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  1. Whateer added a post in a topic Suggestion: Tailoring coupon for loyalties.   

    Yeah it's really stupid. I mean what's the point of crafting a costume like that when it takes off your armor. Seriously Kakao we buy enough from you stop being greedy
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  2. Whateer added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    still its not them.
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  3. Whateer added a post in a topic Confirm 'Mutant Ogre' Patch Notes April 26-May 17   

    It's these ones ffs. Stop with the derpy thinking guys and follow bdo news. It's not the normal ones lol.
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  4. Whateer added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Please fix
    Can we please fix valkyrie awakened block and black flickering soon?
    @GM Felaxus
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  5. Whateer added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

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  6. Whateer added a topic in European Guild   

    <Eldrid> Long standing PvX guild (EU)
    <Eldrid> Is an experienced PvX guild looking for active members. Focusing on: Guild Missions, Small Scale Node Wars, Life Skills, GvG, Scroll Groups and Ocean Content Hunt Margoria. Min Req: Lv 57 & 400 ap/dp combined gear score. /w for more info or apply at http://eldrid-bdo.enjin.com
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  7. Whateer added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    confirmed it does not
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  8. Whateer added a topic in General   

    Black Flickering effect
    This has to stop. 
    Fix it please.
    @GM Creat0r
    @GM Felaxus
    @GM Kaiji
    @GM Moose
    • 80 replies
  9. Whateer added a topic in European Guild   

    <Eldrid> PvX Guild
    Eldrid is a PvX guild with veteran and new players. We are a longstanding PvE guild that used to go by the name of Flames. We have since then move forward into the PvX guild now known as Eldrid. We are looking for PvX minded people to bolster our ranks and community!. We do a lot together and you can expect a firm and fair leadership. We do a lot of guild missions, Margoria Hunting, GvG, Small Scale Node Wars, Scroll Groups, grinding parties and Guild Bosses.
    Here at Eldrid we have few rules but we take them very seriously.

    These rules are:
    10k activity per week.
    7 days offline at most without giving a notice results in your removal from the guild.
    No griefing other players.
    Be respectful and polite towards players and guildies.
    Show up for Node wars if you are online.
    Help other members if they are in need.
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  10. Whateer added a post in a topic Let us sell used pearl costumes   

    yeah because buying pearl costumes off the market is easy.
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  11. Whateer added a post in a topic Let us sell used pearl costumes   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo
    @CM_Serenity @CM_Serenity @GM Creat0r @GM_Axion @PM_Belsazar @PM_Jouska
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  12. Whateer added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    Magoria when :'(? We had a patch overhaul of our beautiful underwaters months ago. With nothing to do
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  13. Whateer added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    Lol I started yesterday to co ca t lk  
    Which voltage did you put?
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  14. Whateer added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    I won't even get mad if they give a 56 boost. Got myself 8 characters lvl 58 and soon a lol 60 so..
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  15. Whateer added a post in a topic Black Friday Hourly & Daily Sales Thread   

    Gloomy Fox please
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