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  1. Showme added a post in a topic CLOSED THREAD   

    Cid is Dead

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  2. Showme added a post in a topic CLOSED THREAD   

    I was unaware my guild's reputation was in danger. If you think your witty, in depth review of a pvp video with music that you do not prefer is going to be our downfall then you sir are delusional. It is nice to know your ego is intact. It gives me just a little more insight into who you are. I may be wrong but I am going to take a leap here and say that you are the type of gamer who sits on the forums and criticizes people or things that do not affect your life in any way. I bet you get the biggest grin on your face when you finally get a decent zinger in, tuck your sweaty hands into your arm pits, lean back in your chair, and tell yourself "gg man, gg". Am I close? I also bet you apply to guilds and get rejected for being a "troll". You then post that you got rejected and say you were just trolling because you didn't really want to be in that guild anyway. Am I right?
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  3. Showme added a post in a topic CLOSED THREAD   

    Standard Operating Procedure when encountering a forum troll. Click on their name and view recent posts. This kid moves from recruitment thread to recruitment thread trolling for the sake of trolling. He is not clever or original. There is no groundbreaking never before seen adolescent behavior here. No molds were broken with this guy. He is just 1 of many broken personalities that can only survive due to the anonymity the internet provides. I feel sorry for you man. Life has nothing better to offer you.
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  4. Showme added a post in a topic CLOSED THREAD   

    Large, well organized, and supportive guilds will always be dubbed "zergs". There's no shaking that moniker. I am proud to be a part of a guild that is full of interesting people who enjoy playing games with other interesting people. TBT grows because we are not a bunch of intolerable d-bags. More comedy than drama here. Stop being an e-thug and perhaps you too could be part of a large(zerg) gaming community one day.
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  5. Showme added a post in a topic Why are you choosing Valkyrie over Warrior?   

    I play female characters and try to make them look like my wife, then I pretend I'm the boss when she let's me play video games with my friends.
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