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  1. Mangos added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Marketplace Collection Tax reduced by 30%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive a 30% reduction in the amount of tax applied from items sold on the Auction House. For instance: You sell an item for 100% of its value - Minus 30% of taxe - Minus 5% of local taxes = So you get 65% of the original value. With this item you get an extra 30% of those 65% => 84.5%
    Time to play AH?????
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  2. Mangos added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


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  3. Mangos added a post in a topic concurrent number of players per server?   

    think its like 10 people per channel on most days about 100 on good days, source is wikipedia
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  4. Mangos added a post in a topic TBT Fallout 4   

    Thank you for your compliment kryst
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  5. Mangos added a post in a topic Why PvP should be unlocked at 50 and NOT 45   

    Yeah or simply do it on an alt that is less than 45 
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  6. Mangos added a post in a topic Gifting, ever coming back?   

    This guy is the community dont worry
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  7. Mangos added a post in a topic Loyalty Costumes   

    Yeah not just loyalty others would be pretty nice
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  8. Mangos added a post in a topic Loyalty Costumes   

    Yeah some of us are not fortunate enough to pay $20-30 for a costume, So that is why I am suggesting this as a means to keep everyone happy.
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  9. Mangos added a topic in Suggestions   

    Loyalty Costumes
    Original:Please and thank you it will give people who cant buy pearls an alternative, make it real xpensive like 5000 loyalty or somethin and have same benefits, like a cashshop ghili etc
    Edit 1: So we have bought this game for $30, that entry fee is decent and is appropriately priced. Now the current state of this games apparel is literally abysmal, and as a result we are forced to buy costumes. Now this is where we run into some significant problems, as to buy a costume with weapon skins it literally costs as much as buying another copy of the game. So I would love to suggest making some unique costumes for the Loyalty shop, with all the benefits as regular cash shop costumes. In order to regulate this amount of costumes you should be able to buy them for a large amount possibly 5000 Loyalty coins? This would allow for those who are less fortunate to look fresh without having to dish out so much money. It gets kind of boring looking at your really poor quality fabric clothing.
    -Edit: This thread will progressively get more parts added as we get more, feel free to suggest alterations.
    TL-DR: Unique Loyalty Costumes available in loyalty store at prices like 5000 coins.
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  10. Mangos added a post in a topic World Bosses and Melee Classes ~ FIX THIS!   

    HMMM I wonder why I would quote someone, and then use the word YOU, regardless it needs a nerf
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  11. Mangos added a post in a topic World Bosses and Melee Classes ~ FIX THIS!   

    Not only an exploiter, I will have you know I am lvl 55 with full +15, and I still get one shot
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  12. Mangos added a post in a topic No Means NO! PVP should be consensual(trigger warning)   

    Well I mean you can't expect to have the best farming spot all to yourself, most of the time your going to end up fighting for it
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  13. Mangos added a post in a topic I can make millions a day!   

    So damn true
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  14. Mangos added a post in a topic I can make millions a day!   

    "What about you? Share how much you can make reliably on a daily basis? You don't have to say how, just don't lie."
    Not goint to say how, but 5m a daily is my minimum and 10-25m on weekends
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  15. Mangos added a post in a topic Making big bucks   

    Literally some people are just masters of 1 upping, often the good methods are hidden depending on your gear u can make like 300-600k an hour at catfish from my experience, Fishing is great also.
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