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  1. Trickster added a post in a topic Artisan Memory now available for Pearls   

    U all cry about p2w .................
    This game have no content at all no pvp no pve content
    U can´t trade u dont need partyes for anything is just a rpg with some fkers farming your spots
    Game was nice at begin but even kakao knows game is getting really boring coz it have no real content nothing just a grind simulator and try to milk what and who they can milk fast enough before a better game comes out and this game is going down for real like that AA
    Enjoy Black desert is really black
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  2. Trickster added a post in a topic PSA: Kakao challenging charge backs now   

    If they say We use B2P Model coz we dont want p2w elements .......... ( and then u go with p2w elements)
    If you dont even spend money to fix servers from start they are laggy , desync ( crappy shit servers a company that made so much money and can`t have some decent servers or some decent support)
    To be honest Kakao is a cheap ass gaming company and dont deserve a player base
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  3. Trickster added a post in a topic Publisher's reputation salvageable?   

    This Company is not Blizzard nough said
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  4. Trickster added a post in a topic Help I don't know what to do now (BAD RNG)   

    U know in every bad thing is a good thing? so make on an alt tri then with 68 tet so u win in the end 68 failstacks is not easy to get
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  5. Trickster added a post in a topic So depressing for me   

    Try 58+ lvl then talk about grind 1-50 u can make it in 6-8 hours easy pffff
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  6. Trickster added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

    B2P looks like a F2P Game for sure
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  7. Trickster added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    First of all if costume is 20 M or 100M is same factor u use real cash to get ingame silver ( aka advantage ) is p2w bait peps to B2P model to not invest anything from your pocket on servers and anything ............ Translate the game from kr doing nothing else and expect to make millions $ milking players with p2w tactics after u said u do B2p model coz u dont want p2w like other versions ( after that u say that u wanna help poor peps to experience perl shop items ) Fk off kaka games really
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  8. Trickster added a post in a topic Cashshop items to Auctionhouse   

    If a costume is 100M how many u think will buy a costume?
    This is not kr where peps have billions
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  9. Trickster added a post in a topic ''No! We arent and wont be a pay to win game'' - BDO front page details 1 week before release.   

    So buying Costumes with real money and selling them for silver is not the same huh?
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  10. Trickster added a post in a topic I just dont understand.   

    What servers to keep? They did not fix the desync with all the money they milk  custom service is auto crap response ................
    They got like 6-8 employee for NA and Eu ?
    They just kr version translate it on some bad servers and milk the cash be sure next game kakao bring to west wont be a succes
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  11. Trickster added a post in a topic I just dont understand.   

    They got value pack to get 15$ montly if only 100k player buy it is 1.5M montly + costumes and pets lets say they make 2-3M montly so that is not enough? Yes it is but the greed is real let´s push the limit ..........
    Is not even about that cash shop items but after this items with restriction what come next? ( No restriction of 5 items , Valks , kzarka  , boss armors ....etc on shop ? )
    Why not since pack and shop works they push and milk till game goes ghost and then close server take the cash and move on ............
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  12. Trickster added a post in a topic ''No! We arent and wont be a pay to win game'' - BDO front page details 1 week before release.   

    Funny thing is that many players who left i know them and they all spent 500E+ Before and now they all quit coz of p2w is not that they dont have money is that they dont like p2w games becouse will ruin the fun ............
    First they add value pack oke , then lets add limited items to cash shop  next will be no limit for cash shop after that u will find kzarka and boss armors on cash shop
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  13. Trickster added a post in a topic Change   

    They should fix desync before asking for more and more money really
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  14. Trickster added a post in a topic If you like the upcoming changes, speak up.   

    Now casuals have the chance to get milked and compete with none soon same as AA ......
    Gl Casuals aka cows
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  15. Trickster added a post in a topic PM_Jouska updated the In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items with this statement   

    WE go B2P Model becouse western market dont embrace p2w model very well ........................
    Peps pref. P2w model in kr , ru , jp  let them have it  they are F2p since u lied from begin u should refund peps who wanna get refund
    Just get the ballz and say fk u all we go p2w if u like it good if not we dont care ( dont try to excuse yourself )
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