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  1. Freld added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    The end will be sooner rather than later if nothing happens, 5months of being useless kinda getting on nerves already...
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  2. Freld added a post in a topic Tamer Bug - Heilang needs help   

    You already got pet to be unkillable more or less, now you want it to make damage too? Seriously fanboys you can only get one, getting both would just be game breaking, either your pet cant die and you can CC with it, or your pet dies 1 shot and does damage, pick your poison
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  3. Freld added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    @Esrarengiz we didn't need sustain tho, we need more damage, you are doing something wrong if you keep spamming hp pots constantly, i can grind crescents for 3hours before my weapon durability breaks and use about 80-90 large (not ever using xl, they weight too much) in those 3 hours.
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  4. Freld added a post in a topic Horse gear is insufficient at +10 maximum   

    I agree, increase their DP, but also make all CC work to horse (stun/stagger/knockdown) so people have a way to stop those horse riders aswell even without 100% rage skills, thank you in advance
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  5. Freld added a post in a topic What the hell is going on with Warrior   

    we only need super armor during 100% rage skill, down attack bonus damage to spinning slash, remove pvp damage reduction from SoD & Spinning slash and we might be completely viable!
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  6. Freld added a post in a topic Warrior - The Forgotten Class   

    ^ this
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  7. Freld added a post in a topic Current state of Field Bosses   

    original design would be not even having these...like in kr
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  8. Freld added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    I agree, Tamer is probably the strongest class (if not zerker, and not counting sorc with yet again bugged DF) These guys are obviously trolling and they know warriors are strugling hard, anyone with your gear, or mine on another class would wreck havoc easily against other classes, but as a warrior we are bound to lose to most classes in equal geared situation (valk with equal gear tears warrior in matter of seconds), ranger and wizard we can beat, but thats pretty much only classes we can 1v1, and thats only if dueling without potions, with potions it goes to draw more or less. And yeah, im not complete pleb with no gear aswell

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  9. Freld added a topic in Suggestions   

    Current state of Field Bosses
    @GM_Dew, @PM_Jouska, @CM_Aethon Has there been any decisions about field bosses now that night vendor is coming and the reason for their existance is coming more irrelevant? Currently they are destroying the economy hard on every server with the influx of tree belts, boss armors, livertos to the game, and the kill times are so fast that you literally have to stay near the bosses when their spawn window is open if you want to participate. Please either remove them from the game completely (best option) or atleast give them *5 or *10 more hpmax so people don't have to decide between going to valencia or camping the ridicilously easy money that field bosses give. Thank you for listening my rant
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  10. Freld added a post in a topic This is not funny. Things need to change ASAP.   

    This post is complete bullshit and trolling, well done OP
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  11. Freld added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    @GM_Dew can you give us any info on how things are going? we are all very eager to hear if something is happening as you might have noticed
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  12. Freld added a post in a topic Remove the level restriction on shoveling   

    took me 4 hours to lvl 7 characters to 30 with the 50% event, really hard, this 30lvl restriction....so ruining the game...such wow
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  13. Freld added a post in a topic Ask me your questions about warrior awakening   

    Yeah 70% done to 58  dunno how the current +50% exp event works if it boosts only leveling exp and not skillpoint exp, might lose out on some skillpoints going towards 59 with these events if they arent doing anything for skillexp hmmh, but good to hear that im fine for now, thanks for reply
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  14. Freld added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    @hakklo the issue is the compared damage scaling of skills from warrior to other classes, my warrior has bit over 200ap, and it still takes me a long time to kill anyone who has 250dp, meanwhile sorc/ranger/wiz/valk with bit over 200ap, melts the 250dp guy down in 1/4th of the time it takes me to do it. Our damage scaling of our main skills is horrible, and as it has been said multiple times, we can't do _any_ damage without having knockeddown our opponent, unlike other classes who actually can deal damage without having to manage a grab first.
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  15. Freld added a post in a topic Ask me your questions about warrior awakening   

    Im currently at 1050 skillpoints in total at lvl 57 (70% done to 58), prolly at around 1100 when hitting 58, will this be enough for everything i need?
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