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  1. Angelic added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Zergtex  a buncha bullies
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  2. Angelic added a post in a topic For justice   

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  3. Angelic added a post in a topic For justice   

    I tried but his hp stopped going down after I caught him off guard and knocked him down
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  4. Angelic added a post in a topic For justice   

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  5. Angelic added a topic in General   

    For justice
    So....I did it for justice.
    But seriously. No P2W please.

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  6. Angelic added a post in a topic EXP weekend   

    Yeah...exp seems the same as it was before the weekend. Doesn't feel like there's bonus exp.
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  7. Angelic added a post in a topic Pandorum Gaming BDO Guild!   

    What's your home channel?
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  8. Angelic added a post in a topic Pre-Siege Report *Focus Joins Veritas, Promised Castle; Vote: Stay In w/ Veritas, or Leave?; As the Edan Turns*   

    Not that I like siding with any guild, but Veritrash can go to hell.
    #Verexit 2016
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  9. Angelic added a post in a topic PSA: People who contest spawns deserve the ganks they get.   

    I love it when people act arrogant and try to "own" a spot. My routine:
    Step 1: Go to pirates
    Step 2: Start grinding
    Step 3: See person already grinding, but continue as if you don't see them
    Step 4: If person asks you nicely to leave and explained they were there for a while, find a different spot and thank them for being polite. If not and they start being rude, continue to grind.
    Step 5: Person gets mad and flags. You now have 2 options: 
    OPTION 1 - Kill him and continue grinding. Once he realizes he can't win he'll either leave or try to take mobs.
    If he takes mobs, flag up, hit them till low, then go back to grinding. Once you see them aggro mobs, cc them and watch them die. Continue this and enjoy their exp and possible crystal loss until they give up.
    OPTION 2 - Run at them when they flag and let them kill you. Make sure to provoke them so they continue flagging on you. Once they have no karma, they'll either give up or take mobs. If take mobs, go to OPTION 1. Bonus if you get them to go red by provoking them even more and murder them while enjoying their exp and possible crystal loss.
    OPTION 3 - Guild war them and enjoy interrupting their grind until they change channel.
    Being polite and well mannered goes a long way.
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  10. Angelic added a post in a topic How many Failstacks for Tri: Liverto ?   

    25 first try :^)
    (But don't do it cause other people haven't had great luck and I was just crazy for trying it)
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  11. Angelic added a post in a topic Node Wars Times   

    12AM EST, also if at this time it still doesn't work, try leaving the zone and coming back to it as well as relogging. If it still doesn't work ask another person with permission to build to try. I've seen that sometimes the update to the time in the system varies and that one officer can place it for the correct time frame since their game updated to a new day but the other is still stuck in yesterdays time frame.
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  12. Angelic added a post in a topic JUSTICE FOR ILLUMINAUGHTY!!!   

    Unban them. They got a head start on what I was going to start doing soon.
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  13. Angelic added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Nope. This guy was a griefer before the change. I've encountered him multiple times. He does it on purpose and enjoyed it. However, before there was at least a limit to how much he would continue to do so cause of the penalty (excluding that time he was at 0%). I'd seen him use tears before at times. I've encountered them while they were IN a guild, then after they were either kicked or left that guild multiple times. Same thing happened everytime, except this time he stayed forever, enjoying the fact that he could screw around with EVERYONE in the area without care until they were forced to leave if they wanted to grind decently.
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  14. Angelic added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Thanks Daum, I just had a guildless griefer come and purposely screw with our grind rotation to the point where no mobs were spawning in a proper cycle for us to grind. He was taunting us the whole time. Laughs at us after we leave. He also made the other groups there leave as well. ON PURPOSE. Even went to the solo spots and griefed those guys. Yes, he was a geared ranger and was able to clear by himself fast enough to screw any kind of rotation up. Got a kick out of making people leave. This is ridiculous. Revert the change or add a reasonable penalty. Get some sense into your minds, Daum. We are not Korea. We do not want this crap to happen. 
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