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  1. Itazura added a post in a topic missing Maehwa Seals   

    For the people that have allot of unclaimed items in their reward list.

    I noticed that Maehwa's Seals tend to appear on the top of the list. After I accepted 9 in a row, the 10th one vanished to the bodem of the list. Took me a while to figure out where my 12th seal went.
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  2. Itazura added a post in a topic Pets to level 10   

    From what I understand, T1 pets got a skill at lvl 10 due to shenanigans with other servers (KR, JP and RU?) having Tier 0 pets and we don't. I'm not sure how that plays out but yeah it feels weird that tier 2, 3 and 4 don't get a skill at lvl 10.
    In the end, not a bug but a feature.
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  3. Itazura added a post in a topic Pet Breeding/Exchange issue?   

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  4. Itazura added a post in a topic Milking Cows   

    I heard someone mention that for some reason the amount of milk you get is linked to your frame rate. And I had the same experience, sub 30 fps makes it hard to near impossible to beat the mini game.

    After tinkering with the frame rate (got it up to 60) all issues with the milking game where gone.

    I assume this problem is linked to using physics to let the "milk" bar drop, and I guess these are calculated per frame.
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  5. Itazura added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    In any wel developed game I would say, yeah hax and whatever.
    But in the current cluster f**k of a transition from KR to EU/NA and with all the updates and other texture bugs I have seen in the past two weeks ... I'm personaly not suprised this could happen.
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  6. Itazura added a post in a topic Unable to pick easter egg exchange quests from priests anymore   

    Same here, can't accept the quests. Any quest you took is still in your quest log tho.
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  7. Itazura added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit prices are fine!   

    I treat this game as a monthly subscription game where I pay about 10 euro per month.
    Bought the game = 30 euro.
    Bought some pearls = 30 euro.
    I expect to play this game for at least 6 months, and with the current updates rolling out and the decent feedback from the company I think this game experience will last me 12 months without much trouble. If that is the is still the case after 6 months, Daum can expect another 60 euro.

    What you get for the 60 euro worth of pearls is a different subject, definitely not going to spend it all on dye to get the right dye and pets to get to tier 4. Then I would be burning double or even triple the amount.
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  8. Itazura added a post in a topic Your country is restricted   

    Highly recommend you to login on this website and create a support ticket. To solve your issue, or get a refund.
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  9. Itazura added a post in a topic Your country is restricted   

    As far I know, israel is not listed a country serviced by Baum Europe B.V.
    Possible issue with your situation, lack of IP4 numbers in the IP pool forced your ISP in your previous apartment to use IP numbers from a diffrent country. (possibly an IP pool from an area that is serviced by Baum Europe) Or Baum has a poor grasp of it's current IP pool block.
    Check IP pool for Israel and compare to your current IP number.
    In the end, there is not much help here since you are located in Israel. Sorry about that.
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  10. Itazura added a post in a topic Odd lags   

    You noticed that every time you get teleported your ping spikes up by almost a 100% for a very short moment?

    I get spikes as well, but not this short.
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  11. Itazura added a post in a topic squeaking noise while the game is launched   

    Sounds like coil whine, can be caused by anything that has coils in them. In general a GPU or sometimes PSU. In some cases the PSU affects the GPU causing the issue.
    Keep in mind that the amount of noice/whine depends on the load of the GPU, so it will sound diffrent in each situation. From barely noticeble in game A to out right anoying in game B.
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  12. Itazura added a post in a topic How can I get pregnant / have children?   

    *ponders* only NSFW when you work at Gamestop?
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  13. Itazura added a post in a topic How well will my laptop run this?   

    Ignorance? I call it ignorance that people expect to be able to play on a laptop. So many issues and pricy hardware come up with this, it makes my head hurt. But I totally relate with OP and feel sorry for him that he has to consider his options to play this game on a laptop.
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  14. Itazura added a post in a topic Constant DC when surfacing in water   

    ... you swim to your fishing spot? ever considerd to get atleast a raft?
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  15. Itazura added a post in a topic my download completely restarted   

    Who with the right mind would download 32GB over wifi?
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