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Posts posted by Valeth

  1. exactly you got deced on by one guild makeing your guild ready for war to all.

    Oh.  That sucks.  Didn't know it worked like that.

    Thanks for answering.

  2. all it takes is a small guild to dec on another small guild to allow for guilds all sizes to dec on that guild.


    Most xl and large guilds has a feeder guild on a alt account just to dec the undecable to allow for the larger guild to dec them. It's actually quite the exsploit and needs to be fixed @CM_Aethon

    We have never dec'd on anyone though.  We've been dec'd on, but we have never initiated it.

  3. My guild has never dec'd on another guild.  Larger guilds are able to dec on us though.  I thought they weren't supposed to be able to do that.  Every google result says they shouldn't be able to.

    So, how do these work?  Did they change it from this?  All the results are older.

  4. Recently, like in the last patch, my workers have been set to a task 50,000 times (the max), at full stamina, but will only do the task once then stop.  I have to re-order them to do the task each time they finish. 

    Is this a bug?

    Just started recently, used to work fine.

  5. You have finally finished the tutorial(in some people's opinions.) now its time for your to head to mediah and start gearing yourself up

    How do I get to Mediah?  I had a quest where I had to get 500 amity with 2 NPCs.  I did it, but nothing came after that.

  6. A Ranger.  Now what?

    I played for a few bit at launch, but never really got into it until I came back about 2 weeks ago.

    First level 50. 

    What do I do now?  I'm so overwhelmed.

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  7. Keep getting failed to connect errors. 

    The one time I was able to load in, it disconnected me after 2 minutes.


    Anyone else having trouble staying logged in?

  8. I wanted a darker theme too. Like, to make it more woodsy also. This is what I ended up with. I want to get rid of that blue trim on the boots, the armour plate is not so noticeable since i dyed the main bit brownish. What ya think? Woodsy? Awful?


    Could do without the blue sparkle, if only i could make it green....sigh

    I like it.

  9. you do, but you don't have the good (i.e. ninja) shuriken skills. this is one place where the two skill trees diverge.

    go kunai.

    Ok, thank you.

  10. kunai since you have skills that work with kunai but no skills that work with shuriken 

    I have skills for both.  Am I not supposed to?

    BDO kunai shuriken.jpg

  11. What's the better weapon to use?  Is one of them better for PvE and the other better for PvP?

    I've fallen in love with the class and want to main one, but I don't know which to use.

  12. Nothing, go back to your life before it's too late

    How can I go back to something I never had in the first place?

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