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  1. Asmodeus added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Urgh i knew they where gonna ----- this up sooner or later after the value pack disaster, ah well it was fun while it lasted see you in another game.
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  2. Asmodeus added a post in a topic Hysteria over hacking is overblown   

    You can do the same thing very easily with cheat engine which is a free program (but you need a xigncode bypass which is easy to find).
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  3. Asmodeus added a post in a topic So. . . Found out something interesting.   

    Geolocation data is actually never really accurate, it mostly shows where the IP was registered first in the database it can be routed to pretty much anywhere later (even to different country's), there are only a few company's that have the tech to accurately locate where a IP is really located and none of them offer free services as far as i know.
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  4. Asmodeus added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Ah well all melees get instagibbed there heck im doing them nakkid for ages now on my melee chars.
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  5. Asmodeus added a post in a topic just lost 8 million in gems at zarka   

    Play nude or gtfo that's how melees roll in this game and yes this really bad game design.
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  6. Asmodeus added a post in a topic Low fps with 980ti   

    OP has am AMD cpu that's his only problem they are still notoriously bad in heavy single threaded CPU bound Games like MMOs even with the cheapest Skylake I5 his FPS would be a lot better.
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  7. Asmodeus added a post in a topic certain angles make the game dark is there a fix to this?   

    HDR is part of the lightning system and NOT a post processing effect like the sharpness filter so the fix in my thread above can't disable it.
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  8. Asmodeus added a post in a topic List of available wizards weapons please   

    Yuria->Liverto/Kzarka is really all you need everything else doesn't matter.
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  9. Asmodeus added a post in a topic White Artifacting on Map Screen   

    Do you have improved distance checked? It applies tessellation to the map i doubt your gfx chip can handle it.
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  10. Asmodeus added a post in a topic Lancia vs Great Sword   

    Ah well the lance is almost as big it just lacks the tires^^
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  11. Asmodeus added a post in a topic Lancia vs Great Sword   

    "Lancia" means "lance" in Italian, a lot in this game seems to have Italian/Mediterranean  influences.
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  12. Asmodeus added a post in a topic MMORPG.com interview with Pearl Abyss and Daum games.   

    RU is F2P like Korea and Japan and we are not.
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  13. Asmodeus added a post in a topic MMORPG.com interview with Pearl Abyss and Daum games.   

    Purna costumes can't find a pic of it but it's a free costume you get from the Mileage (Loyalty) Shop there.
    they have them since the start actually their Loyalty store is miles (^^) ahead of ours you get Blackstones and a lot of other nice stuff there it's really cool.
    Here is an older thread showing a bit of it:
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  14. Asmodeus added a post in a topic MMORPG.com interview with Pearl Abyss and Daum games.   

    Sorry but that's bullshit those are not costumes they go in to the Armor slot and have no stats and we don't even have the Cash Shop! item to make real costumes out of those, we don't need more of those Armor/Clothing things they are totally useless.
    I don't even see who would need something like that suicidal Role-players?
    What we need is real variety of ingame Armor or Loyalty costumes like Japan has or at least give us the Costume Voucher to make Costumes out of those things for Loyalty!
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  15. Asmodeus added a post in a topic So what happend to the LoD ?   

    Well the thing is it doesn't affect performance at all so if that was their intention it did absolutely nothing i think the hideous floating trees are the only reason they changed it.
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