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  1. Rae added a topic in Suggestions   

    Field of View - too low
    This is a suggestion I think lots of people share. At least in my guild, when I brought up the topic it met a lot of approval.
    Increase the field of view (fov) from 70 to 90 max. I don't know why games nowadays come with a 70 cap when so many people moan and whine about it. At least in other games they do. I always have to install all kinds of weird hacks to increase my fov in those games just so I can look at the screen without getting a headache. I mean this has literally been brought up SO MANY TIMES IN ALL KINDS OF FORUMS, FROM REDDIT TO STEAM REVIEWS TO EVERYWHERE. Developers still don't get the message, so I'll try to make it as simple as possible so the Koreans can understand it when being asked:
    60 fov = very bad
    70 fov = bad
    75 fov = not gud
    80 fov = not gud either
    85 fov = somewhat gud
    90 fov = gud
    I hope this makes it clear. If not, may I suggest that you suggest to the Koreans to google the issue with terms like: "Why fov is important" "Why is fov so low?" or "Fov is hurting my eyes" or "fov 70 is why north korea is best korea"
    Here a link that explains the issue: http://www.pcinvasion.com/why-good-fov-options-are-crucial-to-pc-games
    Because this is somewhat a health related issue, I'll allow myself to tag you @CM_Jouska
    With best regards, Everyone's eyes and heads.

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  2. Rae added a post in a topic Class Change Coupon   

    bump? Any thoughts? Nobody? oO
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  3. Rae added a topic in Suggestions   

    Class Change Coupon
    Hey, Daum.
    May I suggest you an item to change your characters class. Since nothing other than your weapon and secondary weapon is dependent on your class, maybe you could introduce a class change coupon for ~15€ so people can change their classes later on in the game. Most items in the item shop are class restricted anyway, so you get to sell most stuff again. Let the player hop back into the character editor via the 'Beauty' menu, let them change their appearance and class. After pressing apply you are your new self and the class restricted weapons and outfits you had before are transferred into the inventory. Simple.
    Since twinks are kind of necessary for the economy part of the game, the coupon wouldn't impact the game balance at all and would make other classes for players, who are turned off by the grind, more accessible. I mean killing half the planet for hours and hours again, just to try the other classes out for yourself is not really something that appeals to people. The majority of the people, the casuals.
    Sincerely, someone who wants to spend money on the cash shop
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  4. Rae added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    That's why I said that the publisher ruined it. Would have worked wonders without the cash shop and a pay wall. But thinking just 1 step ahead is too much for most people, I guess.
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  5. Rae added a post in a topic Congratulations Daum, Ghillie Suit   

    If the ghillie suit is not pay2win then I guess you wouldn't mind if Daum changes it so your name appears again. I mean, you didn't pay for pay2win now, did you? :^)
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  6. Rae added a post in a topic I think there's something the gaming community does not understand yet.   

    As a fellow employee in the game industry (landscape artist) blah blah blah blah
    Pics with timestamp or gtfo OP
    Lots of people in BDO are former ArcheAge players and the economy there was functioning so mother f-in great until the publishers completely destroyed it with the cash shop. You could trade everything and anything. Your post is a whole lot of nothing if you claim that limiting any and all trading between players in a virtual world where people want to come together, form parties and guilds, play together, grow and help each other because it's a MMO, clues in the name (MULTIPLAYER), is the right thing to do. Please tell me of your kush because mine seems weak in comparison.
    And telling people there will be a crash if the system changes...I MEAN ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS?! Of course things have to collapse and build themselves anew when being torn down and reassembled in a whole new manner. The economy won't stay broken. It will adjust to the new factor called TRADING.
    You should apply for a job in politics, dude. Seriously.

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  7. Rae added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Are you -----ing serious? You buffed the witches and wizards? LOLOLOL daum son. Troll publisher is a troll :'D
    So everybody rolling as witch and wizards now. Black Desert Online - Hogwarts Simulator.
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  8. Rae added a post in a topic The Ghillie suit   

    Make a "hide name" button in the inventory window available for everyone and there is no problem. The ghillie suit gives you way too much advantage in open world pvp against those who don't have it. Surprise effect shouldn't be buy-able.
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  9. Rae added a post in a topic Make nights black again! [Petition]   

    citation needed
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  10. Rae added a post in a topic Please understand why they do not have dark nights   

    Brightening the night up will solve your shader problems? Maybe you want to elaborate on that or some CM could give some information about what is actually going on for a change, that would be just perfect.
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  11. Rae added a post in a topic Make nights black again! [Petition]   

    I see no excuse to brighten up the whole night in this, though.
    "Oh great, my car is ugly! Better ban the sports cars then"
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  12. Rae added a post in a topic Make nights black again! [Petition]   

    1. character editor
    2. hair shine
    3. put hair shine slider to 0
    4. ???
    5. Profit!
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  13. Rae added a post in a topic Compensation Satisfaction Poll   

    I'm just going with the last option because I love how you guys spend 100 bucks on a preorder. So much salt, enough for the frozen streets for centuries to come.
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  14. Rae added a post in a topic Make nights black again! [Petition]   

    1. character editor
    2. hair shine
    3. put hair shine slider to 0
    4. ???
    5. Profit!
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  15. Rae added a post in a topic Paid $30 or $50 you get Preorder Items..Paid $100 you are SOL.   

    This is gold, pure gold.

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