums are going in circles (at least here in the general gameplay discussion section), complaining about the same things every day.
    The CMs have already commented on those things, there's not much more to say.
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  12. YumKaax added a post in a topic For those who enjoy the game - what do you thoroughly enjoy?   

    The fact that I never feel like I'm doing the same thing all the time!
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  13. YumKaax added a post in a topic Subscription for BDO   

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  14. YumKaax added a post in a topic Installing on another computer   

    I can confirm this as well, I've done it two times, works without any problems!
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  15. YumKaax added a post in a topic Eye Patch? (Pearl Shop)   

    It's temporarily not there, but will come back later on! I want one as well.
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