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  1. Sliph added a post in a topic <Baka> Stream sniping compilation   

    This isn't exactly the best way to keep player retention or bring in new players but hey this is what happens when pvp is allowed to run wild. Not gonna lie i really hate this new generation of gamers where this is a cool fun thing to do. It all just seems so evil and heartless. I remember when games used to be about having fun and helping each other. Now it's all about how much attention can I get for myself by ruining other peoples day.
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  2. Sliph added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    So many no life basement dwellers want to hold onto their virtual advantage.
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  3. Sliph added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    OR be realistic and ask for the thing they will ACTUALLY do. 
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  4. Sliph added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Yes Please! Please don't listen "immersion breaking" purists. Some of us have actual lives and jobs so a feature like this would help immensely.
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  5. Sliph added a post in a topic People are spending $30 for outfits when they should be drops in game?   

    Lol yup. Jesus lemme not get started on what i used to spend in Tera and STILL do in Smite...
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  6. Sliph added a post in a topic People are spending $30 for outfits when they should be drops in game?   

    I'm still amazed that people actually bought this game and thought it was somehow going to work any differently than every other b2p/f2p model. I went into this knowing this was how it was going to be and honestly no one else has any excuse to have thought otherwise beyond wishful thinking. Be glad you aren't married to a wife that also plays. I literally have to buy two of everything whenever new outfits come out because we both want them lol. I WISH I was only spending 30 haha
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  7. Sliph added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    My Witch

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  8. Sliph added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    I love these new costumes 

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  9. Sliph added a post in a topic Why so complicated?   

    you're not very smart are you? You completely missed the point and then insulted the guy without actually understanding what was being said. Good job.
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  10. Sliph added a post in a topic What are you going to buy with your Pre-Order Pearls?!   

    panties of course!
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  11. Sliph added a post in a topic Tamer Exclusive Gear and Weapon Skins (Pre-order)   

    Finally got mine

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  12. Sliph added a post in a topic buy pets with real money = pay to win ?   

    Too many people where under the wrong assumption that the game being b2p would somehow magically change the model of f2p being at least somewhat p2w. I mentioned this in another post but all b2p means is you payed your way into a f2p game. Thats it. Nothing is going to change  that and if you think differently  ive got a bridge to sell you as well. Im fine with things the way they are  because I went into this knowing this was exactly how it was going to be. How people thought or expected  otherwise is beyond me.
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  13. Sliph added a post in a topic Stop telling us to stop complaining they made millions off preorders   

    I find it scary how many people seem to be ok with handing over 100 bucks for a service, not receive said service  when promised or in a timely manner, and then defend the very people who took your money without  delivering while at the same time belittling  the people who actually want what they paid for. I'm  not sure if there is even a word for that besides  either crazy or brainwashed. 
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  14. Sliph added a post in a topic What does High-End mode do exactly?   

    im not arguing pop in thats subjective it honestly doesn't bother me, but im running an i7 4770k and a 980ti. I don't think my cpu is limiting me? I realize its not a skylake but still.
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  15. Sliph added a post in a topic What does High-End mode do exactly?   

    i can run it on highend it just honestly doesn't seem worth it to me.  The graphical difference  is almost negligible. I max everything  else in 1440p and can maintain 60fps i turn that on and i drop to 40ish. Id rather stay at solid  60 and the popin really isnt that bad to me i guess. This isnt an fps game so just doesnt bother me as much.
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