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  1. REYMOSA added a post in a topic Musa/Maehwa Bug, are you gonna quit? (Poll)   

    I know a few that have stepped down to a more casual play style on an alternative class due to the issues within the game, specifically relating to the Blade/Plum class. 
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  2. REYMOSA added a post in a topic [Orwen][Ascended][PvE/X] Small group expanding   

    Thanks to the forums, I don't see these posts. So I apologize for a late replay. We are certainly active in our recruitment and the bulk of our players are on during the evenings all week long. Please PM me your family and character name and we will try to message you in game!
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  3. REYMOSA added a post in a topic [Orwen][Ascended][PvE/X] Small group expanding   

    I'm normally on Mediah 01. I change depending on population and missions. ~
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  4. REYMOSA added a post in a topic [Orwen][Ascended][PvE/X] Small group expanding   

    Hello~ I'm sorry I missed this. The forum hasn't been notifying me of this thread activity. If you are still interested please PM me. 
    Perfect Thank you. 
    Hello ~
    Glad you are interested. I will add all three and I'm happy to answer any questions you have. ~
    I will add you and message you if I catch you online ~!
    It won't be a problem at all. We have 4 groups that run bi-weekly at various times to help accommodate play times. ~
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  5. REYMOSA added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Really didn't like the Easter event. Eggs droprate was horribly low and I only walked away with half of what I needed. I completed Life Eggs 3 times over, barley hit Rainbow. The other two, Star and Raindrop, not even close. Uguu. 
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  6. REYMOSA added a post in a topic When I get my reward for Event "Get movin!"? #71206   

    I've waited a month for a ticket and I've not seen my rewards for Get Movin, All for One, etc. I'm right with you there.
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  7. REYMOSA added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    ~ YESSS! YESSS! ~
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  8. REYMOSA added a post in a topic Fishing is waste of time!?   

    Fishing is a great way to make profits while AFK, a good way to relax and earn some profits, and a choice of life style for your character in the sense of role-playing. 

    Fishing is no more a waste of time than playing a video game itself, or farming, or grinding for 1% exp after 4 hours of play (exaggerated example).

    It is less profitable than the KR version, but still a great venture none the less. 
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  9. REYMOSA added a post in a topic We need less skimpy female armor in the cash shop.   

    Artistic freedom. If this is how Pearl Abyss wants their genders portrayed in their universe, so be it. 
    Mind you http://bdo-fashion.com/ and all of the gender options available. Armored Kunoichi and Chest bearing Berserkers.
    This game is also developed in an other country where their culture is drastically different. Google Tifa from FFVIII, days when females just had one option. Sexual. 

    The typical standard of genders because this is how they sell to the masses. This is across all mediums. This is because this of how most humans are psychologically / institutionally:
    Females: Portrayed as 'sexy' and 'slender'
    Males: Portrayed as 'cool' and 'strong'

    Only when humanity became highly civilized and set in our 'modern' ways did thinking of ideas such as the portrayal of genders as equal (i.e. a strong cool female) become more of a 'hot topic' to cover in all forms of media. 
    I'm not against having more options for both genders in either direction of the spectrum. I just choose to be adult about the topic and ignore the parts that I don't feel cater to my needs and not complain about what currently exists in terms of appearances in the game. I work with what is available. 

    In essence. Don't complain about what exists, they are cash shop appearance items meant to make money not to cater to social gender equality ethics. Just focus on trying to ask for armor that portrays X, Y, and Z. i.e. I'd love to see a full set of stylized bulking armor for Valkyrie since they are a front-lines melee concentric class. (Which personally I'd like to have, and see.) 
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  10. REYMOSA added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    Definitely is, it screams F2P mechanic, especially since there was a cash shop item to help with it if I recall correctly. 
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  11. REYMOSA added a post in a topic time to quit if you're not 115ap/140dp or more.   

    Probably can't hit those 'milestones' in a month because of something called work, social obligations, and being an adult with responsibilities. Possible RNG screwing over people. 

     You know, normal people things. But I guess you wouldn't understand. 
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  12. REYMOSA added a post in a topic One for all, and all for one event   

    Waiting for this event and "I like to Move it" event rewards. ~
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  13. REYMOSA added a post in a topic [Orwen][Ascended][PvE/X] Small group expanding   

    Your friend sent me a PM. I'll send requests tonight to add you as friends~ I was mostly inactive over the holiday. 
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  14. REYMOSA added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  15. REYMOSA added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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