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  1. Everheart added a post in a topic The best-looking outfit yet   

    What dyes did you use, if you can recall? I can't seem to find a nice black/purple
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  2. Everheart added a post in a topic [Mailed!] Postcards & Pigeons [Screenshot Contest] [Postcards & $20 Gift Card!]   

    I don't normally enter competitions, mostly because like in-game, my real world luck is savagely poor. But this seems really interesting, so I'm happy to provide my paltry entries to this great idea!
    Landscape "Sunset on the swamp"

    Selfies "The Warrior's smile"

    Scene "Man of the Watch"

    Action "Places to be"

    I'm known by lots of names, but Everheart is my family name, and name here, so best to go by that one. Lots of really great screenshots already! And yes, I would be totally interested in postcards!
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  3. Everheart added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    Maybe they should be less cryptic about what has actually changed rather than "The class, we changed it."
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  4. Everheart added a post in a topic I hope the upcoming patch is good, because...   

    And in this case, properly managed is properly ignored.
    "I'm losing interest" is not feedback if there's no supporting statement to go with it. It's simply a statement, with no substance.
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  5. Everheart added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    The one we currently have, if bred with the new one, will the offspring give lower stats, or will the offspring be a normal result of 2 T5s?
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  6. Everheart added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    Damn, that means I'm gonna potentially have to hit someone an extra .2 times to kill them.
    Oh well. Not fussed.
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  7. Everheart added a post in a topic Minimize to Tray Multiple Monitors   

    Same problem here. I like to play Heroes of the Storm on the side, but I can't because my mouse won't lock to the window when BDO is minimized.
    Edit: Currently the only fix I have tried is unplugging the cable out of my other monitor(s) to force it to use a single monitor. Not really a fix, but it's something while this issue goes on ignored. ;p
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  8. Everheart added a post in a topic [Alustin] Neverlight - Casual, PvE (sometimes PvP), english-speaking! Recruiting any levels!   

    Neverlight is Neverlife, Neverlight is Neverlove.
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  9. Everheart added a post in a topic The comunnity wants Player Trading   

    Don't presume to speak for me, thanks.
    I don't want player trading to ever see the light of day in Black Desert.
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  10. Everheart added a post in a topic Please allow us to re-use past recipe combinations   

    And that's the story of David Finto!
    But yes please.
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  11. Everheart added a post in a topic mhm no endgame? = no point to play   

    EternalPain is clearly a troll, or at the very least a rather sad individual who has been burned by the game not catering to his specific needs. And everyone is falling for the bait.
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  12. Everheart added a post in a topic 400 000 + pre orders counter[LAST STATUS UPDATE - THERE WILL BE NO MORE UPDATES - WHY? READ INFO]   

    Where's your proof?
    Not the ramblings of disgruntled people (notoriously the loudest and most vocal minorities), but actual hard numbers. Then we can take you seriously.
    Otherwise, lol, u mad, u butthurt, rekt.
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  13. Everheart added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Mylienne
    Family Name: BinaryJazz
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Wvzuo5U.jpg
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