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  1. Enitzu added a post in a topic Which skills to awaken?   

    The ones you use the most. For me it was Dreams, dark flame, and claws. Midnight stinger at 51
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  2. Enitzu added a post in a topic Grunils...Should I?   

    There is an Amity vendor for it so easy to get.
    Not really relying on crystals as much as you think. Can run with under 1 mill worth of crystals and still cap cast speed and crit easily. The resist gems ill be using are another story.
    Lower DP than heve? Heve can't be upgraded where Grunils can. The DP on Grunils will be much higher. The only benefit to zereth is the stam which isn't much when you are used to not having it to begin with. 
    The pro's far outweigh any cons to this set. The only reason I would pass on it is if they dropped boss armors in without saying anything about it
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  3. Enitzu added a post in a topic Sorc gear   

    Unless the boss armor dropped today as well, full Grunil will probably be the go to set
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  4. Enitzu added a post in a topic Full Grunil vs Helm+Glove Gru. + 2 Heve parts   

    No one can answer your question but you. Me personally, I go Full on AP. I will be going Grunil with as much resist gems as I can. HP won't matter if I can get to 60%+ stun and knockdown resist. If they can't catch you they can't kill you. But all I need is 1 knockdown and game over
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  5. Enitzu added a post in a topic Sorcs in Mediah/Awakening?   

    Sorcs are burst assassins. As people get better gear we start to fall off a little. We are still strong through everything currently in korea but not as strong as they are currently in NA. 
    Sorc awakening is a scythe and pretty dam strong. It makes grinding for us go much faster. Can look up the tons of vids of it.
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  6. Enitzu added a post in a topic Liverto vs Kzarka   

    Dark Flame does not last the entirety of a knockdown by itself. So while you could use the time to Q or whatever else before it, I tend to dark Flame and roll into Claws for more damage so down attacks are very common for me. If you prefer to beak kick etc then sure you can fill with those but overall you are doing far less damage. Even so I was not devaluing crit at all. I currently have it capped. But stating that it's 'needed', well it just isn't. So long as you are using your crit buffs then you can run with 0 crit and you will still see them all day long. Gearing Liverto over Kzarka should never happen. Like ever. My opinion on Yuria being better is my opinion. Feel free to differ. 
    You may as well use KD's for that. I do too. But to say we need to knock them down is non sense. I have done fights where I did not use a single melee attack. Hell we have a sorc who is fully ranged built and he does very well in pvp. Personally, I do use the KDs for the burst and for down attacks. Would be foolish not to. 
    Krea isn't worth it end game. The Yuria weapon and beyond offer enough accuracy just by upgrading them. 
    Edit - Provided you remain within reasonable levels of the people you are fighting. Those a few levels over you, it wouldn't be bad having accuracy but still not using a krea weapon.
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  7. Enitzu added a post in a topic Liverto vs Kzarka   

    Crit is honestly minimal for sorcs. Most of our damage comes during knockdowns and you can't crit down attacks, unless someone has found proof otherwise. So the only real bonus to Liverto is the extra socket where Yuria has the + to human dmg aka pvp dmg. 
    But you are talking about Kzarka apparently which Kzarka is cast speed not atk speed. Which is our top stat. 3 cast speed means that you can open up sockets for more resists or dmg which is a much bigger increase. Having 60%+ stun resist with 70% knockdown resist makes you a very powerful sorc. No CC means they can't touch you.
    Not exactly sure where this atk twice comes from.
    None of them atk twice
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  8. Enitzu added a post in a topic UNO: Grunil   

    Sockets are worth a whole lot more than 5ap. The resists alone make the sockets way more valuable. 
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  9. Enitzu added a post in a topic Need help with Offhand gems   

    yea for me I just have a luck crystal in it. Now that mediah dropped I believe they will now have better ones but not really much going for the offhand slot before the update
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  10. Enitzu added a post in a topic Sorc vs Sorc   

    Sorc vs sorc is  game of patience. Stay back to avoid the dreams and wait for them to jump at you then counter it. Otherwise you spend a long time jumping around in circles. 
    Desync's are a whole nother issue. I noticed it a lot fighting other sorcs
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  11. Enitzu added a post in a topic opener / follow up PVP   

    I never said anything about doing claws to dark flame. The only time I would say to use claws is if you have  good awakening on it. Like mine is 10% cast speed so I get 1 hit in to proc it
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  12. Enitzu added a post in a topic Sorcs in Mediah/Awakening?   

    This is true for both ways though. Sorc vs Ranger it becomes who lands the cc and/or who runs out of stamina first. 
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  13. Enitzu added a post in a topic Sorc PvE farming compared to ranger   

    Lol at this thread. Arguing over semantics ...
    Black Wave is very mana efficient and good HOWEVER it is completely useless in anything other than grinding. Which is the reason any serious sorc end game drops it. It's not worth the point. If all you want to do is PVE then by all means keep it as it's great.
    Sorcs are very mana inefficient if played to their fullest. Yes you can be totally self sufficient without mana pots if you take things slow but if that's the only way you play then people like me will come by and destroy you in 1/3rd of the time it takes you to kill someone. Learning how to properly play sorc is pretty vital and that means learning your burst and how to use it. Sorc is a glass cannon. You burst and you gtfo. If you don't you're dead. 
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  14. Enitzu added a post in a topic Convince me to stay sorc   

    Sorc is the glass cannon assassin. You need to practice getting in, doing your damage, and getting out. The class is the most difficult for a reason. If you get cc'd, you're dead. if you get caught at all in team play, you're dead. It's very very unforgiving. But the amount of damage we can do in very small windows is not rivaled by many, if any, classes. Wizards with ults and stuff may do it and very good rangers could but for the most part sorc has the highest damage potential currently imo. 
    For PvE, you just need to learn the fights. Sorc evasions nullify all aoe dmg so get used to timing your jumps to avoid the damage. If you pull agro, remember that dark flame blocks dmg from the front as long as it's being cast. Learning your class is important to know how to counter things.
    Does anyone? Until recently I had zero into the passives. Shield should obviously be capped tho. The passives help but they aren't something that will make or break a fight. If you can't avoid the dmg then you're dead either way
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  15. Enitzu added a post in a topic opener / follow up PVP   

    Except that by the time you do all that your KD is long over and now your on the 5 sec immunity timer. Which as a fresh 50 sorc means you die.
    Easiest opener early on is rushing crow into dark flame followed by shard explosion. Get in do your damage and toss shard explosion as you get out. If you have the 30% crit buff from stinger use it right after rushing crow, even tho from everything I've ever seen crits dont happen on down attacks. If they are higher level than you, then you will not kill them from this so be prepared to kite around until the timer is up.
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